Bad Traders

Bad Trader Reports on Escalante

Escalante BTRs4-Oct-2006
Status: active
Reporter: bill

I'm filing this BTR because I just discovered that Eric Escalante has had (at least) 2 other accounts here at GameTZ:

e2the2nd - 2 BTR from September 2004

FaSheezyNeezyYaHeezy - 2 BTRs from 2001

So, clearly, he's a big-time scammer who has come back to GameTZ repeatedly to rip people off.

If you are one of the people he ripped of recently, we recommend that you call the police where he lives and file a criminal complaint against him. Get in contact with the other people he ripped off and coordinate (call the same police detective to each file your complaint, etc.)

Escalante BTRs3-Oct-2006
Status: active
Reporter: jd302426

On August 29th he sent me an offer for my PSP and 2gb stick for his Xbox 360 Core, I agreed to it and sent the PSP the following day via Priority Mail. He got the item on the 1st and promised to ship. A couple of days later he tells me that there are some dead pixels on the screen that I had not noticed, I then compensate him for this by sending him a copy Final Fantasy Tactics Advance for the GBA. After he receives that he promises to ship the stuff on the 20th, but as of today I have gotten nothing from him and he has not responded to any of my messages.

Escalante BTRs30-Sep-2006
Status: active
Reporter: Nintendo

I hate having to file this, as I've been trying to be patient with the whole thing, but given everyone else this guy is trading with happens to be sharing my situation with Eric, I think the writing is on the wall that the game is not on its way to me.

Basically, we agreed to send at the same time (with me sending Super Mario Advance 4 [GBA] in exchange for his Mario Kart: Double Dash [GC]) because we are so similar in trade number. I sent on Monday the 18th of September via USPS Priority (it was delivered to him on that Friday). He told me he would send on the 20th (he originally said he sent on the 18th, only to say on the 19th that it was returned for insufficient postage, and that he'd send on the following day).

I haven't heard anything back from him, nor have I received the package. I wrote it off to particuarly slow shipping until I see three other traders happen to share my situation. If it shows up in the next couple of days, I'll gladly remove this and apologize for jumping the gun, but based on all that's happened to everyone else as well, it looks like I should go ahead and get this BTR over with.

Eric, I will be HAPPY to remove this and make sure I'm fair with your rating instead of holding an unfair grudge just 'cause mistakes were made (especially if you get back to me with what happened to cause the delay) if we can just resolve the trade. smile I hope to hear back from you soon...surely it's not worth screwing someone out of a freaking GameCube game just because you can.

Escalante BTRs30-Sep-2006
Status: active
Reporter: NeoMaximum

I made a deal with him - my DS Lite and 2 games for his PSP, 2GB memory stick and a game. He (and the delivery confirmation) said it arrived to him September 19th. I thought something was up when he supposedly sent his item on September 22nd and still hadn't arrived more than a week later (we agreed on first class shipping). I sent him a few messages asking for delivery confirmation and when the item was supposed to arrive, but I noticed the he had not logged on since September 22nd. Today I recieved an email from the moderators at this site saying that someone else reported him as a bad trader. Now I know that I got scammed by him and hope that there is something that can be done about it.

Tracking number: 0306 0320 0001 1254 9154
Your item was delivered at 4:50 pm on September 19, 2006 in PITTSBURGH, PA 15201.
Notice Left, September 18, 2006, 2:31 pm, PITTSBURGH, PA 15201
Acceptance, September 15, 2006, 4:19 pm, DELMAR, NY 12054

Escalante BTRs30-Sep-2006
Status: active
Reporter: skagamer

We arranged for the trade of $110 via paypal for my Motorola SLVR L7 cell phone package. I sent Priority Mail and it was recieved on September 22, 2006. I have not recieved payment and have not been contacted at all by Eric Escalante.

Tracking number: 03061070000466130492