Bad Traders

Bad Traders

Fragster BTRs20-Mar-2001
Status: active
Aliases: Fragster
Address: Topeka, KS
Reporter: Herm

Agreed to trade on 1-13 and I sent the check for $13.20 in exchange for Robert E Lee Civil War General on that day. Today is March 21 and I am still waiting for my game. All I get are lame excuses about how tough his personal life is and how he can't get to a post office. BOO HOO!! I asked for my $$ back and no response since 2-28. DO NOT TRADE WITH THIS LOSER!!!

FoxHound Brazil BTRs17-Mar-2001
Status: active
Aliases: Lakros64
Address: Brazil
Reporter: Chico82

We made a trade in October for my Megaman X3 for his Saturn cart which is an import converter, memory card, and a game shark all in one. I sent my stuff air mail first because I had no trade back then and he had 7. He got my stuff and said that he sent my stuff. After 2 months of sending him emails he said that he sent my stuff to the wrong address. He said that to make up for his mistake he ordered the cart that he was suppose to send me from and he threw in a light gun for all of my troubles. Two months later I still didn't get anything from this guy. In his last Email he told me that he has 2 of the carts that he was suppose to send me and he'll throw in a game for all of my troubles but that was 2 weeks ago. To all of you out there DO NOT TRADE WITH THIS GUY. He is a horrible trader and he is the biggest liar I've ever met. To you Alex I want my stuff NOW. I've been very patient with you for long enough.

Fengalon BTRs15-Mar-2001
Status: active
Aliases: Dias Vangine
Reporter: DarkGhaIeon

This is what happen when i was on the chat room i ask everybody they had DBGT U.S. version complete (original).I kept asking then finally someone said yes i got the game thats Fengalon.He told me everything was complete and was original.We agree to send the games and at the same time and both of us lied to each other the first time and said we both send the the package which we didnt.then finally i agree to send the package off and told him i sent the package and Friday or Saturday he told me he sent the game out and told me the game going to arrive there 2 to 3 days then told me thx for understanding.Well its been 5 days no package and i know my package got there because i sent JOSHGRAY package out and he got his and we complete the trade.I kept emailing Fengalon 5 times and no response.The game hasnt arrive here yet and i will take down this BTR report once i get his package
until then im going to file mail Fraud.

Status: active
Aliases: Tiger131 on here and on Switchhouse, Tiger_SSO
Email: N/A
Emails: ,
Address: Colby Harold,841 Lyons
Reporter: questmaster

See my Bad Trader report for username Tiger131. This is the same guy.
Don't trade with him.

gamegod_dante BTRs14-Mar-2001
Status: active
Aliases: myvetterulz
Reporter: MorbidTorture

Al or Lynn or whatever his name is wanted a couple of PC games from my list. I told him that I saw nothing on his list that i wanted, but I'd gladly trade ANY 10 of my PC games for a Sega Saturn if he had one for trade. He toold me that I was in luck! He said he'd just traded for one from his cousin. So he sent me the list of my 10 PC games he wanted. I told him that I'd post the trade and send out the next day. So I sent. He also said that he'd sent his side of the deal. I know for fact that i sent my side!!! I Swear by it! I never recieved his side of the deal. I've constantly emailed him and asked him politely about what he thinks could be wrong. He never answers my emails. I sent him one last email stating that he had 3 days to reply with an answer about our trade. Its been 3 days so I warn you, DO NOT TRADE WITH THIS CON!