Bad Traders

Bad Trader Reports on Jefe

Jefe Canada BTRs28-Jun-2005
Status: active
Reporter: bill

We've identified this account as a false identity of Jeff Walsh , who used the Jefe account to defraud a number of people (note the 5 BTRs on the old Jefe account).

We've banned this new account, and we're filing this BTR to warn the pending trades about this situation.

Jefe Canada BTRs23-Dec-2003
Status: active
Reporter: wizshaw

Hey confirmed that he got my stuff and it still isnt here!! this was almost 2 months... I just want my zelda like we agreed upon. And this will come down. thx.

Jefe Canada BTRs2-Jun-2003
Status: active
Reporter: immediategameing

It has been over 2 months, and Jefe owes me $10. I still havn't gottan the money. I have emailed him many times, no response. I'll take this BTR down when i get my money. PEOPLE BE AWARE OF THIS CHEATER!
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (6-Jun-2008)
Dude is a pirate on the site now. Would like to send him his $10, have already sent all my other active BTR users offers via the message system, but this dude will probably be unpayable.

Jefe Canada BTRs18-Apr-2003
Status: active
Reporter: JGtheman

The deal was two Gamecube games for Jeff's Saturn system. It has been 3 moths since we pended the trade, and I still have not received. He recieved the 2 Gamecube games from me. I'll take this BTR down when I get the Saturn or my 2 GC games back.

Jefe Canada BTRs15-Jun-2002
Status: active
Reporter: GoThEnBuRg

We have had this trade going for at least two months now, I sent my saturn package and he sent his psx package, i got the psx, but it was broken and wouldnt work, it makes weird noises and wont load correctly, so he said he'd send another one, I said ok and was happy, it has been FOREVER now and I have still not gotten the other psx he owed me for the broken one, I know that it's canada and customs there are really bad(they suck) but I think i should of had the psx by now. I will take this report down when I receive the psx or when I get money wired to me OR get my saturn stuff back. I'm sorry that I had to post this, but I was getting annoyed and worried.

UPDATE 6/28/02

He said he would wire money to me a few days ago, he never did..than he has a new excuse, he broke his ankle, this keeps getting better and better!, If I don't have the money in my bank account by July 1 than i'll have to press charges, my dad already said he would get his lawyer to help, i've been patiant, but it's just pathetic how long its taking for me to get my stuff, Jeff, get your act together, please!, I'm not asking for much, only my part of the deal, the 2nd psx ya sent was "lost" in customs you tell me, just get the money wired to my account ASAP!

Another UPDATE 7/2/02

Jeff STILL hasn't wired the money to my account, i checked on july 1 and still nothing, he had the whole weekend and week before to do it, this is getting old, Jeff! wire me my freakin' money!!!!!


Jeff said that he would wire the money to my account, he needed my info AGAIN, he said he "lost" it, anyways he said he would call my bank for the information that he needed than he would put the money into my account, still no word from him, he never answers emails, and whenever he is on AIM he either takes forever to say something or he doesnt say anything at all, our trade has been going on for over 90 days!!!!! thats over 3 months now, our trade was deleted from the gametz system because of all the crap he's put me through i havent gotten jack crap, only stress and anger, but of course he got my system and games, and everything is FINE with him, this sucks, i want my frickin' money, just because he's in canada, doesnt mean i cant press charges, i could very easily, act like a adult Jeff and give me my MONEY!!!!!!!! I have been way more patient than i should be and i've about lost what i had left for you, your a pathetic and horrible gametz member and the worst member i have ever dealed with, i want this trade over so i never have to deal with you again, I will keep bugging you and bugging you and posting more and more until i get my side of the trade!!!!!

UPDATE 8/6/02

Jeff said he sent a money order over a week ago, actually it's been about 2 weeks or over now, still no money order, i doubt he even sent it and is lying, like i thought from the beginning OR it got "lost" again, this is getting old and i'm gonna keep bugging and posting until i get my money, he got my stuff, now i want the stuff he owes me, this wont end until i get my money, i'm sick of this and i have the right to be upset, i'm sick of his bull and want my frickin' money!!!

UPDATE 8/15/02

It's pretty much clear that Jeff isn't going to send me anything to replace the broken psx system i got from him, I am going to keep this BTR up on him though, it's only fair, I got ripped and this is the only way i can get back at him apparently. I never did receive a 2nd psx and i DID throw away the first psx, it was broken, what was i supposed to do with it?? anyways i did nothing wrong, the people of this site can think whatever, i dont care, i got ripped plain and simple, thanks Jeff!! your a one of a kind prick!


He's still a loser and a cunuck, doesnt deserve to live, stole my stuff and no one cares. hope he burns in hell or worse.

4/28/03 UPDATE

I still never got anything from this kid, what a piece of trash, i get a broken system that doesnt work and he never sends me another one or $$, damn canadians i tell ya! hope he gets SARS!