Bad Traders

Bad Trader Reports on youknwdre

youknwdre BTRs5-May-2003
Status: active
Aliases: youknwdre
Address: never recieved it
Reporter: Devil_Driver

We had a trade going where I would provide $2 shipping for Tomb Raider VHS. Seeing that his Subtime was almost up, I asked if he would prefer subtime instead. So, I sent the subtime and what, over a month later I recieved nothing. it wasnt much subtime anyway. Pretty petty to recieve a BTR over. Until I get the VHS or Subtime back, I am keeping this up.

youknwdre BTRs26-Mar-2003
Status: active
Aliases: youknwdre
Address: never recieved it, was a subtime/movie trade
Reporter: sinnie

Andre contacted me in the non subscriber forum about a month ago. I was going to trade him 12 weeks of subscription time for 3 VHS movies (Bean, Swordfish and The Messenger.)
Because he was new, and had no subtime, I gave him his first week, so he can gain access to the rest of the site, and make some more trades.
Since then, I have not heard a WORD from him. I have emailed him many many times, asked him in the chat (without a reply) if he sent the movies.
I know in this case, I lost very little, but he has about 20 pended trades, some of them very large. I just feel he is a newbie, on here, wasting time, and was looking to get subscription time, and games for free.

Andre, GameTZ is an awesome site. It is the best trading site you will find. Don't blow it away by ripping and getting bad trader reports.
I will remove this if I get the movies (I very much would like to complete the trade and get them.) Or if I get the week of subtime back.
What I lost, isn't even worth a $1, but maybe this report will save someone else, especially another new user who feels they must send first, because THEY are the new people, and spare them the opportunity of getting ripped off.