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Welcome to GameTZ

Game Trading Zone is a community of people who trade stuff, especially video games.

There are no fees to buy, sell, or trade, and there is a reputation system in place that helps make sure nobody gets scammed. Simply keep track of your wanted and available games in our database and our robust matching system will help you find the trades that you're interested in.

We've been around for over 15 years, and many of our members have years of experience and hundreds of trades under their belt.

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Recent Trades

1:28amdinosaurdaniel gets: 7 amazon or paypal
RockoMan gets: Arkham Origins Steam gift

11:05pmmad99 gets: 5 gifted
chrisb1182 gets: frank xml

10:53pmBenaiah gets: Viewtiful Joe (Gamecube)
ILGIP gets: Next Pick in Retro Box

10:42pmGeekquisitions gets: $5 gifted pp
xEpiCxOpTiCz gets: LoL NA Server - Arctic Ops Varus code

10:35pmShankey gets: Hunchback 1&2 DMR
whitefire gets: $3 paypal

10:33pmquikkid gets: Chrono Trigger (Nintendo DS)
Colourshaper gets: $32 CDN gifted paypal

10:16pmhelmet gets: $27 Paypal
awise107 gets: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (PlayStation 3), Call of Duty: Black Ops (PlayStation 3), Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (PlayStation 3)

9:33pmMezmoron gets: 3 SNES Boxes
Beurk gets: Fees and shipping

7:41pmFrank gets: Resident Evil Afterlife BR
Simon_Belmont gets: Next Pick in Movie Virtual Box

7:39pmSimon_Belmont gets: Your undying gratitude
60sTrackStar gets: AC 4 code from action figure

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lunatikz Silver Good Trader
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lunatikz earned a (5 year plaque) on 28-Mar-2014.

MichaelWhiteley1987 Silver Good Trader
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MichaelWhiteley1987 earned a (silver star) on 27-Mar-2014.

HeyNow GameTZ Subscriber Double Gold Good Trader Global Trader - willing to trade internationally
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10-Sep-2008 Game Trading Zone member for over 5 years

HeyNow earned a (double gold star) on 27-Mar-2014.

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The Superpowered Saints Go Marching In
Yu-Gi-Oh!: 5D's Duel Transer (Nintendo Wii)
True to the card game, and probably the closest we'll get to a great Yu-Gi-Oh! game.
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (PlayStation 3)
A Love/Hate Relationship to Marvel At
Resistance: Retribution (PlayStation Portable)
You are James Grayson. You seek vengeance. You enjoy killing Chimera and blowing things up.