Pros and Cons

  • The puppets are amazing.
  • The land is a visual treat.
  • The score is great too.
  • The DVD has a nice transfer & sound, and features.
  • The story could have been better.
  • Jen the Gelfing is the blandest looking puppet.

The Dark Crystal -- Special Edition (DVD)

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A great fantasy tale that should be appreciated!



I kinda remembered seeing this movie when I was a kid, but as always I like to buy the movies from my childhood and watch them again, usually it's a whole new movie since as a kid I didn't have the attention to detail that I have now.

The story in a nutshell is 1000 years ago the good Crystal shattered (by the very race that ..... well you'll see at the end of the movie) and created a evil race known as the Skekses and the good peaceful race known as the Mystics. The crystal was rebuilt but missing a piece, thus being flawed and became the Dark Crystal, putting the evil Skekses in power. So a great prophecy states that a Gelfing must return the Crystal as whole or it will be too late and the Skekses will stay in power forever.

The last remaining Gelfing is a male named Jen, who was taken in and raised by the peaceful Mystics, Jen is instructed by his wise master to find the crystal shard, use it to heal the Crystal, and save the land. But it's not so easy. The evil Skekses (their Prophecy is that a Gelfing will overthrow them, so they must kill all Gelfings) are in the same position as the Mystics. They find out about a living Gelfing and send their underlingsthe Garthim (a fearsome race of large crab like monsters that are frightening to look at) and the Crystal Bats, out to find and kill Jen before he can stop them and their plans of living and ruling forever. So we have both Good and Evil sides with a purpose and both get equal screen time. This is a great fantasy movie, Jen has lots of adventures on his way and journeys though a strange and fanatical land. Watch for the battle between the Garthim and the Land Striders.

This is an amazing movie directed by Jim Henson & Frank Oz. When I say amazing I mean it. This is a live fantasy movie without one real person on screen. This movie was probably made before most users on this site were born, in 1982. All the effects were done over 5 years all by hand, there are no uses of computers like you see these days, the movie is beautiful and has to be seen to be believed. The sad thing is we'll probably never see a movie like this made ever again.

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