Bad Traders

Bad Traders

pacodataco8 BTRs9-Aug-2007
Status: active
Address: 1128 Juniper Way Hudson, WI
Reporter: reubin_huckle

31-Mar-2007: We pended the trade.

The trade was that I send: 1) Pokémon Red (Game Boy) [Condition: good; Box: no; Manual: no]
2) Pokémon Yellow -- Special Pikachu Edition (Game Boy) [Condition: excellent; Box: no; Manual: no; won't save (Missing label too)]
3) Super Mario Land (Game Boy) [Condition: excellent; Box: no; Manual: yes]
4) Pokémon Silver (Game Boy Color) [Condition: excellent; Box: no; Manual: no]

I was to receive: 1) Donkey Konga 2)Donkey Konga 2 3) Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

11-Apr-2007: I sent

24-Apr-2007: pacodataco8 received my games

24-Apr-2007: pacodataco8 - hey, sent yesterday, sorry, my friend refused to send, so i think i forced him to,
at the very least, jungle beat should get to u in a week, (i'm saying week because canadain shipping is very slow to the us)
thanks for putting up with this, i'm personally surprised u did, lol

3-May-2007: I received Donkey Kong Jungle Beat but not the 2 other games. I sent him a message regarding the 2 other games.

14-May-2007: pacodataco8 - ok
there has been a huge thing, in which we both got ripped off
u know babout my friend shipping and crap rite?
He is refusing to send, and at this point i've got to send ur stuff back
Could i send everything but silver, and then we can close this trade?

After this I talked to him a bit on chat. I told him he could send me $6 paypal so we could close the trade. He said he didn't want to "rip me off" so he said he would send all the games back except for silver.

30-May-2007: I sent him a message regarding our trade.

20-Jun-2007: I sent him another message regarding our trade.

29-Jun-2007: I sent him another message regarding our trade.

He is logging in and not responding to my messages. I have been more than fair here. I didn't want to file this but it's the only thing I can do and it probably won't even matter since he has a few other BTR's. I will take this one down if he:

1. Sends all the games back except silver (like he said he would)
2. Sends me $6 paypal
3. Sends me Donkey Konga and Donkey Konga 2

Update: He continues to log in and ignore all of his btrs. He's made 3 new pending trades.

HE HAS 3 BTRS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mattt BTRs9-Aug-2007
Status: active
Address: mat myzia , 561 STRD 82 , Oxford WI , 53952
Reporter: CQinMI

On June 11th I sent my game via Priority Mail with Delivery Comfirmation.
Mattt receieved the game I sent to him on the 15th of June.
He did NOT acknowledge that he received it.
As of today (August 9th 2007) I have not received the game he said he would trade for mine.

As of today (January 23 2008). Still no response from this jerk.

jonathonwillie Canada BTRs8-Aug-2007
Status: active
Address: 2850 cedarwood drive apt 902
Reporter: walleyemaster

The offer was PSP bundle - 512 mb mem stick + 1gb mem stick + joe dirt umd movie
FOR irirver pmc 120, $150. I sent first as agreed, and while it was being shipped my account was susped because of a btr with a guy over a dvd and he was on vacation for a long time so he never removed it. while my account was suspended jonathon recieved even though it is it not marked. he later told me that he sold the iriver and bough a psp with the money. he said that i would have to pay to have him ship my stuff back here and i wanted shipping money because he messed up the trade. he now claims he gots the iriver back and has the money but will not send because he thought he was getting 3 memory sticks (in the offer i said -(minus 512mb and + 1gb) i sent him a 2gb instead of the 1gb. i told him if he would rather have the 1gb to send the 2gb back and i could send the 1. he never aswered. he also said medal of honor broke in the mail i said that i will replace it with some of the $150 after i get the $150. he said "NO". he told me the games were not in mint condition because of stickers on a few of the cases (they are the stickers that came on the games_like price tags or what ever) and i would like all my stuff back and shipping $ or the iriver and money and i will replace the broken game with the money.
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (9-Aug-2007)
on 8-Jul-2007 at 7:08pm walleyemaster i will give you the 2gb mem stick if you let me keap NFL STREET 3 "my friend wants it"

your items are not in mint condition and do not work excellent and you are missing stuff.

and i only said "no", not "NO"....the lies continue.

reegan13 BTRs6-Aug-2007
Status: active
Address: 14902 West Main Cut Off, LA 70345
Reporter: bill

I'm filing this Bad Trader Report to warn all the pending trades of reegan13.

Please take a look at reegan13's 4 pending trades. They are all for the same game: "Fable: The Lost Chapters". And, in every case reegan13 has convinced each of you to send first.

This situation screams "SCAMMER!"

reegan13 is a new trader with zero reputation here. Please reconsider what you're doing.

[ EDIT - In reaction to your response. That's all words. The fact is, none of us know you. What you're doing is very suspicious. Why do you need 4 copies of the same game? What is the big rush (suck that you can't send first)?

It all sounds like a big story to try to get people to send you stuff without you having to send anything. It's a setup to rip a lot of people off and leave. You may be telling the truth, but other people would be foolish to believe you. They're taking a risk with someone they don't know. Odds are, you're a scammer. We've seen scammers do just what you're doing here in the past. ]

[ You should send first, not these other traders. Anyone sending first to you is taking an unnecessary risk. You have to earn trust here. ]
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (6-Aug-2007)
If you want me to i'll cancle all but one of the trades if its that big of a deal,but i would still like for them to send first.

JetsFan1 BTRs31-Jul-2007
Status: active
Address: 94 Village Green Bardonia, NY 10954
Reporter: davidpuddey

To start I never kept any game from him. Sent his back. Wanted other half and would send back college that i gave him back. Advised I no longer had game happened out of my control. Said I would give him Crackdown. Accepted. Sent him Crackdown and is not sending me college. So now I wind up with one game and I gave him two.

He is now filing a BTR on me because I won't remove his.
I offered him to send one of my games back or value in 20 dollars and he said no. This guy is a scammer. I have emails documenting everything. He still has three games to my one. He has not resolved this matter.