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Pros and Cons

  • Inexpensive top-loader (no blinking screen)
  • Comes with a converter to play USA games
  • No compatibility issues (that i can find)
  • Color palette just looks bad
  • Sound quality isn't the greatest
  • Controller is flimsy

Yobo Neo Fami (Famicom)

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A cheap top-loader, inferior in some ways, better in others (with an emphasis on cheap)


The Yobo NeoFami plays all of the Japanese Famicom carts, and comes with a converter which allow you to play all of the USA Nintendo carts. Overall, this is a good option to a USA top-loader, but not as good as a side-loader with a new pin connector.

The greatest upside to the NeoFami is price: $30 at http://eStarland.com and http://toysnjoys.com. The one I got from toysnjoys comes with a good converter. The NeoFami has AV out composite, which is a step up from the USA top-loader that only has an RF switch.

The system is top-loading, so you don't have to worry about blowing in the carts. It wont ever have the blinking screen problem.

Unfortunately there are a few major problems with the NeoFami. The controller is just very flimsy. I think it will work with other Famicom controllers, but you cannot use USA NES controllers without a mod. The colors on the NeoFami are not as bright as the NES. They look dull and don't present the games as nicely as a side-loader with av cords. The sounds from the NeoFami are not as sharp and crisp as a NES.

Overall, if you want a cheap top-loader, this is the answer. It is cheap, and most of the simpler games play fine. Contra is good on this system. 1943 is great. In fact, most of the NES library are not exactly technical triumphs so this isn't that big of a problem for the most part. The games control and play perfectly. But the games that really showcase what the NES is capable of (Mario 3, MegaMan 2 and 3, Metroid and Zelda) just don't look and sound nearly as good on a NeoFami compared to playing them on a NES.

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