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Hi Gametraders. I am ymcmbusiness08 -

Feel free to contact me and I'll get back to you asap. I will try to reply to everyone.

Just want to say thanks to all the US traders willing to ship international. If you weren't willing to do that, it would give us Canadians a bad show and we wouldn't have many trading partners. Though keep in mind it roughly costs us the same to send international.

I'm also not here to make friends or have a huge impact on the site believe it or not. I'm here to make trades for myself and talk to some cool people while doing so. I send a lot of offers, I like to keep the trades going, getting rid of games I currently have to acquire others. If I send you an offer twice or accidentally low ball you than I'm sorry for that. I don't always check values or my offer history. Like I said I'm here to make trades and send offers, If you don't like an offer I send than that is ok, just be ignorant and let it expire or decline. I'm not here to worry about what you think of the offer, I'm here to send these offers and pend some trades. I'm very reasonable and willing to check lists and will work out a trade with anyone. If you want to trade than I'm down for that, if you don't want to than good luck with your other trades.

Mainly interested in PlayStation 3 Microsoft Xbox 360 Nintendo DS PlayStation Portable PlayStation 2 PlayStation Game Boy Advance & Nintendo GameCube games

I list most of my wanted games as the full package with the box/manual/case art, in excellent condition. If you have an item that is less than full package (carts, etc) or the condition is less than I have stated, I will still consider your offer

I go by the standard Gametz reputation basis as of who sends first. If you have less trades than you should send first. If you have more trades than you should send last and I should send first, etc. If we come to an agreement and you have a few less trades but I feel I can trust you from your rating/reputation, than I will not mind sending at the same time smile Not everyone makes 1000 trades.. It would be nice if you did the same. If you have a BTR and we do make a trade than you must send first please.

I am open to trade with anyone. If a person has built a rep and/or a star, or if they're new and willing to send first, that's all that is needed to have some trust for each other and make a trade. Everyone has to start somewhere. There's no reason to create a relationship and get to know the person first.. Unless you like to do that wink We're all strangers here.

Depending on the items, I have my own personal value system. I've had members question me about this and where I get my prices from. I don't always go by the current values/VGPC. I value certain games over others; depending on the replay value, type of game etc. I value older titles and RPG's over newer more expensive games that will drop in value any way. Example: Oblivion/Fallout 3 are worth more to me than a lot of newer games that are just being released.

I don't like scratched discs either and I would like the item I receive to be in the condition as stated/as I requested. If I receive something that is not in good shape, or that was not listed and described as it is than there will be a problem & I'll just file a BTR. if It comes down to it.

In most cases I actually prefer Greatest Hits/Platinum Hits/Players' Choice versions over the original black label. The reason for this is because the GH/PH titles usually have newer patches/updates/additional content. I only prefer black label if that is what is available or if I am going to re-trade the item, as many people do prefer the original.
I will consider trades for the PAL versions as well (as long as it works on a US/Canadian console.) I'll also consider trades for games not on my wanted list since there's a lot to keep track of , new releases etc.

I don't like many JRPG titles or turn based combat games. A real RPG is Skyrim like. Not Japanese or card based/weirded out,

Also, I reuse packaging frequently. You should do the same. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Although a nice pristine package is nice to receive, what's inside is what is important. Kind of like people. Lol

I usually ship all my packages via Air mail. It is the most cost-effective, fastest way to send DVD's/games instead of having to pay extra for First class, etc. It's a bit different in Canada.

I am not responsible for items lost or damaged in the mail If an item simply does not show up there is a reason for that. It's either taking awhile to arrive, it got lost or misplaced, or stolen by a USPS/Canada Post staff member. I hope this doesn't happen in our trade. If this does happen than please do not get mad at me or ask me to replace you another copy, I've done my part and the Postal service would be to blame, I paid my money to send your game, so they are the contact. Yes you could just not believe that I sent in the first place, I know I would have, which leads to another reason why it's good to have a built reputation and/or tracking. Just clearing this up and I hope you feel the same way. I have never had a package go missing, throughout my entire online trading history; even without tracking/DC. If I say I have sent I have sent and It's not a lie. Please be honest if you have sent or received. I don't want to trade with scammers. It's not usually a good deal.

And please don't be an unfriendly trader; there's not enough people who have good thorough communication and just want to make a smooth trade!*

Thanks for viewing my trading rules

BTR's (Bad Traders) I have come across so far, You don't want to be on this list :

vamped4life - Typical scam artist : A whole story behind this one. Lost out $20 shipping/a few games. Reported him as a BTR/account is now deleted.

And I find some of you GTZ members to be full of yourselves and not as reasonable as you may think. (objects in mirror are closer than they appear) Lol I've dealt with people who try to be cool with their wording and some who just seem too 'fake/overly kind' when trying to come to an agreement. Just be yourself. Don't overwhelm yourself.

I am also not here to have a real impression/reputation. I don't always take things seriously. It is the Internet, a virtual community. I could care less about anything within the community besides making trades and having some trust built with the member you're trading with. I am aware some of you people probably have no real life or reputation, so this is where you come to talk with your online buddies and have an impact/reputation here, built within the community. Have fun, but that's not what I'm here for.

95% of the people I've traded with have been great and very kind which makes the whole experience worthwhile and there has been a few agreements where the other member made the process the best it could be, smooth and comfortable. Thank you to those people! smile

Not going to go as far as posting 48 user names of enjoyable trades and good traders because (that would just get their hopes up a bit ;)) there Is obviously a higher ratio of good members compared to members I've had difficulties with.

GameTz Rap

Judge all you would like cool people. I've heard only god can do that..

(Rap is fun, exciting, good for confidence and fast thinking (freestyle) for certain social events)

Just having fun and killing some time. And yeah I've thought ahead of you already, who posts a silly fudge rap on there bio page? He must be cool and that's going to help out with his rep and making trades! Again I got no worries, just having fun with this, have to keep it appropriate.

1, 2,1, 2, 3, 4, ; )

Gametz, is a fun place to be, where you want to be a part of like a branch on a tree,

I'm a low-baller we got a whole fam to feed,
And be careful when you dealin' cause the new traders are freee and if you'd like to trade than send an offer to me. smile

And can someone tell me what I'm reading cause I can't even see, hi, I broke my glasses 3 times in these past 3 weeks, that's once a week, what I'm getting these days, what the heck's the world coming to I'm lost in this maze.

And if you'd like to sell via paypal then you could sell to me but it depends on the cost or could I just have it for free? raspberry
And how is it coincidental that you value it high If I value it cheap, oh you go by the current value on VGPC? Well that's nice but it stays changing, like these seasons your kids diaper, or this radio station. And where I'm from, we game at all ages, you considered good if you can get by the first 3 stages.
And can you predict these punchlines, I love the sunshine, winter drives me crazy I'll take the risk and walk this thin ice at lunch time, and where I am is where I'm at just tell me where you want to be.

When you're living the game life who needs reality ?

Endless lives in call of duty got my trigger finger itchy, don't worry about crossing these boundaries, I just don't want to hear you say that it's a disc only copy. I love player's choice, as we can see some of you traders are a bit crazy, all of you rude ones can tickle my feet. Lol i'll take a full pedicure (no homo) and book the appointment with my wife too cause you desperate and she said she need a manicure. I'm not your coach or your personal trainer but I'm going all out and you can thank me later. Just start by getting up and putting the controller down alligator. Ahah ye cause you know you on Gametz a lot when you can't stop playing around, now thanks for taking the time to read this, you know I want to be this.

And a big thank you and a shout out to Bill, I will keep trading at my free will and I hope that whales free, cause no one knows what it like to be ymcmb!

Take care