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tormentor BTRs29-Aug-2002
Status: active
Aliases: Tormentor
Address: seminole st Kissimmee Florida
Reporter: bmcdanold

Im sorry to do this... I sent Alberto various items over the course of the last year. We always have chatted online and we were always good buddies... He had been collecting a box full of stuff to send to me which we jokingly called the "BBox" (Byron (thats me) Box) Its been a year since the first time i sent him stuff including a game gear, some games, a jvc x eye and a few other items, oh and some TG16 games which i allowed him to borrow... Sadly many months have passed and I have never received my stuff... alberto, please contact me so we can work something to send me my stuff...

Interests: Video Games, special fx makeup, horror movies, gore, MISFITS
Likes: Leatherface, DVDs, gore movies, Sega Genesis and Famicom yes
Dislikes: Stupid people >smile and VHS

Quote: "They're coming to get you Barbara"-Johnny in Night of the Living Dead (1968)

WASSABEE!!cool smile

Does anyone have this ? ! I'm currently looking for a PCengine system. Nothing fancy. Just the plain old white one that says Pcengine on the console. System must have all cables and one controller. I have no games for the PCengine, but if I was to get it, I would get some games eventually duh! I would appreciate one game (or more) to be included with the system because I really do want it. I am a fan of import games and unfortunately, I don't have many...actually I only have 2 dead face But please, if anyone has one, please check out my page and email me at or AIM at cdman0987654321 or you can IM me (using msn IM service) at - tormentor >smile

Hey Dudes and Dudets listen up!!! If you trade with me heres how the jif goes k?
cool grin cool grin cool grin cool grin cool grin cool grin cool grin cool grin cool grin cool grin cool grin cool grin cool grin cool grin cool grin cool grin cool grin
I got more trades-You send first (easy enough)
You have more trades-Then I send first (again. not quantum phsysics)
Same amount of trades-We both send the same time and we exchange confirmation numbers (wow. again. You don't need your Bachelor's)
IF MONEY IS INVOLVED-If you have more trades than I have I will gladly send first. If you have less trades then you must send first.
BadTraderReport-YOU send first
cool grin cool grin cool grin cool grin cool grin cool grin cool grin cool grin cool grin cool grin cool grin cool grin cool grin cool grin cool grin cool grin cool grin
Now, when we trade we trade with Priority mail and Deliver confirmation.

My list o' cool Dudes
luv2rave24_7 cool smile smile yes
EnforcerICE cool smile smile yes
Deadsexy cool smile smile yes
Sephiroth_00 cool smile smile yes
avgs cool smile smile yes
thegame cool smile smile yes
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I'd like to thank jekbrown especially because he helped me out when I needed it for the mp3/cd/vcd player that I am soon, hopefully going to be getting. I cannot thank him enough. He helped me when noone else knew what they were talking about! Thanks man!-Tormentor >smile

Fortunately I don't have any bad traders to list...yet

Now I don't have anyother cool dudes yet But I'm sure there will be a lot more to come smile HAVE FUN DUDES AND DUDETS wink

There has been some confusion with what my PENDING on my page is either pending in or pending out. For now on I am just going to put OUT or IN for peding IN or pending OUT. cool grin

Ok. Like what a lot of people on Gametz are doing, I too am putting a list of all my games(DC and PSX) and stuff(DVD, VCD). Although some are not for trade, everything is for trade on my available list. I just decided to put a list of my stuff her just do it cool grin

