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saminex BTRs4-Mar-2007
Status: active
Reporter: JC428

DO NOT TRADE WITH SAMINEX@YAHOO.COM. This trader paid me via Paypal using a FRAUDULENT credit card!! I sent multiple e-mails asking him to address this issue, but he never responded to me! Paypal reversed the $190.00 from my account. Now I must file a police report against him!!

saminex BTRs6-Jan-2007
Status: active
Reporter: SmarmySir

Sent to saminex:
-Alundra, Vagrant Story (PS1, both disc only)
-LoZ: Oracle of Ages (GBC, cart only)
-Olympic Hockey '98 (N64, cart only)

Sent to deathweasel (me):
-$35 money order

Hate to do this, but it's gotta be done. Back in November we pended a trade. Nov. 5, to be exact. I sent my end 2 days later priority, so it got there quickly. I had a hard time getting ahold of him because he wasn't communicating with me and letting me know why it was taking him so long. He got back to me and told me he had been busy. Fine. Pretty soon, I'm hounding him again because he's not communicating or anything. He keeps saying he'll send the next day, or Friday, or whenever. Eventually said he'd send on Black Friday. 'Course that didn't happen because shopping was too important. Finally sent out a M.O. the next morning, Nov. 26. Took almost a month to complete the trade, but whatever, it was completed. Here's the link to the trade history:

Anyway, the problem arose earlier this week. I finally went to the bank on Tuesday, Jan. 2 to deposit all the money orders and cash I had gotten from selling a lot of stuff so I could pay for my 360. I didn't think this would be a problem before, but Sam had made out the money order to someone else and scribbled out that person's name and put my own on it. Of course, the bank couldn't accept this because it had been altered, so I would have to take it to a Western Union so they could issue me a new money order. I took it to a W.U. in Bi-Lo, but they said I had to take it to another Rite-Aid to do that, since that's where the original M.O. was purchased. The nearest Rite-Aid to me is over an hour away, and come to find out after making the trip, they don't even have a Western Union!

I contacted Sam via Gametz and email, explaining everything to him, and it took him about 4 days to get back to me. When he did, he claimed to never have dealt with me, despite the very clear evidence presented in the link above. I replied to him, laying out everything that had occured in November and then sent him another email with a scan of the actual money order. I had given him the deadline of tonight to get this sorted out with me, and he hasn't. All I want is the amount of money owed to me, in some form that I can actually cash or deposit, or my stuff back. Until then, this BTR will remain.

If this isn't enough, I can provide all the emails I sent him and the one he sent me.

*UPDATE 1/8/07*
Sam replied in an email and stated that since I didn't get this taken care of in a timely manner (i.e. right after I received it at the very end of November), he's not going to send my stuff back to me or compensate me in any way for HIS mistake. Pardon me for not cashing it right away instead of waiting until I had enough money to buy a 360 to do so.

At this point, I'd recommend that nobody deal with saminex because he won't do anything to right his own wrongs.

*UPDATE 1/10/07*
We are working to resolve this bad situation. I'll keep this updated.

*UPDATE 1/11/07*
I found another Rite-Aid closer to me that had a Wester Union, but they said there's nothing they can do, so any hope of the M.O. ever being worth anything's head is now dashed on the rocks.

*UPDATE 1/13/07*
Saminex is still refusing to send my games back or reimburse me in any way for his mistake. This is getting VERY old.

*UPDATE 1/16/07*
I emailed the moderators and they've tried to get in touch with saminex, but the guy's not responding to them. I trust they'll do what it takes to get the kid to fix his wrongs.

*UPDATE 2/9/07*
Still nothing. I hope nobody else considers trading with saminex.

*COMMENT 3/6/07*
Well, it appears Sam has been banned. Satisfying, though I would have liked to have been reimbursed for my loss. Ah well, things don't always work out like they should. At least he can't scam anyone else here.