About GameTZ

Game Trading Zone is a community of people who trade stuff, especially video games.

You maintain lists of wanted, available and collection items through a system that allows you to specify all the important details for each item. Then you can interact with other members of our trading community through searches, matching, profile pages, forums. Our offer and trade system encapsulates each exchange you make. The entire history of every detail is recorded. The state of your deal is tracked and presented at every stage.

You make trades the way you want to. Buying and selling is also common. There are no points to worry about here. GameTZ has been around for over 20 years. We have many members in our community who have made 100s of trades. Many have been active members for several years. As you make trades at GameTZ, you will build a reputation that has real value.

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This web site is designed to help you make trades with other people like yourself. Users list items they want to trade on their user page. Matching and searching is then done to find users to trade with. Trades are reported and listed on a user's page. Ratings are made between people who have traded.

Help Topics

  • Getting Started - A concise guide to what you need to know to start trading here.
  • Rules - A brief list of regulations that all GameTZ users must follow.
  • Subscribe - Get full access to all the trading features GameTZ has to offer.
  • Why Subscribe? - Why you should subscribe to GameTZ.
  • Emoticons - A list of icons and other text mark up you can use to express yourself here.
  • Conditions - Definitions for conditions used when listing items.
  • Offer System - Information about GameTZ's offer system.
  • Chat - How you can join GameTZ's unofficial Discord server.
  • Privacy - Our statement about how your privacy is handled here.
  • Contact - Information about how to Contact GameTZ.
  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions for GameTZ.