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Learning CurveA
Replay ValueA-

Pros and Cons

  • Cool weapons, with combos to match
  • Awesome-looking characters, enemies, and bosses
  • Extremely easy to learn controls
  • Very short game
  • Too few weapons

Devil May Cry 2 (PlayStation 2)

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Dante the Devil Hunter returns, more bad ass than ever!



When the first Devil May Cry game came out, I picked it up and thought "wow!" When I finally got my hands on the sequel, Devil May Cry 2, I knew that this was the best game I had played in a while. The graphics were superb, all the characters were polished and cool, and the controls were great.

Story: You start out as a Demon Hunter working to enter into the underworld and destroy the big bad guy who wants to control the underworld, and Earth. Not exactly original, but great fun nonetheless.

Game play: When you first open up the case and see there are two disks, you may think, "wow, this is a long game", but no, there is another disk to play as an entirely different character doing different things. Starting the game with Dante, you proceed to hack and slash through tons of enemies with a little bit of puzzle solving thrown in. It's all about getting off the right combo at the right time to save yourself from all the enemies coming at you. You can now do a double jump much easier than in the first DMC. You also have more swords and the Devil Trigger has been improved. For those of you who are unfamiliar, you can turn yourself into a devil with super-human strength, and temporarily crush anything in your way and become invulnerable to damage. This is a big improvement over the first game!

Graphics: The graphics were terrific and the characters very detailed. Some of the cut-scenes were very well put together and really added to the overall presentation. The enemies were also cool looking and there was a big variety as well.

Controls: The controls are extremely easy to learn! Press a button to jump, one to use your sword,one to use your gun , and one to roll. Very basic. There are tons of combos you can do without having to button mash or press tons of buttons in quick succession. Everything in the game is easy to do, with these simplified and more effective controls.

Sound The sound effects in this game were great, from the gunshots, to the swords slashing, to the motorcycles in the cut-scenes. Everything sounded great and made the game more fun.

Replay Value This game has good replay value because of the two disks for different characters. I found myself playing this game through a total of six times now. As you beat the game on different difficulties you unlock more modes, people etc. I won't spoil that for you, you'll have to pick it up and see for yourself.

Overall: This game is simply amazing! From the great graphics, to the superb game play, to the easy controls, there isn't really a flaw noticeable in this game. If your looking for something fun to play, definitely pick this one up!

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