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Learning CurveB
Replay ValueA+

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  • Perfect combo of quality graphics/gameplay realism
  • Dated by the video tech advancements of 3D gaming

Tony La Russa Baseball 3 (PC)

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The ultimate flagship volume of an award-winning, old school baseball sim franchise that won over eye candy and stat realism fans alike before the 3D revolution took hold.



I'm biased in that my first video game ever was a La Russa Stormfront Studios product. By the time Tony La Russa Baseball 3 came along in the early to mid 90s, a combination of stellar graphics, comprehensive in depth stat data tracking and variable gameplay shot PC baseball gaming into the stratosphere and made us forget about the cheezy, cheapie dinosaurs. The replay value of this game, which spawned at least half a dozen volumes in all even beats many modern 3D titles. Why? Because it originated many firsts in the genre. With TLRB 3 you could edit, create and import players, leagues and team universes.

Gameplay function could be set according to preference depending upon whether you preferred pitching duals, nailbiters or slugfests. And years after its belated heyday, online program entrepreneurs increased its shelf life with mod ad-on features. As a result, you just never grew tired of this game. I lost track of how many countless dream teams and leagues I created over the years. But I was able to put my obsession to rest after finally reigning victorious in a replay of the '75 Bosox/CinReds Fall Classic.

In the good old days before the PC took a back seat to the console,TLRB 3 was the "It" title of baseball video gaming. It was not baseball on HR drugs with steroid gameplay. It simply offered the best of both realism and eye candy worlds. From its interface to its sights and sounds, it had a heart and soul that shouted National Pastime.

A PC diamond rough jewel must for sports gaming fans, this old school favorite belongs in any layman gamer's top ten list or pro critic's video game Hall Of Fame.

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