Pending Trades

Recent Pending Trades

10:14pmRobotVM gets: PayPal
Wheels617 gets: Model 2 Japanese Sega Saturn, HDRV Adapter, and Controller

8:15pmthenadz gets: $22.75
Kevster gets: The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel -- Decisive Edition (PlayStation 4)

7:18pmLunar gets: Game Boy Advance Nintendo DS Castlevania 6 Pack
Scarface gets: PayPal

7-Julbogo gets: The Banner Saga Trilogy (Nintendo Switch), $9 cash or PP-FF
trueking gets: TOZO wireless earbuds

7-JulGypsy gets: GCU Order Trails of Cold Steel III
Bleed_DukeBlue gets: $51.59

7-Jullain21us gets: Yugioh x2
i_gothix_i gets: $34

7-JulFrank gets: $200 + Shipping
oneluckybullet gets: NES Console, SNES JR Console, RetroPortableDuo Console + Goodies!

6-Julpr0phet gets: Ps4 games
i_gothix_i gets: Pp

6-JulBloodPuppetX gets: Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 Switch
i_gothix_i gets: Gifted PayPal

6-Juljsoncip38 gets: Trine Collection
i_gothix_i gets: PP

6-JulShibaraski gets: 60 pp gifted
Wheels617 gets: Corsair 16gb Ram white

6-JulLunar gets: Nintendo 64 Pikachu N64 System + Everdrive 64
RobotVM gets: Super Nintendo Super Nintendo Jr. + SD2SNES

6-Julmcorrado gets: Gifted PayPal
BleedingViolet gets: DVDs discussed

6-Julchestercheetah gets: Hyrule Warriors -- Definitive Edition (Nintendo Switch)
KamenRIderVulcan gets: Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (Nintendo Switch)

6-Julincubus421 gets: LittleBigPlanet (PlayStation 3), God of War (PlayStation 4)
Thumper gets: Transformers: Devastation (PlayStation 4)

6-JulWheels617 gets: $22 pp F&F
sa330206 gets: Nintendo Wii Princess Peach wiimote in good working order

6-JulRobotVM gets: AVS
SSA gets: PayPal

6-JulGypsy gets: GCU Order Trails of Cold Steel II
Bleed_DukeBlue gets: $34.39

6-JulForgotten_Freshness gets: $50
youruglyclone gets: 2 NES Classic Controllers (new - as pictured)

5-JulWheels617 gets: $80 PayPal
Lunar gets: black Nintendo Wii console with psu, wiimote and sensor bar, black Nintendo Wii classic pro controller

5-Jullain21us gets: ordering/reship service
GaminPhreak gets: 420.57 (or actual cost) + 12 for service + actual shipping

5-Jullain21us gets: ordering/reship service
youruglyclone gets: 420.57 (or actual cost) + 12 + actual shipping

5-Jult0pdawg7 gets: Outerworlds Switch, Hello Neighbor Switch
i_gothix_i gets: $42

5-Juli_gothix_i gets: $25 PP F&F or Fees Paid
shadyfozzie gets: Disney Tsum Tsum

5-JulACT gets: LEGO Incredibles + For Honor
i_gothix_i gets: $21 pp