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Dano BTRs23-Jan-2006
Status: active
Email: Danomano89@comcast.net
Address: 809 Wessex Lane, Somerdale, NJ 08083
Reporter: grass07

Updated on 15 th Feb,2006

I strongly suggest NOT trading with Dano at the moment till he clears up all his BTR's on his page.

I am still waiting for a update on that postal receipt, he says he will check his junk drawer,that was the 25th Jan, 2006. It is now 15th Feb,2006 and I still havent gotten any update or reply.


If Dano cannot afford to even refund 25US via paypal BUT is looking for a notebook and 'supposedly' has hundreds to spend.......he may be looking to score his last hurrah on gametz, dont bother sending first at all or even same time.


Let his actions speak for themselves!!!

Created a trade with him,in November 2004, my paypal for his demo discs,he claims to have send out the weekend before Christmas 2005, I asked for a postal receipt, he claims that he has to find it,I specifically requested a scan of the postal receipt (once he had posted the item)BEFORE the trade was pended.He however has yet to show me the receipt.The BTR will stay up till I either get cash refunded back or demo discs in conditions as promised ie, sealed,below are the discs that were in the trade:
One Peice Grand Battle Demo SEALED $1.50 ,Sims 2 Demo PS2 SEALED $1.50EA 3 games (SSX, 007, NFS) Demo PS2 SEALED $1. Socom 3 Demo PS2 SEALED $1.50Neopets Faeries Demo PS2 SEALED $1.50Sly 3 Demo PS2 SEALED $1.50Dragon Quest VIII Demo PS2 SEALED $1.50Castlevania Curse of Darkness Sountrack Sampler $5Total Overdose Demo PS2 SEALED $1.50DDR Extreme 2 Music CD Sampler SEALED $3

Here is the actual transcripts:

Please link the links:
Offer created. Asked for a postal receipt.

He said he couldnt get tracking on this and a said he would keep the postal receipt.

I acknowlege the fact that he couldnt get tracking as long as he kept the USPS receipt.

To make matters worse, I read that he allegedly had a ebay transaction with someone in Malaysia and claims that he sent BUT the customs returned his package, due to the fact that he didnt write the customs label in Capital letters, IF this is Malaysian Customs, I know for a fact that this is a lie as I have enquired abt this, the customer service officer there laughed so hard,I was embarrassed wince

And till this day I dont have anything, demo's or a scan of the postal receipt.

Dano BTRs5-Dec-2005
Status: active
Aliases: DANO
Email: Danomano89@comcast.net
Address: 809 Wessex Lane, Somerdale, NJ 08083
Reporter: Dark_Light

Srry man, i shoulda tried the game before i rated you, i saw the disc was majorely scratched up. even though u said the disk was in good condition. any ways.
I went to put the game in my PS2, it worked up until it asked for me to create a memo Card Save, i didnt have enough room, i then cleared room on my Card so i could save. then came back into the game, this time, it didnt even to past the SEGA logo. tried again, did the same thing. then i used my Disc Cleaner to ge tthe scratches to go away, even after i did that, the scratches where so bad most of em where still there. i put it in my PS2, got it all the way to where i hit the START GAME option. then it froze, so man, this is why i reporting a BTR, giving away game that doesnt work, you said it did.

i will take this away if you send me my games back in the condition i sent and money to pay for the shipping because i do not feel as though i should pay for this when you sent me the disc not working
OR, we can try to make a deal for me getting new game(s) n'd me sending back 2k5 if u want it back

(your words when you told me the disc STILL WORKED)

on 25-Nov-2005 at 3:15pm Dano I said it was doctored, I just didn't want to do it until I received. I can't find it now though, it's your call. I mean, it still works without it being doctored.

DO NOT TRADE W/ THIS GUY, I tried to contact the *** on AIM the second he found out who i was HE LOGGED OFF! this guy is a RIP-OFF

STill no response, nor have my games come back
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (10-Dec-2005)
I apologize. I take 100% of the blame for this.

Interests: Games, Ebay, Girls, Buying and Selling, Motor Biking,
Likes: Good RPG's, Nintendo DS, DDR, Price Drops
Dislikes: Spare Change, Over cooking a micowaveable chicken pot pie.

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*Updated November 31st, 2005*

I am also on yesTGNyes : Dano

It seems nice here smile , I hope to trade with some people.

!I NEED PC DDR RAM! (256 or Higher)!

I am looking for any games, any systems etc... So shoot me an offer. I also have Paypal, so I will sell my games also.

If we trade, I will send first if you have more feedback, but if you are NOT Subscribed, or have a negative report, or BTR, I will not send first.

Also, I will not send first to anyone with under 10 trades (Or anyone without at least a Bronze Star) that lives out of the U.S... I have had be experiences with that. If you live outside the U.S., AND are an established trader, no worries, I will most likely send first

Do not try to rip me off either, I will report you, and get my games back. Ask some #rippers# on www.tradegamesnow.com . I will not be defrauded.

Also, a Con. # is desired. It helps prevent me from asking "Did you send" 70 bajillion times.

But anyways, as you sit here and browse my list, remember, I will trade for anything.


*Most Wanted:

1. Warioware DS (Import DS)Quadruple Gold Star
2. Ratchet and Clank Up Your Arsenal Triple Gold Star
3. Neo Fami SystemTriple Gold Star
4. Top Loading NES Double Gold Star
5. PC 2100 or higher DDR Ram (256 MB +)
6. Xbox ConsoleTriple Gold Star
7. Compact Flash Cards (Any Size)
8. GBA Movie Player ( v.2)
9. Suikoden I and II (PSone) Triple Gold Star
10. ANY Video Game Systems/Bundles Silver Star

Do not bother with these people:



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