Completed Trades

Recent Completed Trades

4:19amGroo gets: Intersteller HD (UV/ITunes) Imitation Game HD (UV Code)
benjm23 gets: $9.00 PayPal FNF

4:14amIndy1988 gets: $30.25 Paypal
FibroFreak78 gets: Mario Kart 64, Donkey Kong 64,

4:13amResqTek gets: $15 + shipping
FibroFreak78 gets: auction winnings

4:12amFibroFreak78 gets: Pokemon Stadium 2 (Nintendo 64), Poke red
KiltedGunstar gets: Import Converter -- Pro Action Replay Plus 4-in-1 (Saturn), Michael Jackson's Moonwalker (Sega Master System)

4:12amFibroFreak78 gets: Super Mario Bros. 3 (Nintendo Entertainment System)
ffman gets: Paper Mario: Sticker Star (Nintendo 3DS) cib

3:07amMrBean gets: $260 [PayPal] (Gifted)
HAHA63095 gets: Nintendo 3DS XL [Majora's Mask Edition]

1:44amBighab gets: Stormlord Sega Genesis CIB
GameMaestro gets: $$$ via Paypal

12:26amQDizzle gets: watch dogs and cod ghosts.
gamer78 gets: $15

11:41pmproathlete199 gets: $43 paypal gifted
joshxx gets: Kirby's Return to Dream Land (Nintendo Wii)

11:38pmalexkidd401 gets: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (Nintendo 3DS)
joshxx gets: Pikmin 3 Wii U (CIB)

10:56pmJeff gets: Majoras mask 3ds
Demonis gets: $$

10:51pmmajin_shinsa gets: $25 pp
treyjedi gets: borderlands nonsell ps4

9:46pmlazarro gets: 3 official ps2 cases
InfiniteJest gets: 6.00 paypal

9:20pmXellos2099 gets: $8.50
NERDtendo gets: GOT Season 4 Vudu code

8:41pmJersiah gets: $10 gifted paypal
stevemoco gets: Bloodborne Locked

8:39pmomegafox84 gets: $7.50+actual shipping
Fallout gets: Fallout Vault Boy t-shirt (size M)

8:35pmSANGRE gets: $40 concealed cash with tracking number
ksurfs gets: Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (Nintendo 3DS), Mario Kart 7 (Nintendo 3DS)

8:20pmPrime gets: shipping cost
BurningDoom gets: Solarstriker (Gameboy)

8:08pmHeavyd814life gets: $1 Gifted PayPal
chestercheetah gets: PS3 Group Account #19 - Killer is Dead & Guacamelee

7:31pmwill gets: $19 + shipping - Paypal F&F
JeshK5 gets: Auction Winnings

7:14pmTad gets: streets of rage 2 and sonic and knuckles genesis
Sneeks gets: $5

6:25pmMeyer gets: Far Cry 4 (Xbox One)
lambofgad gets: Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox One)

5:48pmthartman gets: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor (PlayStation 4)
Killkernal gets: InFAMOUS: Second Son (PlayStation 4)

5:42pmjac9000 gets: Into The Woods - Digital Copy Plus Only
benjm23 gets: 4.50

5:19pmSlim gets: Buy-In $15 paypal gifted
ericfnbaker gets: Fantasy baseball invite.