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Completed Trades

20-Oct-2015alshookup gets: Cash purchase
MegaNesMan gets: Tales of Zestiria Collector's Edition PS4

23-Jan-2012alshookup gets: Chronicles of Mystery: The Tree of Life (PC)
crompound1 gets: The Feeble Files (PC)

26-Jul-2011alshookup gets: Alter Ego (PC)
ozgursensoy gets: Gray Matter (PC)

9-May-2011alshookup gets: The Whispered World (PC)
El gets: Ceville (PC)

9-Apr-2011alshookup gets: Tales of Monkey Island (PC)
corana gets: Last Half of Darkness: Tomb of Zojir (PC)

20-Oct-2010alshookup gets: Last Half of Darkness: Tomb of Zojir (PC)
TBRANIK gets: Machinarium (PC)

21-Sep-2010alshookup gets: Machinarium (PC)
jrbass gets: Diamonds in the Rough (PC)

26-Aug-2010alshookup gets: Diamonds in the Rough (PC)
Gonchi gets: The Legend of Kyrandia (PC)

26-Nov-2008alshookup gets: Outcry (PC), Moop & Dreadly: The Treasure on Bing Bong Island (PC)
TBRANIK gets: The Immortals of Terra: A Perry Rhodan Adventure (PC)

12-Oct-2008alshookup gets: Sinking Island (PC)
Fien gets: Nostradamus

4-Oct-2008alshookup gets: The Immortals of Terra: A Perry Rhodan Adventure (PC)
Fien gets: Dracula 3 The Path of The Dragon ...with box and manual..includes Dracula Resurrection and The Last Sanctuary (3 games)

4-Jul-2008alshookup gets: Jack Keane (PC)
vliegendeuilen gets: The Secrets of Atlantis: The Sacred Legacy (PC)

25-Jun-2008alshookup gets: Sherlock Holmes: Nemesis (PC)
SusanC gets: Last Half of Darkness: Beyond the Spirit's Eye (PC)

16-Jun-2008alshookup gets: Last Half of Darkness: Beyond the Spirit's Eye (PC)
Phoopsie gets: The Lost Crown: A Ghosthunting Adventure (PC)

5-Feb-2008alshookup gets: Culpa Innata (PC)
corana gets: Ghost in the Sheet (PC)

2-Jul-2007alshookup gets: The Secrets of Atlantis: The Sacred Legacy (PC)
AuntEileen gets: The Ugly Prince Duckling (PC)

30-May-2007alshookup gets: Destination: Treasure Island (PC)
Alex gets: Runaway 2: The Dream of the Turtle (PC)

16-Apr-2007alshookup gets: AGON (PC)
acdst2 gets: Fairy Tale: About Father Frost, Ivan and Nastya (PC)

19-Jan-2007alshookup gets: Great Journey (PC), ObsCure (PC)
Chounette gets: The Secrets of Da Vinci: The Forbidden Manuscript (PC)

10-Jan-2007alshookup gets: Agatha Christie: Murder on the Orient Express (PC), Intrigue at Oakhaven Plantation (PC)
catbelly36 gets: cash

16-Dec-2006alshookup gets: Al Emmo
namma gets: money

25-Jul-2006alshookup gets: The Godfather (PC)
Huge gets: Martin Mystère: Operation Dorian Grey (PC)

22-Jun-2006alshookup gets: Paradise (PC)
questyun gets: Ankh

14-Jun-2006alshookup gets: Ankh
Mad gets: cash

12-Jun-2006alshookup gets: Psychonauts (PC)
TBRANIK gets: The Moment of Silence (PC)

5-Jun-2006alshookup gets: Paradise (PC)
AuntEileen gets: Barrow Hill (PC)

23-May-2006alshookup gets: Barrow Hill (PC)
mavetherave gets: Cash

3-Dec-2005alshookup gets: Voyage (inc box)
Mad gets: cash

2-Dec-2005alshookup gets: Ni-Bi-Ru: Age of Secrets (PC)
Mouchie gets: The Last Half of Darkness (PC)

19-Nov-2005alshookup gets: Voyage (PC)
corana gets: Beyond Good and Evil (PC)

14-Nov-2005alshookup gets: Ni-Bi-Ru: Age of Secrets (PC)
corana gets: Martin Mystère: Operation Dorian Grey (PC)

8-Nov-2005alshookup gets: Last half of Darkness DVD style case
corana gets: Physicus (PC), Still shrinkwrapped in big box not DVD case

