Completed Trades

Recent Completed Trades

2:15amphacryth gets: 10 plus shipping
Simon_Belmont gets: cybernoid, chipndale rescue rangers

1:25amstang_crazy gets: $95 via paypal
Reed gets: $100.00 due on or by Dec 2ND via pay pal

12:05amJohnny gets: Nextbook 2-in-1 tablet (running windows 10. No scratches. Includes box)
Jurassic_Shift gets: $65 gifted paypal

12:02amSinkTheThree gets: $55
Tad gets: $45

9:35pmTad gets: 30 loan
ued222 gets: 40 nov 2

2-DecWheels617 gets: Uv codes
Boss gets: 10pp

2-DecBat gets: SteamWorld Dig Wii U code
PizzaTheHutt gets: 6 weeks subtime

2-DecLunar gets: PayPal
omegafox84 gets: Auction Winnings

2-DecGatterling gets: $4 PayPal
Wheels617 gets: Central Intelligence Digital Copy

2-DecQCJLo gets: Now You See Me 2 (UV HD code)
Gatterling gets: $4 PayPal

2-DecTim81DE gets: Final Fantasy XV Collector's Edition Guide (via amazon)+ shipping for lots
Lunar gets: Lot A, Lot B

2-Decmonkeysmadness gets: $3.60 PayPal
AwesomeEBgamer gets: Runbow Nintendo Wii U , Cave Story + , Fez, VVVVVV Steam codes

2-Decorangaspank gets: Rise of the Tomb Raider (Xbox One)
groundsquirrelsb gets: Toukiden: Kiwami (PlayStation 4)

2-Decgameremporium gets: Resonance of Fate (PlayStation 3)
groundsquirrelsb gets: Zone of the Enders: HD Collection (PlayStation 3)

2-DecW_For_Wrath gets: $50 + Shipping PayPal F&F
PeteKelly gets: Army of Darkness Movie Poster Sculpture

2-DecTad gets: 35 loan
longhornsk57 gets: 45 DEC 3

2-DecTad gets: 60 loan
xmj1 gets: 75 sept 3

2-DecCRAZY93NiS gets: $$
Dane gets: $50 psn

2-DecLunar gets: PayPal
Tubsiwub gets: Auction Winnings

2-DecHelghast gets: $2 gifted PP
SBWildBill2004 gets: Alien HD UV code

2-DecCRAZY93NiS gets: $45.59 + tax
Kiddy_Kong gets: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition - Xbox One gcu

2-Decscottperdue gets: $2 PayPal
Becvar gets: Skyfall (UV)

2-DecBostonitalian88 gets: holiday joy!
Discgolfer123 gets: nes games

2-DecDirtyMarco gets: Hateful Eight, Central Intelligence
rsouxlja7 gets: 5 paypal

2-Decwhitefire gets: $32
Dashey gets: XB1 Games