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Completed Trades

D78 gets: $60 PP

7-JunThe_Prophecy gets: AMC Ticket, Popcorn, Drink Combo x1, AMC Ticket x2
gametz1122 gets: $29 Gifted PP

16-May-2022The_Prophecy gets: Robot White XSX controller NEW
t0pdawg7 gets: $36 plus ship

gametz1122 gets: $44 Gifted PP

28-Nov-2021The_Prophecy gets: 3x AMC Large Popcorn Vouchers, 2x AMC Large Drink Vouchers
KilroyWasHere7 gets: $15 Gifted PP

D78 gets: $32PP F&F/Gifted

24-Oct-2021The_Prophecy gets: Two - AMC Black Tickets.
D78 gets: $15PP Gifted/F&F.

11-Oct-2021The_Prophecy gets: AMC Black Ticket & Drink Voucher.
D78 gets: $8PP Gifted/F&F.

1-Jul-2021The_Prophecy gets: $6 (plus $5 shipping) Gifted PP
nonamesleft gets: 10 $1 coins

12-Jun-2021The_Prophecy gets: $15 GIfted PP
ChairDancer gets: 10 one dollar coins

29-Dec-2020The_Prophecy gets: Moneys
lain21us gets: Silver

8-Jul-2018The_Prophecy gets: AMC Movie Ticket + Drink + Popcorn Voucher
natalie17 gets: $7 Gifted PP

6-May-2018The_Prophecy gets: Deadpool Venom, Crash Flocked Pops
Havoc007 gets: $35pp+shipping

28-Apr-2018The_Prophecy gets: AMC Ticket + Large Drink Voucher
sm04as gets: $8

27-Apr-2018The_Prophecy gets: 2 AMC Ticket + Large Drink Voucher
sm04as gets: $16

2-Jan-2018The_Prophecy gets: 4th Annual College Football Bowl Mania Pool Entry
Taz gets: $10 PayPal Gifted

21-Dec-2017The_Prophecy gets: 2x AMC Ticket & Drink Package
sm04as gets: $15 Gifted PP

8-Aug-2017The_Prophecy gets: Anker Nano Bluetooth Speaker
ryanflucas gets: $15 PP

24-Mar-2017The_Prophecy gets: $20 PayPal shipped
Havoc007 gets: Gold Bender Pop Vinyl

3-Jan-2017The_Prophecy gets: Bowl Mania Entry
Taz gets: $10 PayPal

11-Dec-2016The_Prophecy gets: $150 Gifted PP
Anthony gets: MSI Gaming 780 TI

28-Oct-2016The_Prophecy gets: $3.50 Gifted PP
KingdomHearts gets: Persona IV Tarot Cards

26-Sep-2016The_Prophecy gets: $28 Gifted PP
Ronin gets: Castiel pop x2

22-Sep-2016The_Prophecy gets: 33
ChairDancer gets: Black Haired Goku Pop

22-Sep-2016The_Prophecy gets: 27
ChairDancer gets: gitd goku pop, super saiyan god goku pop

12-Aug-2016The_Prophecy gets: Auction Winnings
SSJGohan3972 gets: Cost + Shipping

17-Feb-2016The_Prophecy gets: Black Friday Claptrap Pop! Vinyl (Gamestop)
Ronin gets: Black Friday Superman Pop! Vinyl (Hot Topic)

7-Feb-2016The_Prophecy gets: Making History II Steam Code
lain21us gets: 0.5

29-Jan-2016The_Prophecy gets: $110 by February 1st
Jeremey gets: $100 PayPal loan

4-Oct-2015The_Prophecy gets: Fallout antHology
qualityman14 gets: Msrp 20% best buy discount Plus tax

18-Sep-2015The_Prophecy gets: $15 gifted PP
MegaNesMan gets: BioShock LE (360)

27-Aug-2015The_Prophecy gets: Stay Puft pop
Ronin gets: Thrillkiller Batman pop

31-Jul-2015The_Prophecy gets: Alduin Statue
Pathlesscookies gets: $50 Gifted PP

31-Jul-2015The_Prophecy gets: Molag Bal Statue
RottenPeachesXx gets: $30 Gifted PP

