Completed Trades

Recent Completed Trades

8:32pmmikeyr gets: $4 F&F PayPal
Jeffro gets: Annihilation iTunes Only

7:19pmbenstylus gets: $13.50 check/money order/PayPal
CoachMcGuirk gets: Super Mario All-Stars

6:10pmbrian9824 gets: Pitch Perfect 1-3, Smurfs lost village
acillatem gets: $14 pp f&f

6:08pmNeokitty gets: money
sinnie gets: Caranal games ds, Petz Catz ds

5:29pmBleedingViolet gets: Resident Evil 0 (GameCube), Sonic: Colors (Nintendo Wii), LEGO Star Wars (PlayStation 2), Resident Evil 6 (Xbox 360), South Park: The Stick of Truth (Xbox 360), Sonic Heroes (GameCube), Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Genesis), Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (Genesis), Donkey Kong Country (Super Nintendo)
i_gothix_i gets: Paypal

5:08pmPathlesscookies gets: psn 20
CRAZY93NiS gets: 17

5:02pmPathlesscookies gets: psn 20
LinksALefty gets: 17

4:54pmBleed_DukeBlue gets: Annihilation - iTunes (4K)
mikeyr gets: $4 PayPal F&F

4:52pmGypsy gets: $85 + ship
Wheels617 gets: Headhunter (Dreamcast), Rez (Dreamcast)

4:09pmkilter gets: Far Cry 5 (PlayStation 4), $5
trueking gets: Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan (Nintendo 3DS), Valkyria Chronicles Remastered (PlayStation 4)

2:59pmKillkernal gets: $28 Gifted PP
DeputySchrute gets: Monster Hunter: World (PlayStation 4)

2:26pmTheGadgetGod gets: PayPal?
dmerit gets: Xbox One Kinect (Xbox One)

1:46pmBat gets: $11 Paypal Gifted
scaravella gets: Xbox One Madden 18

1:35pmbungholio gets: 40 amazon
LinksALefty gets: 37

12:37pmpoiygon gets: joycon comfort grip & 2 joycon straps
firefly2k gets: $7

12:32pmW_For_Wrath gets: The Rover w/slipcover
arsenal_fan gets: Swiss Army Man w/slipcover

9:54amPorksta gets: $30 PP Gift
DiamondDave gets: Your Name (Blu) and The Devil is a Part-Timer (Blu)

12:01amwhitefire gets: $35.21 Best Buy
bungholio gets: $30 gifted PP

23-Mayapchirol gets: Horizon: Zero Dawn (PlayStation 4)
masterledz gets: Assassin's Creed: Origins (PlayStation 4)

23-Maykilter gets: Call of Duty: WWII (PlayStation 4)
TapU0ut gets: Middle-earth: Shadow of War (PlayStation 4), $5

23-MayShawn gets: Space Channel 5 (Dreamcast), Gradius III (Super Nintendo)
Dalyrium gets: Pokemon Sun (Nintendo 3DS)

23-Maysnakebite34 gets: Book
yoda5 gets: $3 cover shipping

23-MayDiamondDave gets: $$
Lunar gets: SNT, SGB, 8BITDO Controller/Receiver

23-MayFilmGrrl99 gets: $41 shipped paypal gifted or $42.49 shipped paypal standard
sa330206 gets: Destroy All Humans! (PlayStation 2), The Thing (PlayStation 2), Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 (PlayStation 2), Bionic Commando (PlayStation 3), Far Cry 2 (PlayStation 3), Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon (Xbox), Chicago Enforcer (Xbox), Far Cry: Instincts (Xbox), Full Spectrum Warrior (Xbox), The Godfather: The Game -- Limited Edition (Xbox)

23-MaySimon_Belmont gets: Star Wars: Battlefront II (Xbox One)
keikurono gets: Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 ReMIX (PlayStation 3), Kingdom Hearts HD I.5 ReMIX (PlayStation 3)