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Bad Trader Reports on Daniel

Daniel BTRs31-Jan-2010
Status: active
Reporter: Araucaria

We both agreed on trading Condemned 2 and Perfect Dark Zero: Limited Collector's Edition for his Excitebike, Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, Smash TV, Ghosts 'n Goblins. Being that I was a newer member and had very few trades, I sent 1st. He received the games 6 days later. I waited a few days to get them from him but he never sent. I sent him an email after a week he got them, he replied "18-Nov-2009 at 12:47pm Daniel Hey i'm sending them out friday sorry for the delay" 3 days later got another message "21-Nov-2009 at 9:02pm Daniel Hey man sorry for not sending i will be sending asap" Then on December 1st I sent another email because he hasn't sent my games yet. Got a response a few days later "hey man sorry about the delay. I seem to have missplaced mario: 6 golden coins. Please look at my list and see if there are any other nes games or gb games you would take in the place of it. again i sincerely apologize about this." I decided to switch it out for Commando on nes. He agreed, and still hasn't shipped my games. I haven't gotten a chance to write up a BTR until now, but I would highly recommend AVOIDING trading with Daniel, and Dan...if you do get this, I will remove the BTR if you either send me the games, or money replacing them.

Daniel BTRs6-Sep-2005
Status: active
Reporter: vilhaim

Pended a trade on May 24th, I sent out on the 27th tracking # 0303 3430 0001 7348 6368 with the USPS. He recieved on the 31st. He has been communicating until a couple of days ago.....the whole deal about car problems, tickets, and losing his job. He has promised me he would own up to his part of the deal, but nothing yet. here it is almost 4 months since the trade was pended. The trade was for my Simpsons Season 2 for his Super Street Fighter II GBA + $10 MO. As of today....nothing. He used to talk to me and sounded sincere, but lately he'll get off of messenger when I come on. When and IF....big IF......he sends I will disreguard this BTR.

10-29-05--Still as of today nothing...

1-20-2008 I appreciate you trying to make good on this, but I did send a response. I said if you returned my Simpsons Season 2 I would take down the BTR. Check for's there.
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (19-Jan-2008)
Update: 1-19-08

Hey, been trying to communicate with the trader ,but he does not seem to want to respond. Would like to get this thing settled if at all possible.