5-Nov-2005alshookup gets: The Last Half of Darkness: Shadows of the Servants (PC)
mavetherave gets: cash

19-Oct-2005alshookup gets: Ni-Bi-Ru: Age of Secrets (PC)
fdehaan gets: Martin Mystère: Operation Dorian Grey (PC)

26-Sep-2005alshookup gets: Voyage (PC)
malsch gets: Martin Mystère: Operation Dorian Grey (PC)

15-Sep-2005alshookup gets: Mysterious Journey II: Chameleon (PC)
OMCBRATNEY gets: Still Life (PC)

7-Sep-2005alshookup gets: The Moment of Silence
kazzmo gets: Martin Mystère: Operation Dorian Grey (PC)

22-Aug-2005alshookup gets: cash
lakerz gets: Martin Mystère: Operation Dorian Grey (PC)

16-Aug-2005alshookup gets: curse eye of isis and road to india
crompound1 gets: Black Dahlia (PC)

21-Jul-2005alshookup gets: Echo: Secrets of the Lost Cavern (PC)
kwbridge gets: Zelenhgorm: Land of the Blue Moon: The Great Ship (PC)

15-Apr-2005alshookup gets: Syberia II (PC) [Condition: unopened; Box: yes; Manual: yes; #1]
Huge gets: The Quivering (PC) [Condition: unopened; Box: yes; Manual: yes]

22-Mar-2005alshookup gets: Syberia 2
joanie39 gets: Gast

10-Feb-2005alshookup gets: Wanted: A Wild Western Adventure (PC)
PENSKY gets: $10. + postage via PayPal

6-Dec-2004alshookup gets: Syberia 2 boxed
imageless gets: Black Dahlia original big box

6-Dec-2004alshookup gets: Leisure Suit Larry 7: Love for Sail! (PC)
shos gets: Famous Five...Kidnapped (boxed)

25-Nov-2004alshookup gets: Syberia II (PC)
jwmuse gets: In Memoriam (PC), Conspiracies, The Arrangement, A Quiet Weekend in Capri

24-Oct-2004alshookup gets: Syberia 2 (boxed)
JaneStanton gets: Dark Fall Lights Out (new in box)

12-Oct-2004alshookup gets: Syberia 2 - original box
io764 gets: Fallout 2 (original box)

28-Sep-2004alshookup gets: Syberia II (PC)
ams gets: Dark Fall: Lights Out (PC)

13-Sep-2004alshookup gets: The Black Mirror (PC), Far Cry (PC)
sniper17c gets: Midnight Nowhere (PC), Nocturne (PC)

2-Sep-2004alshookup gets: Syberia..........DVD style case
nafje gets: Gilbert, still sealed in DVd style case

31-Aug-2004alshookup gets: The Dark Eye (PC), Syberia II (PC)
imageless gets: Drowned God (PC)

18-Aug-2004alshookup gets: Runaway: A Road Adventure (PC)
Teaser gets: The Arrangement (PC)

13-Aug-2004alshookup gets: cash
Mad gets: Zork Grand Inquisitor

15-Jul-2004alshookup gets: Cash plus The Arrangement
KarenT gets: Zelenhgorm plus In Memoriam

9-Jul-2004alshookup gets: The Black Mirror
sniper17c gets: Black Dahlia

17-Jun-2004alshookup gets: The Black Mirror plus Zelenhgorm
dbdb gets: The Neverhood

1-Jun-2004alshookup gets: The Black Mirror
Teaser gets: Midnight Nowhere

3-May-2004alshookup gets: Syberia
rrsolis gets: Famous Five .......Treasure Island

3-May-2004alshookup gets: Journey to the Center of the Earth (PC)
Fininho gets: Max Payne (PC)

3-May-2004alshookup gets: Nancy Drew Danger on Deception Island/Physicus
Fininho gets: Clive Barker Undying game/Clive Barker guide book

6-Apr-2004alshookup gets: Cash
mousepolice gets: Jack the Ripper

5-Apr-2004alshookup gets: Journey to the Center of The Earth
shughes43 gets: Gilbert Goodmate

24-Mar-2004alshookup gets: Pandora Directive (boxed) + Project Eden (boxed)
tmsorensen gets: Thief 1 (boxed) + Thief 2 (boxed)

20-Mar-2004alshookup gets: The Sims Deluxe plus The Mummy
Dino2k4 gets: Homeworld boxed plus Prima strategy guide

26-Feb-2004alshookup gets: The Black Mirror
AngieBG gets: A Quiet Weekend in Capri

