Pros and Cons

  • Incredible guitar work
  • Better screams than previous work
  • Very heavy, but has also has melody
  • Some songs sound alike
  • Deep growls can get slightly annoying
  • You have to like metalcore/death metal

The Fall of Ideals (All That Remains)

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A great album, not to be missed by fans of the genre



When I first listened to this album, I was hooked. Everything about it seemed perfect, from the screams to the clean vocals to the guitars. While this album has lost some of its charm, it is still a great listen.

The album at first comes off as very heavy. After the first scream is over (it's very long) and the chorus hits, however, the melody comes out. This is the sound of the album; nearly every song mixing clean melody with heaviness. Excluding the song, "The Weak Willed," every song has some nice, clean vocals, heavy guitars, and softer, more melodic guitars. Oh yeah, and the drums are frickin' amazing throughout.

There are definitely some highlights here. "Six," a song that everyone who has played Guitar Hero 2 knows, is a stellar track. The song is very heavy until the solo kicks in, bringing a level of softness not seen on any other track. "Indictment," the album closer, is also a standout track. This is one of the heavier songs, and everything works for it. There are some deep growls here, but they fit the song perfectly, and the guitar work is incredible.

One song seems to sit uncomfortably with the rest of the album. "The Weak Willed" is a slower, very heavy song that just doesn't feel right. There are no clean vocals here, and there are some growls that seem to be coming from strange places no one should visit. One other song, "We Stand," seems like sort of a filler track, and it's a good listen, but lacks the power of other songs.

In closing, EVERY FAN OF METALCORE SHOULD OWN THIS ALBUM! It also warrants interest from those looking for a metalcore/death metal starting point. Hands down the best All That Remains album. Period.

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