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Bad Trader Reports

extremegamer2004 BTRs7-Sep-2004
Status: active
Aliases: Megan Wright
Email: cute32322000@yahoo.com
Emails: cute32322000@yahoo.com
Address: 1453 Westwood Dr Charleston,SC 29412
Reporter: psx_4

The reason is that i haven't heard from her in weeks almost a month now, can't contact her. She never replys to my e-mails.

extremegamer2004 BTRs6-Aug-2004
Status: active
Aliases: Pud Wright
Email: cute32322000@yahoo.com
Emails: cute32322000@yahoo.com
Address: 1453 Westwood Dr Charleston,SC 29412
Reporter: bill

I am creating this BTR primarily to warn the pending trades of MasterGamer2233.

We have very good evidence that proves MasterGamer2233 is Megan Wright, who had a previous account at GameTZ, extremegamer2004, which got a BTR. extremegamer2004 has also created other accounts in the past and has often lied and made of crazy stories to try to explain things.

It looks like no one has sent anything with these new MasterGamer2233 pending trades, so hopefully, no one got hurt.

We recommend that whatever you do, you do not send to MasterGamer2233 until you get MasterGamer2233's side of the trade. Or, just cancel the trade.

extremegamer2004 BTRs27-Feb-2004
Status: active
Email: cute32322000@yahoo.com
Address: 1453 Westwood Dr Charleston,SC 29412
Reporter: MindlessDisposal

March 2nd: I just found out she logged in today. YOu know whats funny is I know she lied about her being 12. She is scared of being caught. I am going to report to the SC police about it especially since I found out what college she goes to.Bad mistake to rip someone off. Eventually you will be caught.

I sent out there side of the item as we were supposed to send at the same time.I then found out that they didnt send and didnt even have what they were trading me.They received my item since it was tracked using UPS.I just want my games back.I gave this user a deadline of March 1st for me to receive if not, I am contacting the local Police and the South Carolina Police along with the FBI to file mail fraud.So for now this is whats going on.This will not come down til I receive my games.-Steven Mayes(MindlessDisposal)
<b>Here is our Yahoo conversations

