Completed Trades

Recent Completed Trades

12:51pmIndy1988 gets: New Nintendo 3DS XL - Pikachu Yellow Edition (New Nintendo 3DS)
keitaro gets: $210 Paypal shipped

12:06pmKingofGames gets: Dariusburst LE (sealed)
Porksta gets: $106 + shipping PP Gift

11:21amDustin gets: $10 amazon
BloodPuppetX gets: $9 gifted PP

10:19amdunno001 gets: 3rd party Sega Dreamcast controller, DS game case
LinksALefty gets: Shipping

9:07amMiranda gets: 17.25
SEspo gets: Amazon Prime 1 Year

7:47amEggplant_Wizard gets: $1 + shipping gifted PP
KamenRiderNecrom gets: GBA headphone adapter (auction)

4:33amJeff gets: Legend of Zelda: LBW (DS Lite, No GBA compartment, no stylus)
yearlingsun gets: $$$

20-SepSnatcher gets: $15 eBay GC
sm04as gets: $13.8 PayPal

20-SepHuh gets: Pineapple Express, Lego Batman UV codes
deejay726 gets: $7

20-SepFrictionPin gets: Nier PS4 sealed
WithinTemptation gets: next virtual box pick

20-SepGroo gets: Transformers the Last Knight HDX UV Code
mikeyr gets: $6 Paypal FnF

20-SepAwesomeEBgamer gets: Beyond Good and Evil (PS2)
TripleElbow gets: $3 + shipping

20-SepLunar gets: PayPal $65
Rune_Walsh gets: PlayStation 2 Gunbird 1 & 2

20-SepRune_Walsh gets: Silent Hill (ps1)
Lunar gets: Next pick in the box

20-Sepwhitefire gets: $340 + $29.40 Shipping $369.40 Total
longhornsk57 gets: Auction Winnings

20-SepFoxhack gets: $12 + postage
dunno001 gets: Shadowrun Genesis cart (untested), Wired Super Retro Controller (Retrobit)

20-SepBubbler28 gets: Popcorn Voucher
sm04as gets: $1.50 FF PP

20-Sepdjkadafi gets: loan
Erik gets: repayment loan

20-SepHeadshot gets: Pink and green joycons with straps and grip
Snatcher gets: Paypal

20-Sepphilliesphan gets: Wonder woman HD uv
mattyg00013 gets: $7 pp

20-SepEggplant_Wizard gets: $2 + shipping gifted PP
Simon_Belmont gets: Game Party, Wii Sports Wii

20-SepDasgessabel gets: Wonder Woman HDX Code
longhornsk57 gets: $7 PayPal F&F

20-SepGraphicsWrench gets: Captain Underpants UV
mad99 gets: $5 PayPal

20-SepLunar gets: PayPal $40
InfiniteJest gets: Nintendo 64 Random Assortment

20-SepHavoc007 gets: Batman exclusive pop vinyl
Nickpickster gets: $20 shipped