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Recent Trades

8:32pmSox04champ gets: $15 paypal
Deadpool gets: Amazon Prime renewal

8:06pmsinnie gets: Batman series code
DiamondDave gets: $24 PP

5:00pmjim27 gets: Tales of vesperia switch
TalonJedi87 gets: $25

4:33pmsa330206 gets: OG Xbox Monster component cables and Alias (Xbox)
Mir_wan gets: PayPal

4:04pmBCJU19 gets: Madagascar: Kartz (Xbox 360)
livingonwheels gets: The Serious Sam Collection (Xbox 360), Rock of the Dead (Xbox 360), Cabela's Alaskan Adventures (Xbox 360)

11:31amPorksta gets: $8.24 PP Gift
Frank gets: Rick and Morty Figure

10:44amGypsy gets: Dark Souls Trilogy Steelbook + $35
Forgotten_Freshness gets: Trade-In

9:59amLunar gets: PlayStation 2 Kuon
pr0phet gets: PayPal $225

9:17amFenDiesel gets: Super Mario Sunshine (GameCube)
Finn gets: Tetris Effect

7:34amjadensrh gets: PayPal
bungholio gets: $10 Amazon

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