Specific Ratings

Learning CurveB
Replay ValueB-

Pros and Cons

  • Awesome room design
  • Stylishness will appeal to the artsy crowd
  • Perfect music
  • Tons of unlockables
  • Magnificent bosses
  • Steep learning curve for the controls
  • Lack of graphic variety
  • Short

P.N. 03 (GameCube)

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An overlooked and under appreciated game. This is what Dragon's Lair should have been - well, if it would have had a hot chick that shot cool crap!


PN 03 is one of the "Capcom 5," five GameCube exclusive games released by Capcom in mid 2003. Though very hyped by the press, it was ultimately shunned by many gamers due to its strange control scheme. After picking up this game very cheaply, I could understand the pleas of the gaming public regarding the controls. However, within minutes, it felt like second nature (no joke). The controls aren't immediately pleasing, but like those of Metroid Prime, they become super intuitive once understood.

The levels in the game have a centrally sci-fi theme, and while they do get very repetitive in look, each one has a unique design and poses a little puzzle each time. The creatures (robots) are similar and repetitive but fit the theme well. Often times the enemies are combined to act as part of the surroundings and create half the puzzle in the room. Genius.

On the graphical side, things appear sharp due to the colors but suffer from a lot of jaggies and plain textures. Highlights include awesome special effects and Vanessa's beautiful character model. Sound wise, the game is topnotch offering insanely catchy techno tracks that fit the games' tense atmosphere.

The biggest detractor from the game is its shorter length. You can get through it (you will die a lot) pretty quickly, but there is actually a ton of replay within the game. There are a bevy of unlockables and items to purchase as well as tons of side missions that act as random level generators. Cool stuff.

One last thing to note are the utterly cool boss fights, which are all very unique and challenging. Please people; take a look at this game if you see it. It should only be $10 new and is MORE then worth it!

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