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Completed Trades

13-Jul-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: 27 PayPal
BucketofJustice gets: Mortal Kombat 11 premium x1

13-Jul-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $ 40 PP g&s
DirtyMarco gets: (2) 6 month game pass codes

12-Jul-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: 27pp
birdfart gets: MK11

12-Jul-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $27
Kligh gets: MK 11 Code

7-Jul-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $35 Paypal
FenDiesel gets: Mortal Kombat Premium digital code

6-Jul-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $60 PayPal
SideSwipe gets: 3x 6-Month GamePass Codes

28-Jun-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $20 Amazon
jays1fan gets: 6 month xbox gamepass

26-Jun-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $40
Dreamline gets: 2x 6 month Xbox Game Pass Codes

24-Jun-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $ 60 usd paypal goods & services
t0pdawg7 gets: Rage 2 x1 and mk11 premium ed x1

22-Jun-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $40 pp
devans77 gets: 2 x 6 month game pass

22-Jun-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $40
DirtyMarco gets: 2 6 month Game pass codes

21-Jun-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $40 pp
Wheels617 gets: (2) 6-mo gamepass codes

17-Jun-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: PayPal
DCGX gets: Microsoft Office 365 Home 6-Month Code (x4)

10-Jun-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $20 PP
LeapYearBear gets: Xbox 6 Month game pass code

9-Jun-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $40 PayPal
Rocket gets: 6-months Game Pass x2

9-Jun-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $22 PayPal
Luigionlsd gets: 6-month Xbox Game Pass code

9-Jun-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $40 paypal
thegill321 gets: 2x Xbox game pass code

9-Jun-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: Paypal
KingofGames gets: Xbox game pass

9-Jun-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: 40
EasyCompany gets: 1 year game pass

9-Jun-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: Paypal
thegreatest gets: 6 Month Xbox Game Pass x4

9-Jun-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $60pp
jgrant78 gets: 3 codes for 6 months of Game Pass

9-Jun-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: 2 Game Pass Codes
Master_Z gets: $38

9-Jun-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: Two 6 month Xbox gamepass codes
Taz gets: $40 Gifted PayPal

8-Jun-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $20
AlphakirA gets: 6 month gamepass code

6-Jun-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $ 20 pp g&s
gamer78 gets: 6 month game pass code

5-Jun-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $ 20 pp g&s
Simon_Belmont gets: 6 month game pass code

3-Jun-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $40 paypal
Giantjuice gets: Two 6 month Xbox gamepass codes

2-Jun-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $30 gifted PayPal
Rollobobo gets: Rage 2 (Digital Microsoft Xbox One)

31-May-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $30 gifted PayPal
Giantjuice gets: Rage 2 digital code

28-May-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: Paypal
InfiniteJest gets: 3 6 Month Game Pass Codes

24-May-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $20
JMC gets: Xbox Game Pass 6 month code

22-May-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $20 pp g&s
PeteKelly gets: 6 month game pass code

22-May-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $20 PP
MorbidTorture gets: Xbox Game Pass 6-Month Code

22-May-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $20 pp
QDizzle gets: 6 month game pass code

21-May-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: 45 paypal gifted
retroxity gets: MK11 Premium XB1 Digital code

21-May-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $20 PP
jennavive gets: 6 Month Game Pass

21-May-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $33 paypal Friends and Family
dmerit gets: Xbox one Rage 2 code

20-May-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: 33$ paypal
gtsilentsim gets: Rage 2 Xbox one digital code

18-May-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $ 33 paypal
SANGRE gets: Rage 2 xbox one full game code

18-May-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $33 PayPal (F&F)
MorbidTorture gets: Rage 2 (Full Game Download Code Xbox One)

18-May-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $30 in Xbox gift card codes
Bleed_DukeBlue gets: Rage 2 full game code for Xbox One

17-May-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $54 PayPal
Luigionlsd gets: 3x 6-month Xbox Game Pass codes

17-May-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $40 in Xbox gift card codes
Bleed_DukeBlue gets: Mortal Kombat 11 Premium Edition Xbox One full game code

16-May-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $54 PayPal
InigoMontoya gets: 3 6mo GamePass codes

16-May-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $ 20 PP goods and services
Meyer gets: 6 month game pass code

15-May-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $45 paypal
Simon_Belmont gets: X1 Mortal Kombat 11 Premium ed. Full game Code

13-May-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: 20$ Gifted USD
poelabwa gets: 6 Month Xbox GamePass code

12-May-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $20 FF Paypal
Bubbler28 gets: 6 month Xbox game pass code

9-May-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $22 PayPal
TheGadgetGod gets: 6 Month Xbox Game Pass Code

8-May-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $20 Gifted PayPal
TalonJedi87 gets: 6 Months of Xbox Game Pass

7-May-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $ 40 PP goods and services
xmj1 gets: (2) 6 month game pass codes

6-May-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $20 PayPal
8bit gets: xbox gamepass 6 months

29-Apr-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $22 pp g&s
PeteKelly gets: 6 month game pass code

25-Apr-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: NBA 2K19 Digital Code for Xbox One
Bleed_DukeBlue gets: 6 months Game Pass code Xbox One

22-Apr-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $30
Dane gets: MS OFFICE 365 HOME 6 MONTH CODE (4)

21-Apr-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $55 gifted PP
bungholio gets: 3 gamepass codes

12-Apr-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $22pp
jgrant78 gets: 6 months Xbox Game Pass

12-Apr-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $22 Paypal
MSU_Dawg87 gets: Xbox gamepass 6 month code

4-Apr-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $22 paypal
Zodd gets: 6 month game pass code

4-Apr-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $40 F&F
FenDiesel gets: 12 months of gamepass

4-Apr-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $ 60 usd paypal
junebugg309 gets: 3 codes of 6month game pass

28-Mar-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $ 22 pp g&s
ACT gets: 6 month game pass code

21-Mar-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $22 PayPal
jdwooley14 gets: Xbox game pass 6 months

19-Mar-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $22 PP
Master_Z gets: 6 month Xbox game pass code

19-Mar-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $22 pp g&s
bungholio gets: 6 month game pass code

13-Mar-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $ 40 PP g&s
WithinTemptation gets: (2) 6 month game pass codes

12-Mar-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $22pp

12-Mar-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: 22 PayPal
Lukami gets: xbox game pass 6 months

12-Mar-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: 22 paypal
HAMMER gets: 6 month xbox game pass

11-Mar-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $22 PP
Frank gets: 6 Month Xbox Game Pass Subscription

11-Mar-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: 22 ff
loztdogs gets: 6 mos xb1 game pass

11-Mar-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: 22 paypal
BleedingViolet gets: 6 month Xbox game pass

11-Mar-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $60 PayPal FNF

10-Mar-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $40 PayPal
InigoMontoya gets: Two six-month Game Pass codes

9-Mar-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $22
AlphakirA gets: 6 month Gamepass code

9-Mar-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $ 60 usd paypal
ZForce915 gets: 3 codes of 6month game pass

9-Mar-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $22
ZForce915 gets: 6 month Xbox game pass code

4-Mar-2019Vikingsgurl98 gets: $10 pp ff
pgunz3 gets: 6 month code for office 365