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Bad Trader Reports on gamegod_dante

gamegod_dante BTRs3-May-2001
Status: active
Aliases: ,gordon_24k
Address: 4106 ne pacific way, vancouver, WA ,98662
Reporter: bluerage

This person argreed to a trade with me the following, his UT and Silent scope for PS2 for my ZOE w/MGS2 demo, 12 dollars, an unformatted ps1 card and MGS Vr missions. He gave me his address and i gave him mine. Then we both agreed to send 2-3 day on Monday.He told me he sent his and I sent mine. I emailed him 3 days after i send mine asking him if hed recieved mine and telling him I still hadnt got his.He repied by telling me he didnt know who I was and he knew nothing of the trade. Then I got a report of the trade being deleted. I sent him a copy of all the emails and i can send them to anyone else who has questions. I will take this report down when i either get the games or i get mine back. Thank you
Patrick Halacy

UPDATE...he was sharing the email with a friend and i got his real address from a friend it is I have talked to him and all i have recievedis a responce is cuss words, sexual harrassment, and death threats. I think it is time to do something so I will be calling the local sherriff soon unless i get the games.( GOT HIS # RIGHT HERE!) I WILL TAKE THIS DOWN WHEN I RECIEVE THE GAMES.


gamegod_dante BTRs29-Mar-2001
Status: active
Aliases: Leo Winslow,Brandon Nordquist, Akuma_666, dtabcn_2
Emails: , and I highly suspect (although not confirmed)
Address: 4106 NE Pacific Hwy Vancouver, WA 98662
Reporter: Chad

We agreed to trade my Tomb Raider 3 for his Smackdown! I sent mine off but did not receive his. Trade was conducted off-site prior to my joining gtz.

gamegod_dante BTRs24-Mar-2001
Status: active
Aliases: dtabcn_2k, Akuma_666, Leo Winslow
Address: 4106 NE Pacific Way, Vancouver, WA. 98662
Reporter: CMJ

This guy had no intentions of sending me anything. He has ripped people off in the past, and he's done it again. He continues to create new accounts so he can steal your games. Never replied to my e-mails, except to ask If I had sent the games (which luckily I hadn't). Take a look at his one completed trade, it is with himself. This is a warning to all of you, DO NOT TRADE WITH THIS PERSON!

gamegod_dante BTRs23-Mar-2001
Status: active
Aliases: lynn clancy
Address: Al Winslow 4106 ne pacific way Vancouver,wa 98662
Reporter: MyStIcAl_MAN

what can i say he riped me off of two CD's he is a jerk never trade with this guy

gamegod_dante BTRs14-Mar-2001
Status: active
Aliases: myvetterulz
Reporter: MorbidTorture

Al or Lynn or whatever his name is wanted a couple of PC games from my list. I told him that I saw nothing on his list that i wanted, but I'd gladly trade ANY 10 of my PC games for a Sega Saturn if he had one for trade. He toold me that I was in luck! He said he'd just traded for one from his cousin. So he sent me the list of my 10 PC games he wanted. I told him that I'd post the trade and send out the next day. So I sent. He also said that he'd sent his side of the deal. I know for fact that i sent my side!!! I Swear by it! I never recieved his side of the deal. I've constantly emailed him and asked him politely about what he thinks could be wrong. He never answers my emails. I sent him one last email stating that he had 3 days to reply with an answer about our trade. Its been 3 days so I warn you, DO NOT TRADE WITH THIS CON!