Completed Trades

Recent Completed Trades

7:22amCRAZY93NiS gets: $51 gifted paypal
QDizzle gets: $60 psn code

2:31amnooitzben gets: Star Fox: Zero (Nintendo Wii U)
Shepy gets: Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles (Nintendo Wii), Dead Rising (Xbox 360), Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers (Nintendo Wii), Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles (Nintendo Wii), Metroid: Other M (Nintendo Wii), Castlevania Judgment (Nintendo Wii)

1:38amKamenRiderNecrom gets: Infinite Space (Nintendo DS)
ramblinrose gets: $12 Paypal

1:26amFoShigs gets: Rayman Origins (PlayStation Vita)
SilverOwl gets: Persona 4: Golden (PlayStation Vita)

1:26amFoShigs gets: Caladrius Blaze (PlayStation 4), Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia (Nintendo 3DS)
BigdogJ gets: Final Fantasy Origins (PlayStation), Final Fantasy IX (PlayStation), Final Fantasy VII (PlayStation), Final Fantasy VIII (PlayStation)

1:22amFoShigs gets: WipEout: Omega Collection (PlayStation 4), Resident Evil: Outbreak (PlayStation 2), Resident Evil: Outbreak File #2 (PlayStation 2)
SirCorn gets: Hoshi no Kirby Super Deluxe (Super Famicom), Smash Bros Wii u - disc only, Mario 3D world disc only

12:09amBigNasty gets: NBA 2K19 Switch from Best Buy using GCU
devans77 gets: $31.99 plus tax

10:03pmMr_Bing gets: CoCo (DMA)
Groo gets: $3 PP F&F

19-OctMr_Bing gets: AntMan / Wasp 4K
NLMagic gets: $10 PP F&F

19-OctMr_Bing gets: HD MOVIE LOT
RAWaa93 gets: $16 PP F&F

19-OctMrBean gets: Mega Millions pool
tonymack21 gets: $10 [PayPal] (gifted)

19-Octjeffpm gets: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
MSU_Dawg87 gets: Cave Story+ (Nintendo Switch), $5 PP

19-OctSubzeroblueice gets: Shadow of the Tomb Raider (XB1)
NoNeedF0RaName gets: $35 Paypal

19-OctSirConnery gets: $36 shipped
Killkernal gets: GBBoy Colour System (new)

19-OctKillkernal gets: Marvel's Spider-Man (PS4)
beck67 gets: $38 Gifted PP

19-OctNINTENDOMASTER gets: $13 paypal
1020chase gets: Borderlands Handsome Jack Collection

19-OctCyoung176 gets: Controller -- Pro Controller (Nintendo Switch), Far Cry 5 (PlayStation 4)
TapU0ut gets: Spider-Man (PlayStation 4), $35

19-Octitunehater gets: 50 nintendo store credit
Pathlesscookies gets: $45

19-OctPathlesscookies gets: red dead 2 acc
Jersiah gets: psn

19-OctJD gets: $24 shipped
BGRX gets: Hocus Pocus Blu/DVD, Fox & Hound 1/2 Blu, and extra stuff

19-OctWheels617 gets: Mamma Mia Here we go again HDUV code
Becvar gets: $6.36

19-Octsefjwm gets: $10 PSN Voucher
QDizzle gets: $8pp

19-OctTrashBandicoot gets: 13$ paypal
Munwaste79 gets: OEM SNES controller

19-OctClown gets: Fallout 4 (PlayStation 4)
Apocram2222 gets: Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation (Xbox 360)

19-Octdunno001 gets: Famicom Super Monkey Daiboken, Nintendo Wii & Nintendo Wii U pro controllers, NEC PC Engine Tanjou Debut, 3DO & Sega Saturn model 1 controllers
Lunar gets: Sega 32X system with model 1 cable, PayPal $40