Pros and Cons

  • Has songs with amazing guitar work
  • 17 songs, which makes it a lengthy CD to have
  • A lot of great any-mood songs
  • Songs for all ocassions



A-Sides (Soundgarden)

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A top of the line CD, packed with amazing and wicked-awesome songs.



There are 17 songs on this CD and it is loaded with many popular and well-known songs by Soundgarden. It has some that you love already, and some that you haven't heard yet, but will grow to love. Some of the songs have a great sound and a funky sound to them. The songs consist of:

1. Nothing to Say
2. Flower
3. Loud Love
4. Hands All Over
5. Get on the Snake
6. Jesus Christ Pose
7. Outshined
8. Rusty Cage
9. Spoonman
10. Day I Tried to Live
11. Black Hole Sun
12. Fell on Black Days
13. Pretty Noose
14. Burden in My Hand
15. Blow up the Outside World
16. Ty Cobb
17. Bleed Together

The one I am guessing that many of you will recognize is "Rusty Cage". "Spoonman" is another popular one. One of the coolest sounding songs on this CD is "Pretty Noose". It has that crazy open-area, desert-sound to it...very addicting.

Soundgarden is made up of: Chris Cornell as lead singer and part of the twin guitar attack with Kim Thayil, and Matt Cameron on the drums. The combination of these musicians forms a strong band with regards to guitar, drumming, and vocals. They have some very complex riffs and well-written songs, and that is another strength of the band. They often have songs written in odd tuning, and some pretty out-of-this-world songs as well.

If you are a fan of Alice In Chains, Audioslave, Temple of the Dog, Stone Temple Pilots, and/or Pearl Jam, you will like this band. And if you are learning to play the guitar, GET THIS CD NOW!! You will learn a lot and will hear some nice tricks and great guitar work. Plus, in addition to the pretty simple songs, they sound kickass.

This CD will make you into a Soundgarden fan, if you aren't already. A-Sides is a great CD to get, very much worth the money.

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