Completed Trades

Recent Completed Trades

4:51pmwill gets: $10 Paypal gifted
stevemoco gets: Dying Light GS (PS4) -- Locked

4:36pmTad gets: 7 shipped
Mir_wan gets: Ready 2 Rumble Round 2 DC

4:20pmACT gets: John Wick UV code
chrisb1182 gets: $4 pp

4:16pmback4more gets: John Wick UV
chrisb1182 gets: $4

4:00pmBenaiah gets: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time w/Master Quest (GameCube)
sefjwm gets: Dragon Age: Inquisition (PlayStation 4)

3:37pmmajin_shinsa gets: Dracula Untold HD Code (UV)
benjm23 gets: $4 PP

2:22pmGredler gets: Final Fight (Super Nintendo)
spicytony110 gets: Altered Beast (Genesis), Star Wars: Battlefront II (PlayStation 2)

2:21pmJersiah gets: $5 gifted paypal
proudtobelatino gets: Suikoden 2,tales of symphonia dragon crown non sell spot

2:19pmjunebugg309 gets: 2DS Club Nintendo Code
qualityman14 gets: $1.25 gifted PayPal

1:37pmZodd gets: Neo Geo X listed in the forums shipped as described
beats1234 gets: $half up front, half upon receiving the item $125 paypal

12:58pmDashey10 gets: Club Nintendo codes mentioned from the message
gamerhq44 gets: Shadow of the Colossus (PlayStation 2)

12:07pmjgrant78 gets: Good thoughts
SeahawksFan gets: Redbox Rent 1 Get 1 Free Code

8:28amqualityman14 gets: 8 wks sublime
Frank gets: Club Nintendo codes

7:39amW_For_Wrath gets: $20 Gifted PP
necrom23 gets: Oscar (Super Nintendo)

6:56amDannyd3554 gets: Dead Island GOTY
Ryan gets: $7 Paypal

1:23amBoss gets: $30 + $2 Shipping via Paypal (Gift)
oneluckybullet gets: GCU Card

1:04amjdwooley14 gets: The Maker's Eden and skyborn steam games
SideSwipe gets: Ford Street Racing steam game

12:53amBlu_Ray_Freak gets: $20+ Shipping
maddawg gets: Gift Sets Listed Bellow

12:30amjatink129 gets: 100 skype minutes
WippyJ gets: Gratitude!

12:03amdodekain gets: Silver Linings Playbook HD UltraViolet
thcptn gets: next pick from digital box

30-Janevilcoweatee gets: $6.50 Paypal FnF
Dasgessabel gets: John Wick UVHDX

30-JanTad gets: 18 plus shipping
fum171 gets: Batman NES and Final Fantasy Mystic Quest SNES

30-JanMetspride129 gets: lot of club nintendo codes
gamerhq44 gets: $8 PP Gifted

30-JanHeavyd814life gets: 20 Weeks of Subtime
Frank gets: PS4 Non-Sell Gameshares (Thief & Tomb Raider and The Last of Us)

30-JanGiantGoldfish gets: Dying Light (Non-Sellable)
Kerouac gets: $20paypal