Completed Trades

Recent Completed Trades

10:10pmInfiniteJest gets: Game Boy Advance Metroid Fusion VG CIB
WithinTemptation gets: Next Pick in the Retro Virtual Box

9:28pmBoyward gets: Mega Man X Collection (GameCube)
JellieBomb gets: Splatoon (Nintendo Wii U)

9:24pmInfiniteJest gets: Dragon Force G missing cover art
Rune_Walsh gets: Next Pick in the Virtual Box

9:23pmInfiniteJest gets: Sega Dreamcast Shenmue VG CIB
Rune_Walsh gets: Next pick in the virtual box

9:10pmproudtobelatino gets: Paypal loan
youruglyclone gets: PayPal loan Repayment

8:59pmOduomega gets: $15 PP (Gifted)
RagingShadow07 gets: God

8:29pmRichieK92 gets: Amiibo -- Mario: 30th Anniversary Classic Color (Nintendo Wii U)
Dashey gets: Amiibo -- Toon Link (Nintendo Wii U)

8:10pmJeremey gets: items listed in message below
rainbowgirl gets: $4 + shipping

7:45pmBigNasty gets: $50 amazon gift card
Heavyd814life gets: $45 paypal

6:52pmFitz gets: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (PlayStation 4), Alice: Madness Returns (PlayStation 3), Deus Ex: Human Revolution (PlayStation 3), Sid Meier's Pirates! (PlayStation Portable)
tonymack21 gets: Tales of Destiny II -- Strategy Guide (guide)

6:43pmSuperPhillip gets: $23 gifted PayPal
Frank gets: Banjo Pilot (Game Boy Advance)

5:45pmlunar4lyfe gets: New Super Mario Bros. U (Wii U)
brockmoreno gets: Next Pick in Virtual Box

5:06pmRBK gets: $40 PayPal gifted
SideSwipe gets: 12 Month XBL Code

5:03pmPrime gets: NHL '95 (Super Nintendo)
spotandclaw gets: shipping and thanks.

4:23pmtj_hollywood gets: Controller (Super Nintendo)
FibroFreak78 gets: $25 paypal

2:51pmLazyOtaku gets: Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (Nintendo Wii U)
Frank gets: Next pick in the virtual box

2:45pmYoudiee gets: The Witch and the Hundred Knight -- Revival Edition (PlayStation 4)
Mir_wan gets: PayPal (other), $20 shipped

2:27pmblackipa gets: ET HD UV code
W_For_Wrath gets: $3

1:33pmdevans77 gets: Cost in pp gifted
chestercheetah gets: Metal gear solid V phantom pain xbox 360 (best buy)

1:21pmbrockmoreno gets: The World Ends With You (sealed)
lunar4lyfe gets: Next pick in the Virtual Box

1:10pmSilverOwl gets: Life is Strange sealed ps4
Heavyd814life gets: Next pick in the virtual box

12:56pmMorbidTorture gets: The Division (Xbox One)
CenturionElite gets: $30.00 (PayPal)

12:38pmButters gets: Crazy Taxi (GameCube)
Boyward gets: $5 paypal

12:25pmwhitefire gets: $18 shipped
lunar4lyfe gets: RE6 + ArcaniA PlayStation 4

11:58ambeck67 gets: Ratchet & Clank (PlayStation 4)
MoonWizard gets: Bloodborne (PlayStation 4)