Completed Trades

Recent Completed Trades

6:33pmLastEpoch gets: $50 pp f&f
Orlandu gets: Spiderman 2 Launch Edition

6:33pmLastEpoch gets: Ring Fit adventure
Kommie gets: $40 pp f&f

6:15pmhcb4284 gets: Super Mario Bros Nintendo Switch
i_gothix_i gets: Paypal

5:35pmRollobobo gets: Chrono Cross Radical Dreamers Nintendo Switch
i_gothix_i gets: $28.50 gifted PayPal

1:35pmYurius gets: 35 USD
MegaNesMan gets: Deep Raider (PC)

6:08amproudtobelatino gets: $23.50
nonamesleft gets: 6 months of YouTube Premium

1:39amNINTENDOMASTER gets: Paypal
Jordanwise5 gets: Games in Message

5-DecPathlesscookies gets: 75 paypal
BigNasty gets: psn 12 months

5-DecRollobobo gets: $14.50 F&F PayPal (gifted)
ManiacMadman gets: Bomberman (Nintendo DS)

5-Decincubus421 gets: $130 shipped gifted PayPal
Lunar gets: PS VR Iron Man bundle (no game)

5-DecDarkFact gets: 242 PP
ChosenOne gets: Switch OLED Bundle

4-DecRollobobo gets: $243 F&F PayPal
Jordanwise5 gets: Princess Peach Wii Remote Plus - $30, Luigi Wii Remote Plus - $20, PS3 Navigation Controller - $10, Fantasy Life - $30, Need for Speed Most Wanted U - $15, TMNT Mutants in Manhatten (PS3) - $22, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (PS3) - $24, Ninja Gaiden Razor's Edge (PS3) - $15, Mario Kart Double Dash (GameCube) - $55, Super Ghouls N Ghosts (SNES) - $22

4-DecSnappy gets: Madden 24 Xbox series x code
MegaNesMan gets: 20 paypal

4-DecAnxiouz gets: 33 f&f paypal
px316xk gets: Assassin's Creed: Mirage (PlayStation 5)

4-Decthenadz gets: Persona 5 Royal (Xbox series X)
MegaNesMan gets: $39.74 GameStop credit

4-DecMuskratwarrior gets: Paypal
MegaNesMan gets: Batman Returns (Super Nintendo)

4-DecTony gets: 3 graphic novels as listed in PM
ryanflucas gets: 3 graphic novels as listed in PM

4-Decliquidllama gets: $20
MegaNesMan gets: 512GB Samsung EVO Select microSD

4-DecMissile gets: Pikmin 1/2, SMT V (switch)
DarkFact gets: 50 paypal

4-DecScott gets: $20 Paypal
3hitcombo gets: Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack: 2 slots

4-Decgameremporium gets: Diablo 4 steelbook
Joeya2001 gets: Paypal/amazon $15

4-Decbumsplikity gets: Alien Hominid Gamecube CIB
SuperPhillip gets: Mario Kart 64 Cartridge and Manual

4-DecJohnny gets: $22 paypal friends and family
beavis gets: 1 year Nintendo online with expansion (two slots) starting Jan 4th (maybe January 5th depending on last day of the old group)

4-DecRollobobo gets: $80 F&F Paypal
Lunar gets: Game Bundle

4-DecScarface gets: $$$
livingonwheels gets: Uninvited (Nintendo Entertainment System)