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wrxguy05 BTRs19-Jan-2009
Status: active
Reporter: BTD

I just never got my stuff. Just look at the pending trade. Also-my things have been sent for a while and she/he has recieved (I have proof in chat logs if necessary) This was out last convo:

Session Start: Mon Dec 01 22:36:00 2008
Session Ident: wrxguy05
[22:36] Session Ident: wrxguy05 (GameTZ, BTD) (~BTD@173-17-11-52.client.mchsi.com)
[22:36] <wrxguy05> hey sir
01[22:37] <BTD> hello
[22:39] <wrxguy05> whats up
01[22:40] <BTD> not much
01[22:40] <BTD> just working on school work and what not
[22:40] <wrxguy05> kool
[22:40] <wrxguy05> so our trade..... anything else you want besides DC games cuz he dont have any to trade off
[22:40] <wrxguy05> lmk
01[22:40] <BTD> uh
01[22:41] <BTD> saturn games?
01[22:41] <BTD> neo geo cd games?
01[22:41] <BTD> pc engine games?
[22:48] <wrxguy05> none of the above
01[22:49] <BTD> damn
01[22:49] <BTD> some monies?
[22:49] <wrxguy05> possible i have to see what i have left
[22:49] <wrxguy05> i got rid of a lot of them
[22:49] <wrxguy05> lol
[22:49] <wrxguy05> sorry i have another im going
01[22:50] <BTD> np
[22:50] <wrxguy05> talking to my older bro
01[22:50] <BTD> that's cool
[22:50] <wrxguy05> how much $$ we talking
01[22:51] <BTD> you tell me
[22:51] <wrxguy05> let me look up prices
01[22:51] <BTD> kk
[22:51] <wrxguy05> do you still want a copy of mario for GBA
01[22:52] <BTD> nah
[22:52] <wrxguy05> ok so give me a few and i will link you towhat i find..... fair enough
01[22:52] <BTD> not a prob
[22:52] <wrxguy05> kool
[22:52] <wrxguy05> bbiab
[22:57] <wrxguy05> ok i have jam sessions for 8.95 and lost magic for5.40
[22:57] <wrxguy05> both on amazon
[22:57] <wrxguy05> x-mas nights i saw for 23
[22:58] <wrxguy05> would be 97.34
[22:58] <wrxguy05> 37.34
01[22:59] <BTD> sounds ok to me
[23:00] <wrxguy05> let me se what i can do about it... willing to work with me a lil longer
01[23:00] <BTD> sure
[23:01] <wrxguy05> ok ....... i will keep you in the loop
01[23:01] <BTD> sounds good

This will come down when I either get $37.34 or that much $ worth of stuff. Doesn't matter to me.

Contact information :

Seems this lady is named cindy riordan. Got married and is now cindy riordan Cooke. Phone 352-666-4856.

Her mother is Nancy Riordan.

wrxguy05 BTRs30-Dec-2008
Status: active
Reporter: Kianta

We agreed on a trade (12-Apr-2008 at 2:38pm) I was to send him sega nomad with game,atari jaguar with game , psp speaker set & he was to send $75 (he didnt have the money at the time but said if I could work with him then I would surely be paid) He received my items on 16 April 2008....at which point he marked received and made no coments as to when he could send any money...on 5-May-2008 at 2:44pm I asked what was going on since I hadnt heard from him in almost a month he responded same day saying he was getting check from IRS that week and would give me a little extra for being patient....on 26-May-2008 at 10:09pm check got held back will send you the money once I get the check.....on 13-Jun-2008 at 8:12pm I ask whats up as I havent heard from him for a while....replied same day said he would send some money from his check when he got paid....on 3-Jul-2008 at 12:20am tells me that the check never got sent from IRS so they were going to resend.....on 14-Jul-2008 at 7:26pm I ask whats going on as I havent heard from him.....on 15-Jul-2008 at 2:55am he tells me IRS took his money for school loans again says he will send some money when he gets his check from work.....with no updates on on 27-Jul-2008 at 6:26pm I ask to tell me when he has sent some of the money so I conld watch for it....on 21-Aug-2008 at 5:44am I told him it has been a long time and wanted to see some progress made on paying it off even if it was only $5 a week.....Same day he told me he was picking up his check and would send me $10 to get the ball rolling.....on 23-Aug-2008 at 7:29am I offered to take some of his games instead of money since he couldnt come up with any and I was tired of waiting.....on 1-Sep-2008 at 9:36pm he said he would send out lost oddyssey & import tuner (to cover $32 of the $75 owed to me) by the end of the week....on 7-Sep-2008 at 3:58pm i asked if he sent them yet since I hadnt heard from him....same day he told me they were packaged and would go out the next day and he would give me the tracking number when he got home.....on 13-Sep-2008 at 4:57pm I asked if he had sent since I didnt hear from him....on 23-Sep-2008 at 7:12pm I asked again what was going on since he hadnt messaged with me since the 7th of Sep.....on 24-Sep-2008 at 11:45am he tells me the delay was because he was trying to find box art and manual for me and that he sent out the games on the 23rd....on 9-Oct-2008 at 7:16pm I asked for tracking number since I still havent received it.....on 12-Oct-2008 at 7:52am I tell him I am unhappy and plan to file a BTR....He feeds me some BS to keep me waiting....on 2-Nov-2008 at 8:26am I list games that I would take in place of cash.....on 10-Nov-2008 at 7:09pm I ask if he still has the games I asked for (he hasnt responded since 15 Oct at this point)....on 10-Nov-2008 at 7:16pm (someone) says he is not sure if he still has those games but will ask him.....I ask on the 17th and 29th of NOV whats the deal as I havent heard anything.....on 30-Nov-2008 at 2:03pm (someone) says I thought he gave you an answer already sorry.....on the 7th of DEC & 20th Dec I ask again what is going on as I havent heard from anyone since the person who is "not" him spoke with me on the 30th of NOV....I have seen him (or whoever is using his name) log on to GTZ multiple times and he continues not to respond to my questions...hopefully sending him a BTR will finally get his attention and help him realize this trade has been open far to long.....I am more then willing to work with him as you can see from the history and I still am....for me to remove this BTR he can....

1 send me $43
2 send me all of my items back
3 Send me Gears of war 2 + $10
4 Send Me Left 4 Dead + $10

(they are not on your list but I see you are playing them on Xbox live)

also found this online

PERMIT: 1217885 PERMIT DATE: 02/06/2008
EST.VAL: 97066 UNITS: 1


PHONE: 352-684-3838


wrxguy05 BTRs9-Aug-2008
Status: active
Reporter: MrKaczynski

I sent him 2 brand new/sealed PS3 games and agreed to wait until May 30th for the payment, at the latest. It's now December and I have not received my money. He never talks to me anymore and it seems he is no longer even acknowledging the fact that he owes me $55.00. This joker stole 2 of my games after I was nice enough to agree to send him the games and wait a month for the money because I wanted to help him out. He said he was having financial troubles and what-not but never offered to send my games back. Over the span of 8 months he can't ship my games back or come up with $55? This guy is a RIP OFF. STRAIGHT UP.


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