DVDs (MINE!!! Not the ones that are my mom's and dad's, but mine!)
Halloween-2 disc limited edition (?/9977)--R HORROR
Halloween--R HORROR
The Blair Witch Project--R HORROR
Evil Dead-Special collector's edition (ELITE)--NR (blood/gore/nudity)HORROR
Evil Dead 2--NR (bloody/gore) HORROR
Army of Darkness-limited edition director's cut (18820/40000)--NR (bloody/gore) HORROR/COMEDY
Hannibal-speciail edition--R HORROR
Monster's Crash the Pajama Party--NR (before mpaa) HORROR
Little shop of Horrors (1960's)--NR (before mpaa) HORROR
Hackers--PG13 COMPUTER
Big Trouble in Little China-2 disc special edition--PG13 ACTION/ADVENTURE/COMEDY
The Rocky Horror Picture Show-2 disc special edition--R MUSICAL
The Crow-2 disc special edition--R ACTION*
The Crow : Salvation--
Gargoyles (not the cartoon, the 1974 emmy award winning horror classic)--
NR (made for tv movie) HORROR
Clerks Uncensored-2 disc--
Dogma Special Edition-2 disc --
The Unexplained-2 disc documentary by A&E--
NR (documentary from tv) DOCUMENATARY
Toy Story 2 pack (both movies)--
Suspiria-3 disc limited edition (05740/60,000)--
NR (blood/gore) HORROR
Opera-2 disc limited edition (12813/30,000)--
NR (bloody/gore/brief nudity) *HORROR
Slaughterhouse--R HORROR
Hellraiser--R HORROR
Puppet Master--R HORROR
Blood Dolls-Director's cut--NR (blood/gore) HORROR
Bad Taste-2 disc limited edition (11040/50,000)--NR (blood/gore) HORROR/COMEDY
Night of the Living Dead-2 disc limited edition (11451/15,000)--NR (before rating system) HORROR
NIght of the Living dead (1990 Tom Savini remake)--R HORROR
Ricky Oh : The Story of Ricky--NR (blood/gore) KUNG-FU
Dead Alive--NR (blood/gore) HORROR/COMEDY
Bruiser--R HORROR
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre-Pioneer special edition--R HORROR
Boogeymen--NR (blood/gore) HORROR
House on Haunted Hill/Last man on Earth (2 movies on one disc starring Vincent Price)--NR (before mpaa) HORROR
Basket Case-20th Anniversary special edition--NR (blood/gore/nudity) HORROR
Killer Klowns From Outer Space--PG13 HORROR
Friday the 13th : The final Chapter--R HORROR
Destroy All Monsters--NR (GODZILLA!!!!) SCI-FI
King Kong vs Godzilla--NR (GODZILLA!!!!) SCI-FI
Mr. Bill's Classics--NR (um, it's clay...and it's funny) CLAYMATION/COMEDY
March of the Wooden Soldiers--NR (oooold movie w/ Laurel and Hardy) CHILDREN'S
Freddy Got Fingered--R COMEDY
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre : A family Portrait REVISITED--NR (documentary) DOCUMENTARY
Cannibal Ferox-Deluxe Uncensored Letterbox Edition--NR(blood/gore/nudity/drug use) HORROR
The Beyond-limited edition tin (01664/20,000)--NR (blood/gore) HORROR
Maniac-limited edition tin (0744/5,000)--NR (blood/gore/nudity) HORROR
Legend of Drunken Master (new release)--R (violence) ACTION
Twin Dragons (new release)--PG13 ACTION
Shanghai Noon--PG13 ACTION/COMEDY
Rumble In Hong Kong--NR (too old) ACTION
The Young Master--NR (too old) ACTION
Bruce Lee (2 movies on 1 disc)--NR (too old) ACTION
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure--PG13 COMEDY
Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things!--PG HORROR
Biozombie--NR HORROR
Evil Dead-The Book of the Dead Edition--NR HORROR
Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back--R COMEDY
Jungle Holocaust--NR HORROR
GWAR: Phallus in Wonderland--NR COMEDY/MUSIC
Dawn of the Dead (U.S. Theatrical Cut)--NR HORROR
The Giant Spider Invasion--PG(contains nudity) HORROR
Kung Pow! Enter The Fist--PG13 COMEDY
Re-Animator (millenium edition..2 disc)--NR* HORROR
Cradle of Fear (PAL region 0)--
1999 The Deadly Camp--
category IIBHORROR
The Worst of the Many Taboos of Death--
Santa Claws (special edition)--
Rock 'N' Roll High School--
The Pest--
-Scream of the Wolf
-Wolf Man
-Moon of the Wolf
-Silent Night, Deadly Night
-Don't look in the Basement
-Jack the Ripper (Klaus Kinski)
-Satanic Rites of Dracula
-House on Haunted Hill (Vincent Price)
-Night of the Living Dead (1968)
Resident Evil (Special Edition)--
Terror Firmer (unrated director's cut..2 disc)
Toxic Avenger (Unrated Director's cut)
Toxic Avenger Part II (Unrated Director's cut)
Toxic Avenger Part III : The Last Temptation of Toxie (unrated Director's cut)
Class of Nuke 'Em High (Unrated Director's cut)
SGT.Kabukiman N.Y.P.D (Unrated Director's cut)
Troma's War (Unrated Director's cut)
Beware! Children at Play (Unrated Director's cut)
Rabid Grannies (Unrated Director's cut)
Legend of the Chupacabra (Unrated Director's cut)
Cannibal! The Musical (Unrated Director's cut)
Redneck Zombies (Unrated Director's cut)
Igor and the Lunaticks (Unrated Director's Cut)
I spit on your corpse
Blood of Ghastly Horror
Dracula Vs. Frankenstien
Escape from Hell
Suck on You! (unrated director's cut)
Drawing Blood (unrated director's cut)
New Gladiators (unrated director's cut)
Real Time
Hellblock 13 (unrated director's cut)
Mother's Day (unrated director's cut)
Unspeakable (unrated director's cut)
Surf Nazis Must Die (unrated director's cut)
Christmas Evil (unrated director's cut)
Rockabilly Vampire (unrated director's cut)
Bloodsucking Freaks (unrated Director's Cut)
Best of Tromadance
Tromeo & Juliet (unrated Director's cut)
Sucker The Vampire
CITIZEN TOXIE:THE TOXIC AVENGER 4 (I know this isn't a dvd...but since I have the screener I figured I'd might as well put it here)
Jackie Chan : My Stunts
Street Fighter 2 : The animated Movie

What I am DESPERATELY looking for** Gold Star=BADLY NEEDED ! cool grin

Gigantor 20" Action Figure Gold Star
Night of the Living Dead Laserdisc Gold Star Gold Star
Night of the Living Dead movie poster Gold Star
Texas Chainsaw Massacre poster
Cannibal Ferox (aka make them die slowly) Laserdisc Gold Star
Fantastic Dizzy for Genesis