11-Jul-2015The_Prophecy gets: Halo 3 Legendary Edition Helmet (no game)
Eggplant_Wizard gets: $50 Gifted PP

27-Feb-2014The_Prophecy gets: $15 gifted PP
NLMagic gets: FFXIV:ARR Digital Download Code (Includes 30 days free)

16-Dec-2013The_Prophecy gets: Super Luigi U (Sealed)
Lunar gets: $23 gifted PP

25-Nov-2013The_Prophecy gets: Deus ex: hr & stalker: shadow of Chernobyl steam codes
Weeeooojr gets: $8 gifted pp

10-Oct-2013The_Prophecy gets: GTA V Blimp Code (360)
tc gets: $1.25 PP

19-Jun-2013The_Prophecy gets: 1600 MS Point Code
Staraang gets: $16 PayPal

11-May-2013The_Prophecy gets: $13 gifted paypal
Johnny gets: FILA basketball shoes in excellent condition worn once (gray in color and only signs of use are crease marks)

2-Jan-2013The_Prophecy gets: 4000 MS Point Code
qualityman14 gets: $40 PP

23-May-2012The_Prophecy gets: 4000 MS Points
Heavyd814life gets: $35 gifted PP

11-May-2012The_Prophecy gets: 2400 MS Points
lain21us gets: Fatal Frame III, Xenosaga II

30-Mar-2012The_Prophecy gets: Grand Theft Auto IV (PlayStation 3)
Thumper gets: Demon's Souls (PlayStation 3)

24-Mar-2012The_Prophecy gets: 12 month XBL card
tc gets: $32.50 PP or MO

1-Mar-2012The_Prophecy gets: 2 4000 point Ms codes
Heavyd814life gets: $70 gifted pp

3-Feb-2012The_Prophecy gets: $20 gifted PP
treyjedi gets: Valkyria Chronicles, MGS4

13-Jan-2012The_Prophecy gets: 1600 MS Points
Renald gets: $17 Gifted PP

2-Jan-2012The_Prophecy gets: Microsoft Xbox Live Points -- 1600 (Xbox 360)
Renald gets: Paypal

27-Dec-2011The_Prophecy gets: 13.00 Postal Money Order
lazarro gets: Ps2-Obscure: The Aftermath - Brand new, sealed. $10

16-Nov-2011The_Prophecy gets: $47 Gifted PP
djfrazier gets: Skyrim (360) (Sealed)

29-Sep-2011The_Prophecy gets: Savage Kantus DLC code for Gears 3
subcons gets: Mechanic Baird DLC code for Gears 3

26-Sep-2011The_Prophecy gets: Gears 3 w/pre-order code
DaveSGE gets: $50.43 Gifted PP

22-Sep-2011The_Prophecy gets: NV Lonesome Road Code (360)
aircobra gets: $7 Gifted PP

19-Aug-2011The_Prophecy gets: Oblivion CE
antwaan gets: $14 PP or MO

9-Jun-2011The_Prophecy gets: $33 Gifted Paypal
cloudstrife gets: Firefly Bluray and Final Fantasy Advent Children Bluray

23-Apr-2011The_Prophecy gets: 1600 MS Points
Xellos2099 gets: $17 gifted PP

13-Feb-2011The_Prophecy gets: 12 month XBL card
bungholio gets: $42 gifted PP

16-Dec-2010The_Prophecy gets: 3200 MS Points
MightySlacker gets: $34 Gifted PP

9-Dec-2010The_Prophecy gets: $23 PP Gifted
videogameexperiment gets: Atelier Iris 2 and Phantom Brave

18-Nov-2010The_Prophecy gets: $23
lightslime gets: Haunting Ground, Documents of Metal Gear Solid 2

18-Nov-2010The_Prophecy gets: $5.00 PP (Gifted)
Rahful gets: Clocktower 3

26-Aug-2010The_Prophecy gets: BioShock LE with Little Sister statue
Mordred gets: $125 gifted PP

25-Aug-2010The_Prophecy gets: Metal Gear Solid (PlayStation)
Deathblow1981 gets: $5.00 + $2.00 (shipping)= $7.00 Gifted PP or concealed cash

16-Aug-2010The_Prophecy gets: Yuna & Cloud/Sephiroth wall scrolls
Sonichigh gets: $35 paypal gifted.

