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  • Some really good puzzles.
  • Quickly finished
  • No replay value

Harvest (PC)

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Although the puzzles in this game are fairly interesting, the graphics are archaic and blocky. It's an ok game, but nothing to rave about.


If all you're looking for are some excellent puzzles that aren't too mind bending, then this game is right up your alley. Most of the puzzles are logical or have a clue built into the game about what to do. Otherwise I lowered my frustration level by taking a quick peek, once or twice, at an online walkthrough to at least help me head in the right direction.

The game revolves around the idea that a scientest has discovered a way to make water out of rocks. Of course, as often seems to happen to scientests in games, this one has gone a bit too far around the bend and has decided to use the machine to destroy the world's water supply instead of doing good with his invention. His booby-trapped underground hideout is also inhabited by the ghost of the scientest's father, who needs a little help with some quests of his own, but also helps you out with solving your problems.

I was a little surprised by it's 2002 release date, because it has some graphics that reminded me of much earlier game designs. The music isn't bad, not great either, but at least not annoying or distracting from the gameplay. There's one slider puzzle that has a nice twist, it's used again after solving it the first time to solve another puzzle later on. Of course there is a maze, but it isn't that difficult to get through. There's almost no replay value, as in most puzzle/adventure games, once you've solved it, there isn't much of anything that's interesting enough to warrant playing it again. Additionally, I managed to finish this game in only a couple sessions over a couple of days. Regardless, as long as you're playing it for the puzzle challenges, you won't be disappointed.

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