Pros and Cons

  • Layne Staley's powerful, emotional voice
  • Great guitar work courtesy of Jerry Cantrell
  • Incredibly emotional
  • Contains some of Alice in Chains best songs ever
  • Can be found for little money
  • Sometimes the drumming is drowned out
  • Musical style is not for everyone

Dirt (Alice In Chains)

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Powerful, emotional, and gripping, Dirt is one hell of an album. A classic.



I'll admit, I don't really know where to start off the review for this album. Would it be better to give you a band bio or just kick off the album review? Review indecision aside, Dirt is an amazing album that can alter your view of music, and it remains one of my favorite all-time albums.

"Them Bones" is a single off the album, and starts off the album heavy, fast, and to the point. Even though it clocks in at only 2:30, it is still an incredible song. Yes, "Them Bones" starts off the album well, and is a sign of great things to come.

This album is full of classic songs. Along with "Them Bones", there were "Angry Chair", "Rooster", and "Would?" that were also released as singles. "Would?" is often considered one of, if not the best Alice in Chains song ever, and it is easy to see why. After starting off with its legendary bass riff, "Would?" throws you into a haunting verse, and then blasts you with an incredible chorus.

However there are amazing songs all over this album, so they are not limited to the singles. "Rain When I Die", is a slow, softer song that lures you in with its beautiful verse, and then astounds you with it's powerful, emotional chorus. In fact, "Rain When I Die" is also one of Alice in Chains' best songs, next to "Would?"

If there was anything negative to be said about this album, it would be that one or two of the songs don't manage to be as epic as the rest. "Dam that River" is one of them , and while it is a good song, it lacks the power and emotion of the other tracks. "Junkhead" is the other song that may seem sub-par, at least with the standards set by the rest of the album. The verse and chorus of "Junkhead" are really hard to get in to, though the song is saved by an incredibly melodic, soft guitar solo.

So if you want a good Alice in Chains album to get you into the band , or are just looking for a powerful, emotional rock album, Dirt is the one for you. The money spent on this album can give you hours of musical bliss unrivaled by many albums. Also, it's only $6 at Wal-Mart, so there is nothing to lose, except $6.

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