Pending Trades

Recent Pending Trades

10:14pmMrBean gets: Cadence of Hyrule (Switch)
LeaveLuckToHeaven gets: Cost

9:28pmEasyCompany gets: Cost plus tax
ufcchamp322 gets: Cyberpunk Xbox one game

8:47pmlain21us gets: $14
Vault101 gets: Dyling Light

4:52pmAnxiouz gets: Despicable Me 2 (digital HD)
Prime gets: $2

2:16pmRobotVM gets: 65.00 F&F
Lunar gets: Famicom AV bundle

1:48pmAceMatt gets: $67.37 paypal f&f
fyreboltx gets: Order Up!! (PlayStation 3), Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny (PlayStation Portable), Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny mini artbook and soundtrack CD

12:45pmgameremporium gets: The Alliance Alive HD Remastered: Awakening Edition (PlayStation 4), Trails of cold steel definitive edition sealed ps4
thenadz gets: Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore (Nintendo Switch), PayPal

22-Octgameremporium gets: Medievil
i_gothix_i gets: PayPal

22-Octlain21us gets: 3ds games
darkslime gets: $

22-OctKevster gets: Bravely Second End Layer
darkslime gets: 12.00 plus shipping paypal

22-Octfyreboltx gets: See list
jim269 gets: Paypal

22-OctGutterpuppy gets: Shipping cost
Forgotten_Freshness gets: Intellivision 2 system & games

22-OctIndigoYeti gets: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Nintendo Switch)
gameremporium gets: Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection (PlayStation Portable), Soul Nomad & the World Eaters (PlayStation 2)

22-Octlain21us gets: Street Outlaws
i_gothix_i gets: 15

22-OctVault101 gets: Paper Mario: Origami King
i_gothix_i gets: $36 F+F Paypal shipped

22-OctNoNeedF0RaName gets: Clubhouse 51 Games Switch
Bleed_DukeBlue gets: PayPal F&F

22-Octlonghornsk57 gets: 1 WK DOOM 2016 GS
QDizzle gets: $2

21-Octrkrocks123 gets: 12 Months PS Plus
Pathlesscookies gets: $35 Gifted PayPal

21-Octgameremporium gets: Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia (Nintendo 3DS)
KamenRIderVulcan gets: World of Final Fantasy (PlayStation 4), New Gundam Breaker (PlayStation 4)

21-OctGskillet356 gets: $30
Alaisiagae gets: God of War: Ghost of Sparta (PlayStation Portable), God of War: Chains of Olympus (PlayStation Portable)

21-OctBleed_DukeBlue gets: Exact cost after GCU discount
Vault101 gets: Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox One

21-OctBloodPuppetX gets: Pokemon Shield (Nintendo Switch)
xAntiRadx gets: Luigi's Mansion 3 (Nintendo Switch)

21-Octi_gothix_i gets: $30 PP F&F or Fees Paid, No Messages
tigerzroze gets: Persona 5 Royal

20-Octnooitzben gets: AI: The Somnium Files (PlayStation 4), Dead or Alive 5 -- Plus (PlayStation Vita)
Jordanwise5 gets: Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume (Nintendo DS), Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth (Nintendo DS

20-Octnt22 gets: Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec (PlayStation 2)
dunno001 gets: Risk / Battleship / Clue (Game Boy Advance)