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God is the way.

Jesus has taken my broken life and made it worth living! I love Him with all my heart and would love to talk to anyone about how He can do the same for you. Please don't judge Christ by what you see other Christians, churches do. We are not perfect, but He is!

As of 2014, my primary hobby is modern tabletop board games. I love them, have a forum about them and will talk ad nauseam about them with you if you'd like.

IF YOU HAVE MULTIPLE CANCELLED TRADES: it's highly unlikely that I will trade with you. You will definitely send first.

Also, I will not send first/same time to anyone but multi gold traders with no past BTR's on their record. If you put that on your offer, you have a 98% chance of me automatically declining.

Please look at past history of traders. I ran into an experience with a gold trader that easily would have been avoided if I looked at past BTR's and cancelled trades. Also check on pending trades...if they have 10 and they are a month or older, you can avoid a lot of headaches by making arrangements to make sure you aren't the one chasing down your items.

I will buy, sell, trade. Im open to all offers unless I already have the game. If you are still shopping around for a better offer, don't pend a trade with me. Feel free to back out of a trade that we don't have officially pending...that is what true trading is all about.

IMPORTANT: I work alot of hours and usually can't send IMMEDIATELY, but sometimes I can. This is also true for getting money orders and I usually don't carry much cash. Please be understanding of this and know that I am trying my best to get your end of the trade to you ASAP. In my new territory, this is a bit easier, but if I say I will send on X, I will do that.

Games that I played, beaten and loved the whole time:

Dragon Age: Origins
Xmen Origins: Wolverine(a great beat em up)
Assassins Creed 2 (the rest were not that great, but 2 did everything right)
Bio shock
Metal Gear Solid (ps1)
Fallout 3
Animal Crossing (gc.& ds)
Tiger Woods 2004
Resiident Evil 4
Shining Force 1, 2, CD
Kotor 1
Jade empire
Dead Space


If you are new and worried about getting ripped here, here are some pointers that I did to make sure I didn't.

1. Trade with gold star and above when first starting out. Gold Star traders have traded with 50 different people and beyond that. They have proven that they are honest and care about that reputation. After 10 trades, you will get a bronze star, which is a good start. What I did was trade with gold star traders at first, for probably 5 trades. I sent first. After that, you can still trade with gold traders and those with less trades than you. You have the (legitimate) right to ask those with less trades than you to send first ( you have 5 trades and they have 0 or 1). The more trades you put under your belt, the wider this range becomes.

2. When packaging your game: I highly recommend Priority Mail or First Class WITH Delivery Confirmation. I thought DC was a waste of time until an honest trader didn't use it and the package didn't get here. People at the Post office WILL rip your package open. I sent a GBC game to Luminus in a regular envelope and he received a ripped open envelope with no game. It is highly unlikely that happens, but it does happen. DC also prevents people from saying, "I never got that" Also, WRITE CLEARLY ON THE PACKAGE BOTH YOUR RETURN ADDRESS AND THE ADDRESS IT IS GOING TO. I have received tons of games where the return address is unreadable because someone quickly wrote it on there or wasn't even written there. If the game doesn't get where you sent it and it can't get back to you...it is lost. And it is your fault. Also include a piece of paper inside with what was traded and your address written NEATLY. Helps out if the packaging is ripped open when the other person gets it and then they don't know where it is at.

3. You don't delete pending trades! Unless something REALLY drastically happens, a pending trade should be honored. You have the right before posting it to say, Let me think about it. You should have done all your shopping around before you post a trade and be happy with that trade. If you don't follow this, you will make alot of enemies here that simply won't trade with you again, myself included. How would you like it if you were getting a game you wanted from someone and turned down offers for the game just to have the jerk back out on you. That is what really gets me: I have received offers, sometimes better, for a game that is pending. But I honor my end of the bargain...just to have the other guy back out. That is just wrong.

4. Your games aren't worth what you paid for them unless they are rare(which is a term used too loosely on this site). And if you are trying to sell here, which is fine, don't expect people to pay what Ebay or store prices are. If we wanted to pay that, we would GO THERE!!!! We have some people here who thinks because they have touched the games that the price needs to be boosted up. You want to stay clear of these people...they are just a waste of time because they won't sell unless the price is too high or trade unless it is in their favor. A good way to tell is look at their number of trades and the date they started on this site. Someone with a bronze star that has been here for 2 years is obviously one of those people. You can do what you'd like, but unless you like wasting time or getting ripped off...it isn't worth the effort.

5. That crap about Mail Fraud really doesn't apply here. I know it sucks, but the Post Office, Police, etc are not going to take much action against a person who has ripped you a psx game. Now if you send your whole video game collection worth over 1000 bucks..they might help. Everyone is on their word here and it is important that you understand that. IT IS VERY HARD TO PROVE THAT YOU WERE RIPPED OFF WHEN TRADING ON THE INTERNET, YES, EVEN WITH EMAILS AND DELIVERY CONFIRMATION!!!! You have to be smart. When a guy is offering you a ps3 for your SNES package...oh, and wants you to send first...think about it! IF THE OFFER IS WAY TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE AND THE PERSON WON'T SEND FIRST OR USE AN ESCROW SERVICE...IT IS PROBABLY A RIP. That is the biggest test you can use. If you offer to use an escrow service(you both send to a paid trusted individual who makes sure that both parties have sent what was agreed on) AND you offer to pay the full bill for it and they STILL won't send...they are a ripper. Try it the next time a guy with no trades is offering the latest system for 100 bucks or something like that.

6. Don't take stuff personally here. If someone doesn't want to trade for something that isn't pending...or tells them they don't see anything on your list, tell them thanks for looking and be on your way. In forums, when an experienced user tells you that your prices or offer is too steep, think about it first before you flame them. We try to offer advice so you are not wasting your time posting or our time reading.