Completed Trades

Recent Completed Trades

10:05pmLobsterbush gets: Paypal
Tiredman gets: Auction Winnings

8:10pmLunar gets: 5 Vinyl Records
3hitcombo gets: PayPal $25

8:10pmAnxiouz gets: $$
Lunar gets: Apple TV (3rd gen)

5:51pmdunno001 gets: PS4 controller
Kommie gets: $25 PayPal

5:06pmsecret_defender gets: payment
benstylus gets: santa claus coming to town

4:57pmLunar gets: Injustice Year 1 and 2 Books
benstylus gets: PayPal $25 + shipping

3:55pmsefjwm gets: Outriders PS4
rayzor6 gets: $30 paypal

2:59pmnt22 gets: Mega Man Network Transmission (GameCube)
ResqTek gets: $40 venmo

2:13pmKevster gets: Solar Striker, Alleyway, & TMNT Gameboy cartridges. All of them are cart only! The condition of each item was shown in photographs. All games work!
Johnny gets: $20.00 paypal friends and family

20-Apritunehater gets: $50 psn
Pathlesscookies gets: $45 pp on 2/3/21

20-AprTakeD0WN gets: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (Xbox)
wsmith718 gets: Soul Calibur II (Xbox)

20-AprWithinTemptation gets: Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness (PlayStation 3)
jwaring gets: Yakuza 3 (PlayStation 3)

20-AprTechnos gets: Deep Fear (JPN Saturn)
ChronoLe gets: $25 PayPal shipped

20-AprNostalgeek gets: Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (PC)
Dragom gets: Bank Transfer

20-AprJacked27 gets: Final Fantasy X-2: HD Remaster (PlayStation Vita), Freedom Wars (PlayStation Vita), Soul Sacrifice (PlayStation Vita), Borderlands 2 -- Game of the Year Edition (PlayStation 3), The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim -- Special Edition (PlayStation 4)
Link gets: How much/See anything you want?

20-AprDsbaum454 gets: Call of Juarez: Gunslinger (Nintendo Switch), Fire Emblem -- 30th Anniversary Edition (Nintendo Switch)
Frank gets: $$$

19-AprDusk gets: $22 FFPP
Auron gets: Switch x1 Joy Con Grip & x1 Charging Station

19-AprW gets: $40 PPFF
Cloudgohan gets: Sealed Gran Turismo 2 (Cracked Case)

19-AprFrank gets: PP
BleedingViolet gets: Movie Winnings

19-AprDusk gets: $8.50
Havoc007 gets: Switch Protective Case

19-AprFrank gets: $10 + Shipping
gameboy1009 gets: Tearaway Collector Vinyl Charm (Set of two, sealed)

19-Aprgameremporium gets: See message
Dusk gets: See message

19-Aprdunno001 gets: Assortment of import PS1 & Saturn games in comment
ChronoLe gets: Virtua Cop (Saturn), PSP Lumines 2 & ZHP case/manuals; $80 PP

19-Aprclassicvideogamer gets: 8 discs from messages -
HybridCRoW gets: 7 PayPal FF

19-Aprjuxtapoz15 gets: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (PlayStation 4)
cblake78 gets: The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (Nintendo Switch)