Completed Trades

Recent Completed Trades

11:38amPelle gets: 12 mo PS+
Headshot gets: $39 gifted paypal

11:30amDiverjimbo gets: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor (PlayStation 4)
laide234 gets: Batman: Arkham Knight (PlayStation 4)

10:57amMrBean gets: $40 [PayPal] (gifted)
Heavyd814life gets: $50 AMC gift card

9:59amgameremporium gets: Castlevania: Curse of Darkness (PlayStation 2), Corpse Party: Blood Drive -- Everafter Edition (PlayStation Vita)
SilverOwl gets: Gravity Rush (PlayStation Vita), Soul Sacrifice (PlayStation Vita), Demon Gaze (PlayStation Vita)

9:03amBoss gets: Large Zombie Book Lot
SirConnery gets: $25 PP

1:20amCRAZY93NiS gets: $34 gifted pp
SideSwipe gets: $20 xbox codes x2

21-NovPathlesscookies gets: pp back
RBK gets: pp

21-NovLazyOtaku gets: Guilty Gear Xer Rev.
KingofGames gets: $8

21-NovRyan gets: $14+ shipping
BleedingViolet gets: AUCTION WINNINGS: 2. Fish Tycoon(D)- BleedingViolet $1 8. Petz Hamsterz 2(C)- BleedingViolet $2 9. Pirates of the Caribbean At Worlds End(D)- BleedingViolet $1 15. Catz(D)- BleedingViolet $1 29. Up(C)- BleedingViolet $2 44. Dreamworks Superstar Kartz(C)- BleedingViolet $5 48. GI Joe The Rise of Cobra(C)- BleedingViolet $2

21-Novoneluckybullet gets: 110 shipped
michaeld gets: 850 evo 500 gig

21-NovKevster gets: Lufia & The Fortress of Doom (Cart Only) $40
alexkidd401 gets: 40 plus shipping to 41001 gifted paypal

21-NovRune_Walsh gets: $$$
unknowcheese gets: Games discussed

21-NovFrank gets: Final Fantasy XV (PlayStation 4), Star Wars: Battlefront (PlayStation 4)
thenadz gets: Everybody's Golf (PlayStation 4)

21-Novtonymack21 gets: 5 brand:::Microsoft Xbox One
RBK gets: 4.25 brand:::PayPal

21-NovSMY36738 gets: Disney & Pixar movies
blazenumb1 gets: Castlevania Dracula X

21-Novgamerguy7777 gets: Watch Dogs 2 (Xbox One)
fireonboard gets: Mafia III (Xbox One)

21-NovGypsy gets: Psyclone PS2 component cable
Wheels617 gets: Shipping $

21-NovDustin gets: $10 gifted pp plus shipping
PlayYing gets: Star Wars: Battlefront -- Deluxe Edition (PlayStation 4), Tom Clancy's The Division (PlayStation 4)

21-NovPlayYing gets: Metal Gear Solid & Final Fantasy IX CIB Shipped
yazlaw1 gets: $15 PP FF

21-NovMr_Huh gets: The Flame in the Flood (PlayStation 4)
TheGadgetGod gets: Dragon Fantasy: The Black Tome of Ice (PlayStation 4)

21-NovSMY36738 gets: PayPal
Tradingfin1983 gets: Various digital codes

21-NovSMY36738 gets: PayPal
Tradingfin1983 gets: Battlefield 1 (Xbox One), 1 Month EA Access and 1 Month Xbox Live Gold

21-NovRBK gets: $8.50 PayPal
tonymack21 gets: $10 Amazon GC

21-NovDrzSliCkest gets: Soul Calibur V (Xbox 360)
MrZeem gets: Final Fantasy Tactics (PlayStation)

21-Novthr33ofswords gets: $20 Paypal (gifted)
Huh gets: Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy PS4 (Digital)