Completed Trades

Recent Completed Trades

3:54pmjamthebest gets: 5 eshop
BloodPuppetX gets: 4pp

2:03pmFoxhoundx gets: MLB The Show 17
delrockone gets: $38 PP

1:46pmBostonitalian88 gets: $32 gifted PayPal / fees covered
kevin5255 gets: Pokemon Moon (Nintendo 3DS)

11:42amPathlesscookies gets: psn 20
Heavyd814life gets: 16

11:42amPathlesscookies gets: psn 50
Heavyd814life gets: 40

11:41amPathlesscookies gets: psn 50
Heavyd814life gets: 40

9:09amsynthetic1 gets: Destiny 2 X1 beta
ued222 gets: $1.50 pp

1:59amGypsy gets: $120 Shipping included
dunno001 gets: Bullet Soul (Xbox 360), Bullet Soul Infinite Burst (Xbox 360)

1:09amRyan gets: Mafia III (Xbox One), $30 paypal
psgorio87 gets: Prey Xbox One

1:06ambigearv14 gets: $50 PSN
Heavyd814life gets: $40 PayPal gifted

12:33ammad99 gets: money
ulasa_mosa gets: movies

12:25amrockinroller91 gets: 3D - Edge of Tomorrow, Gravity, Iron Man 3, Life of Pi, The Avengers, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Wizard of Oz, Thor, Thor the Dark World______
Simon_Belmont gets: $72

27-MayTechnosphile gets: Whomp 'Em (NES, w/manual and dust cover)
SuperPhillip gets: $50 PayPal shipped

27-MayKiltedGunstar gets: Castlevania 2: Belmont's Revenge (Game Boy), Galaxy Force II (Saturn), Burning Rangers (Saturn)
Catman gets: McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure (Genesis), Mischief Makers (Nintendo 64), Shiren the Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate (PlayStation Vita)

27-MayJungleJunkie gets: Nier: Automata (PlayStation 4), The Evil Within (Xbox One)
tigg gets: Playstation TV (PlayStation Vita), Memory Card -- 16GB (PlayStation Vita)

27-Maysharif gets: Space Adventure (Sega CD)
Lunar gets: $160 paypal

27-Maypsx_4 gets: Gravity Rush -- Remastered (PlayStation 4)
Minty gets: $48 F&F paypal

27-MayPathlesscookies gets: psn 20
CRAZY93NiS gets: 17

27-MayPathlesscookies gets: psn 20
CRAZY93NiS gets: 17

27-MayRollobobo gets: $30.50 gifted PalPal
br26 gets: Fire Emblem amiibo by Nintendo Ike & Roy

27-Mayjays1fan gets: Cell SD movie Code
W_For_Wrath gets: $5 off $5 Google+ Book

27-Maythenadz gets: $2 PayPal
PeteKelly gets: Heat HD Itunes code

27-Maycliffsteele gets: PS Plus 1 year
Pathlesscookies gets: 45 paypal

27-MayRollobobo gets: Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars (Nintendo 3DS), NES games: Goonies 2, Karate Kid, and Back to the Future
mcanu04 gets: amiibo by Nintendo Link 8 bit

27-MaySilverOwl gets: King's Quest: The Complete Collection (PlayStation 4)
InigoMontoya gets: Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition (Xbox One)