cute32322000: whats the hold up
mindlessdisposal: huh?
mindlessdisposal: You got the package right?
cute32322000: no
mindlessdisposal: Yeah you did
mindlessdisposal: it was delivered
cute32322000: i didnt get t
mindlessdisposal: I got an email saying it was delivered to your address
mindlessdisposal: from UPS
cute32322000: no i didnt get it
mindlessdisposal: did you ask your parents?
cute32322000: whats the address u sent it to
mindlessdisposal: The one you gave me
cute32322000: tell me what it is
mindlessdisposal: Westwood
mindlessdisposal: thats the street
cute32322000: westwood dr
mindlessdisposal: yeah
cute32322000: let e ask my grandad hold up
mindlessdisposal: ok
cute32322000: he said it didnt come
cute32322000: damn
mindlessdisposal: http://iship.com/trackit/track.asp?T=1&Track=MMBEF...
mindlessdisposal: It was delivered though
cute32322000: so when is it getting here
mindlessdisposal: Its there
mindlessdisposal: http://iship.com/trackit/track.asp?T=1&Track=MMBEF...
cute32322000: no it isnt
mindlessdisposal: goto that website
cute32322000: ok
cute32322000: let me go call my unt i wil talk to u later ok
mindlessdisposal: ok
mindlessdisposal: Its there somewhere
mindlessdisposal: smile
cute32322000: i will talk to u later ok
mindlessdisposal: ok
cute32322000: ;;)
cute32322000: ok got it
mindlessdisposal: you got it
cute32322000: yeah:D
mindlessdisposal: lol
mindlessdisposal: where was it at?
cute32322000: she put it on here dresser lol
mindlessdisposal: lol
cute32322000: ok
mindlessdisposal: Did you already ship?
mindlessdisposal: or are you doing that today
cute32322000: not yet
cute32322000: today i will
mindlessdisposal: ok
mindlessdisposal: is it possible to send 2nd day air?
cute32322000: i cant
mindlessdisposal: like i did?
cute32322000: i dont have the money
mindlessdisposal: how much you got?
cute32322000: 5
mindlessdisposal: lol
mindlessdisposal: how you goin to ship it out?
cute32322000: i dont know
cute32322000: they kick me of gametz.com
mindlessdisposal: nah they didnt
cute32322000: i made some threats
mindlessdisposal: you just got restricted until later today
cute32322000: how do u know
mindlessdisposal: I checked your page
mindlessdisposal: I seen that it said you were restricted
cute32322000: lol
mindlessdisposal: and I read the complaints
cute32322000: i was so mad
mindlessdisposal: and I was like what if that guy talked trash to her
cute32322000: he did
cute32322000: this isnt my house u sent it to
mindlessdisposal: whose house is it?
cute32322000: i live with my friend i am going home today though for good
mindlessdisposal: oh
mindlessdisposal: So for sure you are shippin it today?
cute32322000: if i can find a ride
cute32322000: can i just give u 18 snes games :)
mindlessdisposal: no
mindlessdisposal: lol
cute32322000: why
mindlessdisposal: cause that is a rip off too me
mindlessdisposal: lol
cute32322000: how and i am giviing more then u gave me
mindlessdisposal: well that was the original trade you offered to me
cute32322000: i dont think i have 250 i exgerated
mindlessdisposal: How many do you have?
cute32322000: about 20
mindlessdisposal: Well just send my games back
cute32322000: ok
mindlessdisposal: take them to UPS and return to sender
cute32322000: ok
mindlessdisposal: so it wont cost anything
cute32322000: ok and sorry
mindlessdisposal: no problem
cute32322000: why cant u just take what i have wry smile
mindlessdisposal: cause its not worth it
mindlessdisposal: I can sell those PS2 games on ebay and get atleast 150
mindlessdisposal: or more
mindlessdisposal: most of the games I want
cute32322000: nah i dont think so:))
mindlessdisposal: I only traded them because of the sweet deal
cute32322000: yeah i know
cute32322000: well i will send them back bye
mindlessdisposal: If I dont receive them by March 1st then I will be forced to file mail fraud
cute32322000: ok

cute32322000: a
mindlessdisposal: whats up
cute32322000: whats mail fraud
mindlessdisposal: Its something filed through the FBI
mindlessdisposal: its when someone defrauds you through the mail
mindlessdisposal: for instance
mindlessdisposal: I sent out a package to you and have confirmation it was sent and delivered and that you received
mindlessdisposal: and I get nothin
cute32322000: ok
mindlessdisposal: since we have a binding contract on GTZ
cute32322000: so can go to jail
mindlessdisposal: yes
mindlessdisposal: and get a fine
cute32322000: but i am only 12
mindlessdisposal: doesnt matter
mindlessdisposal: its mail fraud
mindlessdisposal: you are treated as an adult
cute32322000: koollll
mindlessdisposal: no kool
cute32322000: koollll
mindlessdisposal: if you want to get a huge fine
mindlessdisposal: and goto jail
mindlessdisposal: all my games better be returned in the box it was sent in
mindlessdisposal: and all the games better be present
cute32322000: well will be filing it to my friend megan and her mom because i used her name and her address
mindlessdisposal: Who are you?
cute32322000: none of your business i live in maryland and i am going back today
mindlessdisposal: I have the address and the internet ISP I can find you
cute32322000: i will send your games before i leave
mindlessdisposal: because I know where you are staying
cute32322000: i will send your games before i leave
cute32322000: ok
mindlessdisposal: if you dont you better be scared
mindlessdisposal: because I will call the local police in SC and in Maryland
cute32322000: i am not afraid of crap jail is for pople like me
mindlessdisposal: its part of the law
mindlessdisposal: and the FBI
cute32322000: i will send your games before i leave
mindlessdisposal: ok
cute32322000: g2g
cute32322000: you will have your games back and i am going back home to maryland
cute32322000: see ya
mindlessdisposal: ok
cute32322000: see ya

<b> The Phoenix Police Department have been contacted. I still will give her till the 1st of March for me to receive but if not I take it up a notch to FBI and I will have UPS go get my package