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Freakzilla101 BTRs14-Aug-2005
Status: active
Reporter: Caliber

This trade was involving my 007 Goldeneye: Rogue Agent for his Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders

We both agreed to Send on Sat. August the 5th providing he definitely send on that day because he claimed he only ships on Saturdays and Thursdays. I originally wanted him to send first as I've got 185+ trades Vs his 50. But for some dumbass reason I went along with the send same time idea "never again". I sent my game the 5th as agreed and provided him with the tracking number and then after that I never heard from him since. I've tried emails, Instant messenger and evan tried calling his house and the first attempt got no answer and on the second attempt I got someone called "Zuleka Calderon" and she acted as if she didn't know what/who I was talking about.

this BTR will remain until I get what is owed. So either send what we agreed upon or mail me back my game +$10 to cover my time, trouble, shipping cost and aggravation because I am not f-ing , with me there will be late fees, especially for lying.