Completed Trades

Recent Completed Trades

10:01amAmir gets: 72 pp
whitefire gets: 81.70 Amazon

9:28amdanbotmwc gets: The Walking Dead (PlayStation 3)
dude1165 gets: Star Wars: Battlefront (Xbox)

8:28amRollobobo gets: Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask (Nintendo 3DS)
relewis2011 gets: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call (Nintendo 3DS)

2:09amJersiah gets: $23 gifted paypal
SirConnery gets: Puyo Puyo Tetris (PlayStation 4)

12:31amJBel4331 gets: $150 PayPal
oneluckybullet gets: PS4 System (As described in post) w/ hookups, controller, NBA 2k16, Madden 17

12:30amPathlesscookies gets: 32 gb ps vita card
oneluckybullet gets: 35

22-SepJesabell4246 gets: $25 PayPal + fees
Admiral gets: Amazon Echo Dot (black)

22-SepLunar gets: Sega Saturn Saturn Bomberman
Missile gets: Next Pick in Virtual Box

22-Septerrett101 gets: Mass Effect: Andromeda (Xbox One)
BigPappa101 gets: Gears of War 4 (Xbox One)

22-SepSlim gets: Loan
Pathlesscookies gets: Repayment

22-SepEggplant_Wizard gets: $35 PayPal gifted
xxslingbladexx gets: Code Name Steam (sealed) 3DS, Moco Moco Friends (complete, sticker on case) 3DS, Monster Hunter 3 (complete, sticker on case) 3DS, Samurai Warrior Chronicles (complete) 3DS

22-SepWithinTemptation gets: Uncharted Lost Legacy PS4
Guacninja gets: Next Virtual Box Pick

22-SepJ_Pok gets: 12 mo XBL code
michaeld gets: $37 PP

22-Septonymack21 gets: 72.75 *Buy from Amazon, support this site*
Amir gets: 64 pp*

22-SepLunar gets: PlayStation 2 Drakengard 2
Rune_Walsh gets: Next Pick in Virtual Box

22-SepHeavyd814life gets: $25 Gifted PayPal
tonymack21 gets: $30 PSN Credit

22-SepGolliath7612 gets: Super Turrican (Super Nintendo)
es_webdev gets: Gauntlet Legends (Nintendo 64)

22-SepGolliath7612 gets: Wrath of the Black Manta (Nintendo Entertainment System), Mickey Mania (Super Nintendo)
bigncrazy gets: Super Mario World (Super Nintendo)

22-SepEggplant_Wizard gets: $70 Amz
Snatcher gets: $60

22-SepMissile gets: Wario Land 3 CIB
FrictionPin gets: The next pick in the box

22-SepSnatcher gets: $35 PayPal
Huh gets: $40 in one week

22-SepGypsy gets: Paper Mario
FrictionPin gets: Virtual Booger Pick

22-SepMissile gets: 100
FrictionPin gets: Super star soldier cic + Legacy of the Wizard box/manual/game

22-SepFrictionPin gets: Wild Guns Reloaded PS4 sealed
Wheels617 gets: next pick in virtual box

22-SepRune_Walsh gets: Zelda: twilight princess hd (Wii u)
Headshot gets: Coin from the box