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Bad Trader Reports

Morph Has Written 4 Reviews BTRs19-Mar-2007
Status: active
Reporter: knucklez

Morph and I had a deal almost a month ago from this date where I would trade him a Nvidia GEforce 6800 for a Nintendo DS and a Dreamcast. He has not sent to this date, and has told me that his Dreamcast was broken so he would give me $40 instead. I have called him constantly and only gotten through a few times, and when I do his excuse is that he has not gotten the money from someone who owes it to him. He has also promised the same money to OldLady, so I know he's full of crap. This trade has gone on for too long and Corey's neglect is the obvious signs of a childish scammer.

An update as of April 04th, 2007:

I have been calling corey on the phone constantly and he has given me nothing but lies. He is a childish scammer and nothing more. I will be filing a case with his local police department and try to take him to small claims cort soon. Do NOT trade with this user at all costs.

I have FINALLY recieved the Nintendo DS from Morph, and it was in worst condition than he mentioned. The L-Shoulder button does not work AT ALL. In a poor attempt to prove me wrong, he told me to "send it back to him". Why? So I can wait another month for him to ship again? I had to threaten this boy through his MOTHER to get him to send what he owed me. His MOTHER. She had to nag his poor ass all the way to the post office because he was taking so long, and I threatened to take them to small claims court and file mail fraud with the USPS.

Now he is threatening to BTR me for not removing this one. What a dirty scammer.

My Response to Morph's most recent reply (April Tenth):

Sure thing Corey, just contact me on AIM since you never, ever reply to e-mails. We'll work something out, but I wont send the DS back to you, as we both know I would never see it again. You could pay me the money that you graciously offered to repair the DS with, or we could work something else out, just contact me.
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (10-Apr-2007)
I did not threaten, I did. Apparently the mods sided with you however, which is a shame. I filed a BTR because you refuse to come to a reasonable agreement over this, and that only. Apparently, the moderators assume I am completely guilty, which is fine.

When you are willing to make a deal, thats fine. I'll be waiting.

Morph Has Written 4 Reviews BTRs13-Mar-2007
Status: active
Reporter: Lady

Trade was pended on 23 Feb 07. Morph stated in chat that he would send on Monday the 26th of Feb. I also stated i would send on the 26th of Feb. My end of the trade was shipped on 26 Feb 07 and was received by him on the 28th of Feb 07. His end was never sent. I contacted him and asked him was was going on. His reply was "Yeah, it's coming. This person I know was supposed to pay me $50 before March, but he's being a failure. If I have to go to his house, I will. I'll even make it up with some extra green." No further word from Morph. He has not logged onto the site since the 28th of Feb 07. I contacted him again on 11 Mar 07 and have not received a reply. This btr will be removed when he follows through on his end of the trade and also marks that he has received.
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (19-Mar-2007)
I know, and I am sorry. I was expecting a sale to pull through with a hard disk I was selling, but the person never paid. Someone offered to buy my Dreamcast Broadband Adaptor, in which case I will try to make up for it with at least 2x as much as before.

This is no one's fault but my own.

Completed Trades

29-Nov-2006Morph gets: Sega Dreamcast (Dreamcast), The Legend of Zelda Collector's Edition (GameCube), The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (GameCube), Nintendo GameCube (GameCube), Kirby Super Star (Super Nintendo), WaveBird (GameCube)
Jeff gets: Panzer Dragoon Saga (Saturn)

23-Oct-2006Morph gets: Radeon 9200 PCI
Acidwarp01 gets: 1 128MB PC-100 and 1 128MB PC-133

11-Aug-2006Morph gets: Asphalt: Urban GT (Nintendo DS)
iamFLIP gets: $25 shipped

5-Aug-2006Morph gets: Advance Wars: Dual Strike (Nintendo DS)
LeaveLuckToHeaven gets: $24 shipped

9-May-2006Morph gets: Nintendo DS (Nintendo DS)
junkeater77 gets: Cash, $90 in 2 payments

18-Feb-2006Morph gets: ChuChu Rocket (Dreamcast), Evolution 2: Far Off Promise (Dreamcast), Jet Grind Radio (Dreamcast), Skies of Arcadia (Dreamcast), Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast), Soul Calibur (Dreamcast), Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation (Dreamcast), Alien Trilogy (Saturn), Blazing Dragons (Saturn), Dark Savior (Saturn), Darklight Conflict (Saturn), Double Switch (Saturn), Enemy Zero (Saturn), Independence Day (Saturn), Lunacy (Saturn), Mega Man X3 (Saturn), Myst (Saturn), Rayman (Saturn), Robotica (Saturn), Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV: Wall of Fire (Saturn), Sega Rally Championship (Saturn), Sonic 3D Blast (Saturn), Virtua Cop (Saturn), Virtua Fighter 2 (Saturn), Plus Items listed in the description
dreamstate gets: $200 plus actual shipping costs. See information below:

27-Jan-2006Morph gets: Snood (Game Boy Advance)
RichRichards gets: $15 shipped money order December 16

21-Jan-2006Morph gets: Controller -- Saturn Twin-Stick (Saturn), Sega Rally Championship -- Netlink Edition (Saturn), Virtual On: Cyber Troopers -- Netlink Edition (Saturn), Sega Saturn NetLink (Saturn)
Specineff gets: Cash (other)

15-Dec-2005Morph gets: 64mb GeForce 2 PCI Video Card
mikebrown gets: $20 shipped?

10-Dec-2005Morph gets: Nvidia GeForce 4 Ti4600 Video Card (PC)
Ramsey gets: $50 shipped

10-Dec-2005Morph gets: Adapter -- Broadband (Dreamcast)
Specineff gets: $94.50, shipping included

19-Sep-2005Morph gets: The House of the Dead (Saturn)
watujim gets: $55 shipped?

15-Sep-2005Morph gets: Old Red fat Game Boy
Jurassic_Shift gets: $15 money order shipped priority with delivery confirmation

13-Sep-2005Morph gets: The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap (Game Boy Advance)
Rancid gets: $25 money order shipped with priority + delivery confirmation

6-Sep-2005Morph gets: Nintendo Entertainment System -- Top Loader (Nintendo Entertainment System), 7 complete NES games
iamFLIP gets: Money orders (half first + half after 2 weeks)