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bub_2ton BTRs9-Dec-2006
Status: active
Reporter: JD

We pended a trade in July 5th. He wanted my Superman comics lot and I wanted his PS2 games. We agreed to do this. so I sent out first due to that he has higher feedbacks at the time. I sent on July 6th the next day after pending started and he received it. He sent his part on Aug. 4th. I still havent got it from him and he said he was busy working on roads I understand that and then he tells me it was sent back to him and he tried to resent on Sept.4th and I told him the address change when I moved but it was My mom's address at the time and I was living with her then. and I still get my mails there... still nothing from him.. I even send messages on here and yahoo... nothing from him.. I dont wanna file BTR on him.. but since he havent answered for so long..Chad I apologize for BTR part but I has to till I receive ur stuffs