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Spike_Spiegel BTRs18-Aug-2002
Status: active
Reporter: Jerk007

He and I made a deal a while back: my money for his modded saturn. We agreed to send same time, so I sent my money order and told him when I did, then he replied he would send the day after.

Almost 2 weeks later, I contact him and he tells me that he needed the money to take care of a BTR (so he obviously cashed the MO) and that he sent the saturn days ago.

Now, several weeks later, I contact him after he deleted our trade WITHOUT contacting me and he tells me he didn't send the saturn yet because he couldn't cash my money order. Nobody ever had any problem with my MOs before, so he's obviously lying.

Like everyone else, I'll take this down when I get the saturn or when he refunds me totally.

He just contacted me telling me he would send my MO back. I'll take this BTR off as soon as I get it.

Update June 3rd 2003
I just saw that I got an email from him saying he'd pay me back. I asked for subtime. I'll take this BTR off as soon as I get it.

Theres no excuse to this
but, I'm taking care of this now

Spike_Spiegel BTRs12-Aug-2002
Status: active
Reporter: LeapYearBear

Same old story, i sent him my stuff and he was supposed to send me 33$ but of course it never happened. i e-mailed him and he said that he was mailing it out. Thats was more then a month ago. WHatever. I want my money or my stuff back! DO NOT TRADE WITH THIS PERSON!!!!!!!!!
Not making Excuses
but I'm getting this fixed

Spike_Spiegel BTRs1-Aug-2002
Status: active
Reporter: alamokie

I sent him 5 sealed DVDS in exchange for 2 video games. He acknowledged that he had received my package and that he had shipped out mine. It's been about a month now and I still have not received his part of the trade. He emailed me telling me that I broke the rules by trading adult titles on the forum and that there's nothing I can do to him to get what is owed to me now. I may have overlooked the forum rules but this still does not give him the right to rip me off. I will be sending a letter to his home address and to the LAPD reporting his fraudulent activities and I encourage all others to do the same if they have also been ripped off by this guy. You're a thief Joe and I hope you get what's coming to you ! * UPDATE *** I received a package with the games but the 1 game was scracthed to hell and did not work and the other game was missing 2 out of the 4 discs. Here's an email I received from him after I demanded he pay $25 as compensation for the garbage discs he sent me. ...."hell no i aint sending you jack send me back my games and i will send you back you stupid movies fudging retard". I censored the message but you get the point. DO NOT TRADE WITH THIS PERSON NO MATTER WHAT !!!!
I sent him Working games
he didnt like them because
one of the games was an Ex BLockbuster Rental
and Final Fantasy Anthology only had 5 and the music disc
That was the description on the game in my Available

but llike i said i wiould take my stuff back in the condition i sent it

Spike_Spiegel BTRs8-Jul-2002
Status: active
Reporter: MechRyu

Well, we agreed that he would buy and I would send first, so I sent Street Fighter 3: Double Impact and a GameShark CDX on May 16, 02; I used delivery confirmation. I still have not received my $30 and it is July 8; its been 54 days. I e-mailed him asking what was taking so long and got a reply on June 6 saying he sent it " a couple days ago". Time passed, I emailed him again threatening a BTR and he replied on June 26 saying he mailed it "a couple day ago". I'm really getting tired of this, and is this BTR doesn't fix the problem, his local police will.
No excuses here
I'm fixxing this