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  • New Tori!
  • Awesome Packaging! Flower Seeds! DVD!
  • "Too Mellow"
  • Damien Rice

The Beekeeper (Tori Amos)

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It's Tori, Sorta.



Tori Amos' The Beekeeper Special Edition CD with DVD

With Tori Amos albums, I've always fallen in love right away. Boys for Pele, From the Choirgirl Hotel, even Strange little girls, I was head-over-feet, enamored by the first listen. Things are different with The Beekeeper, and by no means is that bad, though I'll admit I have mixed feelings about some of the tracks.

Many songs have a strumming guitar line and boastful bass line, with only a light paint stroke of "Tori piano." One track features Damien Rice, and his inclusion feels out of place and forced. The Beekeeper is not your heavy, slam on the keys Tori and I think I'm ok with that.

Tori's music has always evolved. When From the Choirgirl Hotel came out, many people were up in arms about how different it was from Boys for Pele, -- how it didn't sound like Tori. Her current musical evolution began showing on Strange Little Girls, blossoming on Scarlet's Walk. Fans who have followed Tori since the Little Earthquake days, are more likely to embrace the gradual evolution of these past couple of albums; the casual Tori listener, however, not so much.

It's healthy for artists to evolve and try different things. Tori's decision to try different concepts in music is bold. From choosing to do an all cover album of songs by men from the point of view of a woman, or by choosing to create a sonic novel; each album has its own set of rules and definitions.

The Beekeeper is a step in a new musical direction. At the core, it is still the raw Tori which many fans clamor for. I'd prefer to see Tori try new musical endeavors hear than see her re-tread her music library, no matter how magnificent. For longtime Tori fans, The Beekeeper is a welcome addition. The Special edition album includes a DVD, Beautiful artwork and photography, as well as a special Beekeeper flower seeds. For those new to Tori, pick up Boys For Pele first and see what all the hubbub is about.

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