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Animal Crossing (GameCube)

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Delightful or Boring, depends on your personality...


One of Nintendo's early releases in 2002 is a good example of Nintendo's capabilities for making excellent games, but sadly Nintendo had a few flaws in this game that just made this game plummet. Animal Crossing is a rpg which mimics The Sims in ways, but has a different perspective and can be more entertaining, but much more annoying.

Gameplay: Animal Crossing has a lot of interesting things to do as a character who has moved into his new home. Gameplay is weakened when you can't edit how your character looks, but luckily you can pick its clothing and gender. As said before, this game plays very much like The Sims. You move into your new house, get a job(temporarily), and just try to live life normally, but this game is nowhere near normal. The title and box cover of the game can explain already that your neighbors are animals. Gameplay can be very boring, but if you're a good citizen and participate in town activities, this game can be interesting. With Animal Crossing being a real-time game, it can make many gamers impatient. Gameplay has its flaws with the excessive text-boxes, so you should be around 12 years old at the earliest when you play this since its younger gamers will never bother reading the text-boxes, and it'll just make the game boring and a waste of money.

Graphics: Nintendo has shown their capabilites in making gorgeous games with Animal Crossing's amazing graphics and when seasons change during the game and the appearance of your town changes, it literally feels as though you're really in your town. The graphics may be excellent, but little flaws here and there with the graphics pull the graphics from being perfect.

Sound: The sound in this game is pretty pathetic. When you talk to neighbors, you'll just hear animals mumbling in a crazy bizzare way. Gamers that get irritated quickly should just ditch this game. Luckily, you can change the options to hear only a little boop noise that you can hardly hear. The sound pulls down the game incredibly, and can just kill the entire game's appeal.

Replay Value: Gamers who aren't annoyed easily will play this game over and over again, but there won't be anything new to do except for new neighbors, which can lead to new experiences, but it just isn't enough to start a new town or continue your long-time town.

Learning Curve: This game is almost too simple to learn and possibly a 3-year-old can master this game if the child isn't annoyed by the sounds in the game. The main buttons you use in the game are "A,""R, L" to run, and "S" to pause your game due to a pounding headache from the annoying animals. This game is just too easy to learn which causes me to give it a "C."

Overall: Animal Crossing is a fun game. It had the capability to be much better, but just didn't use what could have been done to improve this game, and it just makes the game plummet. Gamers who are patient and are not irritated quickly can enjoy this game a lot, but for the rest of the gamers it just isn't that good.

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