23-Feb-2004alshookup gets: Jack the Ripper
BILL007 gets: cash

21-Feb-2004alshookup gets: Syberia
cinbad gets: The Feeble Files and Wild wild west

17-Feb-2004alshookup gets: Conspiracies
Vampireembrace gets: Famous Five..Kidnapped

13-Feb-2004alshookup gets: JTTCOTE
Jbenoit gets: A Quiet weekend in capri

12-Feb-2004alshookup gets: Syberia
Tracie gets: The Quivering

12-Feb-2004alshookup gets: The Black Mirror
Fininho gets: Prince of Persia..Sands of Time

9-Feb-2004alshookup gets: Amerzone/Gold and Glory/Syberia/Wild Wild West
Thesnake gets: Dogday/Largo Winch/Paris 1313/Omega Stone /The Sting

7-Feb-2004alshookup gets: Cash
gkmaclean gets: Tomb Raider: Unfinished Business, Tomb Raider II: Golden Mask, Tomb Raider III: The Lost Artifact

29-Jan-2004alshookup gets: Drowned God
Huge gets: Discworld Noir plus Feeble Files

27-Jan-2004alshookup gets: Black Mirror and Conspiracies
Zanthia gets: CASH

21-Jan-2004alshookup gets: Salammbo
MJenkins gets: Gilbert Goodmate

20-Jan-2004alshookup gets: Runaway plus Riddle of the Sphinx
waves gets: Zanzarah

15-Jan-2004alshookup gets: Journey to the center of the Earth
Arora01 gets: Gilbert Goodmate

14-Jan-2004alshookup gets: Secrets of Alamut
Fininho gets: Dracula Resurrection

10-Jan-2004alshookup gets: Planescape Torment
Apoc gets: Versailles 1685

10-Jan-2004alshookup gets: The Omega Stone (boxed)
flotsam gets: In Cold Blood (boxed)

7-Jan-2004alshookup gets: Syberia plus Riddle of the Sphinx
johnmac gets: Max Payne 2

6-Jan-2004alshookup gets: The Black Mirror
Vampireembrace gets: A Quiet Weekend in Capri

30-Dec-2003alshookup gets: Omega Stone
fdehaan gets: paris 1313

24-Dec-2003alshookup gets: Largo Winch: Empire Under Threat
mousepolice gets: Dogday

23-Dec-2003alshookup gets: Amber and Syberia
PolloDiablo gets: Feeble Files and Gilbert Goodmate

19-Dec-2003alshookup gets: Creature Crunch plus Omega Stone plus Salammbo
vliegendeuilen gets: Famous five Treasure Island plus Famous Five Secret Mission plus Nancy Drew..Deception Island

10-Dec-2003alshookup gets: Syberia
tammy565 gets: Gilber Goodmate

3-Dec-2003alshookup gets: Planescape Torment
T2Rulz gets: The Quivering

3-Dec-2003alshookup gets: Nancy Drew.......Deception Island
Zanthia gets: Famous Five......Kidnapped

26-Nov-2003alshookup gets: The Black Mirror
lesismore gets: Disworld 2

24-Nov-2003alshookup gets: money
grovsnus gets: The Quivering (PC)

4-Nov-2003alshookup gets: Magnetic
lakerz gets: Zero Zone

30-Oct-2003alshookup gets: Sanitarium - New & sealed in jewel case sized box
itsmyhappyplace gets: The Ward

29-Oct-2003alshookup gets: Gast plus Nancy Drew
Gimme gets: Black Dahlia

29-Sep-2003alshookup gets: The Dark Eye
lesismore gets: Crusader & The Quivering

27-Sep-2003alshookup gets: Sanitarium
bren101750 gets: The quivering

13-Sep-2003alshookup gets: Obsidian
phil3178 gets: The Quivering plus Eye of the Kraken

11-Sep-2003alshookup gets: Obsidian x 2
dmtomchick gets: The Quivering plus Faust plus Gilbert Goodmate

9-Sep-2003alshookup gets: Gilbert Goodmate
ccross gets: cash

3-Sep-2003alshookup gets: Nancy Drew - The Haunted Carousel
mavetherave gets: Cash

2-Sep-2003alshookup gets: Phantasmagoria 1 plus Titanic.......Adventure out of time
housewife gets: Paris 1313

2-Sep-2003alshookup gets: The Sting
phil3178 gets: Discworld Noir

2-Sep-2003alshookup gets: Outlaws
phil3178 gets: Anachronox

28-Aug-2003alshookup gets: obsidian with jewel case and manual and prisoner of war boxed and complete
lduford gets: gilbert goodmate and the mushroon of fungoria,the quivering,and evil twin all boxed and complete

