Completed Trades

Recent Completed Trades

4:48pmGraphicsWrench gets: Spider-Man (Genesis), Castlevania II: Simon's Quest (Nintendo Entertainment System)
mcorrado gets: $20 PP F&F

4:48pmWithinTemptation gets: $25 Gifted PP
GraphicsWrench gets: Spider-Man and the X-Men: Arcade's Revenge (Super Nintendo)

4:20pmTahoeMax gets: Halloween HD UV code
Munwaste79 gets: $5 via PP

3:29pmDustin gets: Good vibes
whitefire gets: Fallout 4 (PlayStation 4)

3:08pmwhitefire gets: 7 N64 games from PM
bumsplikity gets: $40

3:08pmwhitefire gets: 4 N64 Games
SANGRE gets: $12

3:07pmwhitefire gets: N64 Manuals
XenoSega gets: $30

1:23pmPurpleYoshi gets: Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection (PlayStation 3)
jdwooley14 gets: $9 PayPal

12:40pmjdwooley14 gets: $23 pp
Jonwizle gets: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

11:13amDashey gets: PayPal Gifted
Kligh gets: GCU Order

9:19amloztdogs gets: Solo: A Star War's Story [iTunes - HD]
Becvar gets: 7.96 pp

8:56amRollobobo gets: Digital Movie
Becvar gets: Gifted PayPal

16-JanCaptain_Skaggs gets: super smash bros ultimate switch complete
xzbiz gets: zelda botw switch complete + $5

16-JanQCJLo gets: Happy Death Day (2017) UVHD code
Munwaste79 gets: $2 PayPal

16-JanPorksta gets: $15.65 PP Gift
Wheels617 gets: Auction Winnings

16-JanTad gets: 5 shipped
Frank gets: Radar Mission w/ manual $1.50 Frank

16-JanBighab gets: $7 US shipped
Tystuh gets: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time -- Manual Only (Nintendo 64)

16-JanInfiniteJest gets: $74 Amazon
Amir gets: $65

16-Jangameremporium gets: Tales of the Abyss (PlayStation 2), Persona 4: Golden (PlayStation Vita)
Chris_Champ222 gets: Octopath Traveler (Nintendo Switch)

16-JanBostonitalian88 gets: $8 PayPal fees covered
Dsbaum454 gets: Dragon Warrior (Nintendo Entertainment System)

16-JanBostonitalian88 gets: $340 (two payments of $170 paid by end of January 2019) Paypal fees covered
Dsbaum454 gets: Donkey Konga 2 (GameCube), Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles (GameCube), LEGO Star Wars (GameCube), Pac-Man vs. / Pac-Man World 2 (GameCube), Wave Race: Blue Storm (GameCube), All-Star Baseball 2000 (Nintendo 64), Golden Nugget 64 (Nintendo 64), Hey You Pikachu (Nintendo 64), Midway's Greatest Arcade Hits Volume 1 (Nintendo 64), Namco Museum 64 (Nintendo 64), Pokemon Puzzle League (Nintendo 64), Pokemon Snap (Nintendo 64), Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2 (Nintendo 64), Shadow Man (Nintendo 64), Spider-Man (Nintendo 64), Superman 64 (Nintendo 64), Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six (Nintendo 64), Top Gear Rally (Nintendo 64), Turok: Rage Wars (Nintendo 64), Virtual Chess 64 (Nintendo 64), War Gods (Nintendo 64)

16-JanmyrixXXX gets: $27 PP
tonymack21 gets: $30 Subway Multipack

16-JanLunar gets: PayPal $9
Becvar gets: Codes from 4K Bluray: Deadpool, Ocean's 8

16-Jantonymack21 gets: xbox cred
jays1fan gets: Pp

16-JanSANGRE gets: 3 month XBOX Game Pass sub
sm04as gets: $18 PayPal (friend&family)