6-Aug-2010The_Prophecy gets: Haunting Ground (PlayStation 2), Phantom Brave (PlayStation 2)
incubus421 gets: $25 shipped

28-Jul-2010The_Prophecy gets: Suikoden 3
Tj96 gets: $16 PP

28-Jul-2010The_Prophecy gets: Turtle Beach PX21 gaming headset
back4more gets: $40 gifted paypal

22-Jul-2010The_Prophecy gets: Infamous Gameshare
RyoHazuki gets: $6 PP

18-Jul-2010The_Prophecy gets: 4000 MS Points
ssulungnamjah gets: $40 PP

14-Jul-2010The_Prophecy gets: Atelier Iris 2 (sealed)
DCGX gets: $20 PP or MO

22-May-2010The_Prophecy gets: 360 transfer kit cable + disc
Spunion gets: $10

30-Apr-2010The_Prophecy gets: Blood Dragon Armor Code (Xbox 360 - Mass Effect 2/Dragon Age Origins) & The Stone Prisoner (Xbox 360 - Dragon Age Origins)
Bear gets: $10.00

22-Apr-2010The_Prophecy gets: iPod Headphones
Frank gets: $10 MO or PP

20-Dec-2009The_Prophecy gets: $5.50 gifted PayPal
klusion gets: Dragon Age PC pre-order code

25-Nov-2009The_Prophecy gets: Xbox 360 Arcade
BigNasty gets: $160 PayPal

31-Aug-2009The_Prophecy gets: RE2 and RE3 PS1
veln gets: $30

31-Jul-2009The_Prophecy gets: Drake, Grabbed By Ghoulies, KOTOR
Neokitty gets: $11.50 PayPal or Money Order

24-Jul-2009The_Prophecy gets: GTA III & San Andreas (PS2)
DarkPassenger gets: $15 PayPal

21-Jul-2009The_Prophecy gets: Xbox 360 Live -- Marketplace Points (Xbox 360)
QCJLo gets: $35 PayPal

9-Jun-2009The_Prophecy gets: $72
junkeater77 gets: XBOX 360 120GB Hard Drive

5-Jun-2009The_Prophecy gets: $37 PayPal
Pelle gets: Dead Rising, Saints Row 2

29-Jan-2009The_Prophecy gets: Fatl Frame II: crimson Butterfly Director's Cut (Xbox)
lukewin gets: $17 PayPal or Money Order

23-Jan-2009The_Prophecy gets: MGS4
NatGasHole gets: $30 PP or MO

14-Jan-2009The_Prophecy gets: $20 PayPal
Admiral gets: Gran Turismo 5: Prologue (PlayStation 3)

28-Sep-2008The_Prophecy gets: 4000 MS Points
BishopOfSouls gets: $35 PP

27-Sep-2008The_Prophecy gets: Sealed Madden 2009 (Xbox 360)
hotgamerchick gets: $35 PayPal

17-Sep-2008The_Prophecy gets: 2 XBL 3 month cards, $7 PayPal
Amir gets: Too Human (360)

13-Sep-2008The_Prophecy gets: Halo 3
NatGasHole gets: $25 PP or MO

8-Sep-2008The_Prophecy gets: $65 via Paypal
Baka gets: FF VII Black Label (Complete) Master Piece misprint

29-Aug-2008The_Prophecy gets: Sealed PGR4
mdp7310 gets: $25 PP

14-Jul-2008The_Prophecy gets: The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles (Xbox 360)
Dreamline gets: $25 PayPal or Money Order

30-Jun-2008The_Prophecy gets: Gears of War (Xbox 360)
ChosenOne gets: $25 shipped

18-Jun-2008The_Prophecy gets: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Xbox 360), AND 1600 MS points card, all shipped 1st class.
NWgamer666 gets: $50 Paypal

6-Jun-2008The_Prophecy gets: FF VII
Eggplant_Wizard gets: $65 PP

5-Jun-2008The_Prophecy gets: Dead Rising, Oblivion w/strategy guide
Venkman gets: $40 PP or MO

