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tommy_ Canada BTRs17-Mar-2003
Status: active
Aliases: tommykinns
Address: Canada...can't find rest
Reporter: SublimeFan

We agreed to trade my Madden 2003 (XBOX) for his Halo (XBOX) and $20 US. Well, he sent me the Halo, and told me due to family emergencies that he would wait on the $20. I told him that it was alright.

However, I have lost contact with him and have only received Halo to this point. If I am sent the remaining $20 US, I will take down this BTR.

This is the last time I trust a new user.


EDIT/UPDATE: He just posted a reply ADMITTING to ripping me off. He has never contacted me about making up the trade to me or sending my half back. Bad traders don't just become good traders.

I cannot urge you enough not to trade with this user. I have been on this site for over six years and I have seen many bad traders returned.

Tommy, if you want to resolve our trade, please let me know.
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (4-Aug-2005)
it's true, in 2003 I was a bad trader

i fully acknowledge what this means.. I will send first if wanted!