Pending Trades

Recent Pending Trades

2:37pmnibbler1 gets: Until Dawn Rush of Blood
Dashey gets: Mario Superstar Baseball (GameCube)

1:34pmFoxhack gets: $1.50 + postage
dunno001 gets: Atari 2600 Star Fox (worn sticker)

12:36pmPorksta gets: $12 PP Gift
BluesideL gets: Sonic & All-Stars Racing: Transformed (Nintendo Wii U)

12:35pmFoxhack gets: $17 + postage
PICTO1234 gets: Auction winnings

12:27pmFoxhack gets: $3 + postage
Scarface gets: Childrens Hospital S1+2 Sealed, LA Kings Bluray, Repo Bluray

12:05pmFenDiesel gets: $100 Xbox
ued222 gets: $80 paypal

11:55amHeavyd814life gets: $390 PayPal
Dane gets: $400 Amazon and $50 PSN Card

11:54amPathlesscookies gets: psn 50
Heavyd814life gets: 40

11:54amPathlesscookies gets: psn 50
Heavyd814life gets: 40

11:43amJayislive gets: The Last Guardian PS4
beck67 gets: $22 PP Gifted

11:28amZahlzeit gets: La Pucelle: Tactics (PlayStation 2)
KamenRiderNecrom gets: Pokemon Ruby Version (Game Boy Advance), Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth (Nintendo 3DS)

11:02amRivalShadeX gets: $25 Amazon
RBK gets: $22.50 PayPal

11:00amHeavyd814life gets: $32 Gifted PayPal
junebugg309 gets: $20 PSN x2

10:43amLunar gets: PalPal $100
Wheels617 gets: Sega Saturn Albert Odyssey (Complete)

10:39amWithinTemptation gets: Nintendo 3DS Pokemon Sun/Moon Amazon exclusive steelbook combo, sealed
Wheels617 gets: Steals Thread

10:38amMSU_Dawg87 gets: Switch pro controller
Taris gets: $60 PP gifted

10:18amGroo gets: Nintendo Wii U The Legend of Zelda™: Breath of the Wild WiiU(Sealed) - and $10 Paypal FNF
WithinTemptation gets: Steal Thread

9:22amMrZeem gets: Halo 5 Disc Only
michaeld gets: $10

2:13amLunar gets: Code: Realize: Guardian of Rebirth (PlayStation Vita), World of Final Fantasy (PlayStation Vita)
tigerzroze gets: PlayStation Portable Legend of Heroes, Final Fantasy, Jeanne D'Arc (All UMD only), Final Fantasy Tactics (CIB) Game Boy Advance Kingdom Hearts: Chains of Memories (Cart Only)

1:51amRollobobo gets: Super Mario Bros. Super Show DVD (sealed) GI Joe Season 1.2 DVD, and G.I. Joe vs Cobra: The Essential Guide
Foxhack gets: $7 gifted PayPal + shipping (Media Mail shipping)

12:58amBloodPuppetX gets: Sega CD Classics
Foxhack gets: $7.50 + shipping

12:58amDefaultGen gets: Auction winnings listed below
Foxhack gets: $$$ + Shipping

12:16amJD gets: Doctor Who DVD & Lego Rock Band PS3
Foxhack gets: $4.50 + shipping

12:16amBat gets: The Amazing Spider-Man (DVD+Bluray, discs fine)
Foxhack gets: $1.25 + Shipping PalPal Gifted

12:09amTad gets: auction winnings
Foxhack gets: 9 plus shipping