Completed Trades

Recent Completed Trades

9:26amLinksALefty gets: Destiny Locked Spot - PS4
Shane12m gets: $5 gifted pp

8:32amJersiah gets: $25 gifted paypal
pgunz3 gets: Shadows of Mordor ns

7:39amJersiah gets: $25 gifted paypal
Mordred gets: Shadows of Mordor ns

5:35amdelorean3 gets: Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (Game Boy Advance), Rayman 2: The Great Escape (Nintendo 64), $20 Paypal
SSJGohan3972 gets: Star Trek: The Next Generation (Super Nintendo), Star Trek: The Next Generation (Genesis), Demon Attack (Atari 2600), Donkey Kong (Atari 2600), Dragon Warrior (Nintendo Entertainment System), Kirby's Epic Yarn (Nintendo Wii)

4:55amMainframe gets: Ys: Memories of Celceta (PlayStation Vita)
FibroFreak78 gets: Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Nintendo Wii), $5 pp

4:34amJersiah gets: $25 gifted paypal
robbie_yep gets: Shadows of Mordor ns

1:49amphilliesphan gets: Roku XS w/ power adapter & AV cables
Xplict91 gets: $20 PP

1:21amRockoMan gets: $35
CrimsonRage78 gets: Mario 3D Land and New Super Mario Bros 2 (Both 3DS)

12:09amRollobobo gets: $2 paypal
casinochips559 gets: Thomas Was Alone (Steam)

11:14pmdariusjohnson13 gets: destiny (ps4) sellable
krashhole gets: $30 paypal

11:02pmdigita1sunset gets: Madden 15 (PS4) Locked Spot
proudtobelatino gets: $8 paypal

10:42pmSuikoden gets: $105 first place GTZ fantasy baseball finish
Slim gets: Participation

10:30pmsinnie gets: S3 battery
Frank gets: 10$

29-SepACT gets: 3 months XBL
lain21us gets: $11 PP

29-SepSeahawksFan gets: Rayman 3D (Nintendo 3DS)
ihadfg gets: Dark Cloud (PlayStation 2), what do u want for this

29-SepRivalShadeX gets: Dungeon Siege III (PlayStation 3), NCIS (PlayStation 3)
FilmGrrl99 gets: $13 Shipped Gifted Paypal

29-SepThePing gets: American Hustle HD UV Code
benjm23 gets: $4 PayPal Gifted

29-SepTapU0ut gets: 12 month xbox live code
michaeld gets: $35 gifted pp.

29-Seprykerrk gets: Paypal
Mir_wan gets: Genesis Games

29-SepScots gets: Items
alexander8 gets: Paypal

29-SepDamon gets: $5 PP Loan
RBK gets: $7 repayment by 10/6

29-SepFibroFreak78 gets: Kirby Air Ride (GameCube), Skies of Arcadia Legends (GameCube), Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City (Nintendo DS), Magician's Quest: Mysterious Times (Nintendo DS), Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II (GameCube)
Tim81DE gets: Chocobo Racing (PlayStation), Chocobo's Dungeon 2 (PlayStation), Final Fantasy 8 figure set

29-Sepdmerit gets: $2.50 plus shipping of $3.50 via paypal
DDCecil gets: Wrath black manta Black Bass NES

29-SepDamian254 gets: Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen (Nintendo DS)
SSJGohan3972 gets: Pokémon Trading Card Game (Game Boy), Super Mario Land (Game Boy), Mario Kart Super Circuit (Game Boy Advance), Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Eternal Duelist Soul (Game Boy Advance), Fossil Fighters (Nintendo DS), LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Nintendo DS), Puzzle Quest: Galactrix (Nintendo DS), Light Gun Controller -- Nintendo Zapper (Nintendo Entertainment System)

29-Sepdmerit gets: XBOX ONE controller
RockoMan gets: $35 PayPal gifted