27-Aug-2003alshookup gets: Cash
kladnj gets: Paris 1313

21-Aug-2003alshookup gets: The Dark Eye
Newland gets: Paris 1313

8-Aug-2003alshookup gets: Morpheus
nakimura gets: The Quivering

8-Aug-2003alshookup gets: Morpheus (boxed)
TorQular gets: The Quivering (DVD case)

7-Aug-2003alshookup gets: Timelapse plus Sanitarium
pam4mat gets: Paris 1313 plus The Quivering

5-Aug-2003alshookup gets: Obsidian
presto gets: Paris 1313

17-Jul-2003alshookup gets: Law and Order
Mushu gets: Broken Sword 2

4-Jul-2003alshookup gets: CSI
Gimme gets: Bioscopia

20-Jun-2003alshookup gets: Journeyman Project 3 and Titanic
fixr gets: Vikings(New)

5-Jun-2003alshookup gets: Physicus + Bioscopia
nakimura gets: Paris 1313 + The Quivering

4-Jun-2003alshookup gets: Eye of the Kraken
Jill gets: CASH

4-Jun-2003alshookup gets: Omega stone
Jill gets: Paris 1313

7-May-2003alshookup gets: Tony Tough (boxed)
Modell gets: Martian memorandum (boxed)

7-May-2003alshookup gets: Full Moon in San Francisco
Modell gets: The Quivering

19-Apr-2003alshookup gets: The Neverhood
Sauron gets: Paris 1313 plus Crusader-kingdom of Jerusalem

16-Apr-2003alshookup gets: Zanzarah
hello3838 gets: The Quivering

11-Apr-2003alshookup gets: Dark Fall
USEN gets: Crusader -kingdom of Jerusalem

9-Apr-2003alshookup gets: Harvest plus Bioscopia
JaneStanton gets: Paris 1313 plus The Quivering

27-Mar-2003alshookup gets: Arthurs Knights & Shadow of Destiny
MJenkins gets: Feeble Files & Paris 1313

12-Mar-2003alshookup gets: Amber
cbarry gets: Vikings (by Index)

5-Mar-2003alshookup gets: Nancy Drew -Ghost Dogs
Joe_D gets: The Feeble Files

27-Feb-2003alshookup gets: Amber
ladyjagwire gets: Discworld 2

13-Feb-2003alshookup gets: Post Mortem
mousepolice gets: The Quivering

3-Feb-2003alshookup gets: Passage. Path of Betrayal
ccross gets: cash

3-Feb-2003alshookup gets: Scooby Doo-Phantom of the Night
ccross gets: cash

3-Feb-2003alshookup gets: cameron files - the pharoah's curse
ccross gets: cash

30-Jan-2003alshookup gets: Timescape
Mad gets: cash

20-Jan-2003alshookup gets: Pandora Directive
billermark gets: Pilgrim

18-Jan-2003alshookup gets: The Arrival
ccross gets: Cash

18-Jan-2003alshookup gets: leisure suit larry collection
tigger gets: cash

3-Jan-2003alshookup gets: Vikings (Boxed) & Rugrats Mystery Advent (Boxed)
DaChief gets: Cutthroats:Terror on the High Seas (1999 Eidos Release w/Prima Guide)

16-Dec-2002alshookup gets: Zoo Tycoon
mackie gets: Blade Runner

5-Dec-2002alshookup gets: Monty Python's Meaning of Life
boyamilucky gets: Discworld Noir

5-Dec-2002alshookup gets: The Quivering
mavetherave gets: cash

27-Oct-2002alshookup gets: Nancy Drew Secret of the Scarlet Hand and Secret in Haunted House
kladnj gets: Discworld

13-Oct-2002alshookup gets: Anachronox
MarioA gets: Project Eden

7-Sep-2002alshookup gets: Curse of Monkey Island and Symbiocom
Diat60 gets: Tomb Raider 3 and Tomb Raider Last Revelation

3-Sep-2002alshookup gets: syberia
alexS gets: feeble files

23-Aug-2002alshookup gets: Journeyman Project 3
ams gets: Messiah

26-Jul-2002alshookup gets: Egypt 2, Legend of the Prophet & Assassin,Vikings,Drk Side of the Moon Guide
mavetherave gets: Cash

25-Jul-2002alshookup gets: Zork Nemesis
MaryUK gets: Cash