Completed Trades

Recent Completed Trades

2:35amSoCalAztec gets: Trolls UV
incubus421 gets: Freebie

2:15ambrownies8701 gets: $39.50 shipped gifted paypal
Wchillinman gets: Comic Auction Winnings

12:13amTad gets: 65 shipped
Huh gets: saturn with hookups 3 games 1 controller

10:27pmbreakinbenji gets: rick and morty season 1 UV HDX
BasiliskFang gets: $5 PayPal

10:02pmBloodPuppetX gets: $8 PP
Havoc007 gets: $10 PSN

9:28pmwhitefire gets: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor UV (from Blu-ray)
Huh gets: $2

9:13pmlonghornsk57 gets: $12 PP
Simon_Belmont gets: The Martian, Lucy, the revenant blurays

7:08pmBat gets: Xbox One Dead Rising 3
yankees7448 gets: $6 paypal gifted

27-Jundevans77 gets: Fire stick from best buy
Yooka gets: $42.79 pp

27-JunKligh gets: $17
whitefire gets: 2 $10 PSN cards

27-JunBigPappa101 gets: Mafia III (Xbox One)
Skulles gets: Dead Rising 4 (Xbox One)

27-Junwhitefire gets: 40 weeks GTZ subtime
bill gets: 3-Month PSN

27-JunBat gets: Freebie
six gets: Xbox One Madden 25

27-Junthenadz gets: Yooka Laylee PS4
Lunar gets: Kingdom hearts 2.5 HD LE (Ps3)

27-JunLunar gets: Nintendo 64 RGB Modded N64 Bundle - Jungle green n64 with expansion pak, matching controller, cables and adapter, scart cable and yoshis island and about three other games I can find I know I've got. One being Star Wars racer, Random game of your choosing($10-$20 value)
Rune_Walsh gets: Sega Saturn Burning Rangers (Disc only), PlayStation Portable Persona 2 and Fate/Extra

27-JunLunar gets: Nintendo Switch Binding of Isaac PalPal $25
Rune_Walsh gets: PlayStation Portable Gradius Collection (Complete) + Metal Slug XX (Complete)

27-JunLunar gets: PalPal $30 + ship
Rune_Walsh gets: Sega Saturn Eclipse Stick (New) PlayStation Portable Blazing Souls (Complete)

27-JunLunar gets: PalPal $35
Rune_Walsh gets: PlayStation 4 Persona P5

27-JunDrummy gets: $30 PayPal
Rune_Walsh gets: Sonic Adventure 2

27-JunLastEpoch gets: $43 amazon
Amir gets: $38 pp

27-JunJeremey gets: PayPal loan
smokey_vols gets: Repayment by July 8th

26-JunHoos254 gets: Alien Incident (PC)
indiana gets: $20

26-JunBleedingViolet gets: Nada tis gratis from the steals thread
Groo gets: Dragon Warrior 8 3ds

26-Junphiizo gets: Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin (Nintendo DS), Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow (Nintendo DS)
kintanos gets: $40 PayPal gifted friends and family

26-JunBat gets: $108.88 PalPal Gifted
BleedingViolet gets: Auction Items