Pending Trades

Recent Pending Trades

8:39pmMcNichol gets: New Pokemon Snap (Nintendo Switch)
KamenRIderVulcan gets: Mega Man 11 (Nintendo Switch)

5:02pmgpthree gets: $30 Paypal
Shane12m gets: PS5 Locked Final Fantasy 16

1-JunSMY36738 gets: Chromecast Model NC2-6A5
Foxhack gets: Freebie!

1-Junloztdogs gets: Y o-Kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters (Sealed)
Forgotten_Freshness gets: Astro Boy: Omega Factor (Game Boy Advance), Klonoa 2: Dream Champ Tournament (Game Boy Advance)

1-JunMrBean gets: Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania (Digital) [UHD]
acillatem gets: $9 [PayPal] (gifted)

1-JunRollobobo gets: $75 f&f PayPal + shipping label, Subtime (you choose amount)
Lunar gets: 6 Retro Gamer Books/Magazines, 2 Nintendo Pinsets (Kirby & Pokemon), FFVII Tin, Catherine Keychain, and Triangle Strategy Character Cards (New)

1-Junbrian9824 gets: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Nintendo Switch), $5
Auron gets: Pete the cat series - 11 books Splat the cat series - 13 books Disney learning series - 9 books Henry and mud series- 6 books Pinkalicous series - 10 books Golden books series photo - 5 books, step into reading series 13 books

31-MayRollobobo gets: Microsoft Xbox 360 x2 3 Month Xbox Gold codes (6.months in total) + $5 f&f PayPal
Joeya2001 gets: Dodgeball Academia (Nintendo Switch)

31-MayDOMINION gets: Freebie
Missile gets: One Step From Eden Steam

31-MayJaded gets: Injustice: Gods Among Us -- Ultimate Edition (PlayStation Vita), Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection (PlayStation Vita), Virtua Tennis 4 -- World Tour Edition (PlayStation Vita), Jak and Daxter Collection (PlayStation Vita)
Tito30 gets: Cml or PP

31-MayHybridCRoW gets: Lust From Beyond: M Edition Steam
DOMINION gets: Freebie Appreciation

31-Mayyouataknow2 gets: Avatar 2 code
longhornsk57 gets: 5 pp ff

30-MayBigNasty gets: Brand new Steamdeck (512gb model)
jholman gets: Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World (Nintendo 3DS), $530 PayPal FF

30-Maytonymack21 gets: PP
Wheels617 gets: ps3/cables/controller

30-Maybenstylus gets: Zelda TOTK Japan version
MrBean gets: $36 ppff

29-MayGypsy gets: Air America - $10 Sanford and Son - $10 Nightmare on Elm Street collection DVD - $5 Humphrey Bogard Signature Collection 2 - $4 Dragon Tattoo Trilogy - $5
Foxhack gets: Mercari Orders

29-Maynt22 gets: Diablo III Eternal Nintendo Switch Console (New, Digital Code Swapped Out w/ Physical Copy of Game) w/ PowerA Wireless Controller (Sealed) - $320.00
i_gothix_i gets: $320 PayPal

29-MayMir_wan gets: $100 f&f paypal
liquidllama gets: Dreamcast Mouse New in Box, Dreamcast Fishing Rod in Box

29-Maygameremporium gets: Final fantasy VII/VIII twin pack Mercenaries saga: chronicles
mcorrado gets: $75 paypal G&S

29-MayFrank gets: Shipping Label Cost
youruglyclone gets: Freebies

29-MayScarface gets: Wolfenstein The New Colossus
i_gothix_i gets: 7$

28-Maybumsplikity gets: Tears of the Kingdom, BOTW, Switch
Fullmetal gets: $60 PP FF

28-MayMir_wan gets: $60 Amazon
Pup2897 gets: $50 Paypal

28-MayBostonitalian88 gets: $15 shipped gifted PayPal
Youdiee gets: Turn and Burn: The F-14 Dogfight Simulator (Game Boy), Frogger (Game Boy Color)

28-MaySideSwipe gets: $68 PP
chyans6 gets: Fear Effect (PlayStation), Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter (PlayStation 2), Suikoden III (PlayStation 2)