17-Jan-2008The_Prophecy gets: Windows Vista Ultimate
thelazyone22 gets: $165 PP or MO

25-Dec-2007The_Prophecy gets: $45 Paypal
lunker gets: Mass Effect for 360

3-Dec-2007The_Prophecy gets: Mass Effect (sealed)
anteis24 gets: $48 PayPal

3-Nov-2007The_Prophecy gets: $12.50
Forgotten_Freshness gets: Biohazard Code: Veronica -- Limited Edition (Dreamcast)

1-Nov-2007The_Prophecy gets: $16 PP or MO
DopeMan gets: Controller (Dreamcast), VMU -- Sega Brand (Dreamcast)

30-Oct-2007The_Prophecy gets: $8.50
synthetic1 gets: Sonic 360 (disc only)

29-Oct-2007The_Prophecy gets: $14 Shipped
sa330206 gets: Call of Duty 3 Gold Edition

26-Oct-2007The_Prophecy gets: $15 PayPal
BlueX gets: Virtua Fighter 3tb (Dreamcast)

18-Oct-2007The_Prophecy gets: $50 PayPal
ResidentEvil gets: Carrier (Dreamcast), The King of Fighters 2001 (Dreamcast), Outtrigger (Dreamcast), Dead or Alive 2 -- Limited Edition (Dreamcast)

13-Oct-2007The_Prophecy gets: Juiced 2 Hot Import Nights (Xbox 360)
BishopOfSouls gets: $36

12-Oct-2007The_Prophecy gets: $29
King_link gets: Grandia II (Dreamcast), Jet Grind Radio (Dreamcast), Ready 2 Rumble Boxing (Dreamcast)

5-Oct-2007The_Prophecy gets: NBA 2K1 (dreamcast) SEALED, NFL 2K1 (Dreamcast) SEALED, World Series Baseball 2K1 (Dreamcast) SEALED
ZForce915 gets: $10 MO

1-Oct-2007The_Prophecy gets: $20 PayPal
ryanflucas gets: Command & Conquer: The First Decade

27-Sep-2007The_Prophecy gets: Carrier (Dreamcast), Gunbird 2 (Dreamcast)
Vapor gets: $22

26-Sep-2007The_Prophecy gets: Rainbow Cotton (Dreamcast)
Lifer82 gets: $35 MO

13-Sep-2007The_Prophecy gets: Carrier (Dreamcast)
Forgotten_Freshness gets: $ 10 MO

27-Aug-2007The_Prophecy gets: Aqua GT, Jet Grind Radio, Ready 2 Rumble Boxing (Dreamcast)
benstylus gets: $18 MO

16-Aug-2007The_Prophecy gets: Jet Grind Radio (Dreamcast), Ready 2 Rumble Boxing (Dreamcast)
msu89dawgs gets: $10 Money Order

10-Aug-2007The_Prophecy gets: $25 money order
haircut gets: Final Fantasy VII (PlayStation)

8-Aug-2007The_Prophecy gets: MO
Bassgrabber gets: Gameshark CDX for dreamcast

27-Jul-2007The_Prophecy gets: Project Gotham Racing 3 (Xbox 360), Saint's Row (Xbox 360)
antwaan gets: Overlord (Xbox 360)

19-Jul-2007The_Prophecy gets: $7 shipping included.
neozeed gets: bleemcast! for Gran Turismo 2 (Dreamcast)

17-Jul-2007The_Prophecy gets: Clear Blue VMU
Shagohod gets: $6 Money Order

13-Jul-2007The_Prophecy gets: $45 shipped
alexander8 gets: Crackdown (Xbox 360), Dead Rising - 360

12-Jul-2007The_Prophecy gets: $28 shipped
Ether gets: Perfect Dark Zero (Xbox 360), Gears of War (Xbox 360)

12-Jul-2007The_Prophecy gets: Sengoku Turb (Dreamcast)
benstylus gets: $5 shipped

12-Jul-2007The_Prophecy gets: Wireless Xbox 360 Controller (Black, Sealed)
Disc07 gets: $35 money order