Completed Trades

Recent Completed Trades

11:28amJeshK5 gets: Wrecking ball LEGO set.
SirConnery gets: $12 bones.

10:17amreneeatworld gets: $18 Gifted PayPal
Diuris gets: $20 digital Amazon giftcard.

8:34amSirConnery gets: $25 shipped
DeputySchrute gets: Lego Minecraft Set

8:31amRocket_Raccoon gets: $30 Amazon Gift Code
GiantGoldfish gets: Madden 15 PS4 Sellable spot

6:04amFibroFreak78 gets: See below
Shadow gets: Pp

12:34amdjchiszle gets: $27
krashhole gets: Metro Redux sellable

28-Auglunar4lyfe gets: Roku 2 XD with Remote, $5 gifted Paypal
Robdukes gets: Xbox 360 - MW3 Controller, Chat Pad, Wired Head Set, and Media Remote

28-Auggamer78 gets: watchdogs sellable account ps4
GiantGoldfish gets: $25 g-pp

28-Augtheundead67 gets: 20.50 shipped gifted/cover fees
Simon_Belmont gets: Auction winnings

28-Aughelmet gets: The Wolf of Wall Street (Blu-ray)
Spankthru gets: The Great Gatsby (Blu-ray)

28-Augmcanu04 gets: Cybermorph Box!
Dsbaum454 gets: My Thanks!

28-AugShane12m gets: $30
Justin gets: Madden 15 sellable slot

28-Augjatink129 gets: Stuff from Amazon.
Kevin gets: $37.31

28-AugSeahawksFan gets: Cooking Mama (Nintendo DS)
mbrwhs gets: Freddy vs. Jason (Blu-ray), What do u want for this

28-AugLastEpoch gets: Baten Kaitos Origins
SuperPhillip gets: Trauma Center: Under the Knife (Nintendo DS), Killzone: Mercenary (PlayStation Vita)

28-AugShane12m gets: $25 gifted PayPal
Jersiah gets: PvZ GW sellable

28-Augkillmak gets: Plants vs Zombies GOTY Steam
NathanOfLight gets: 1 USD Paypal

28-Augmatteman8 gets: $43 paypal
Bighab gets: vindicators and JackalComplete in Box shipped to canada

28-AugRottenPeachesXx gets: $17 gifted paypal
dreamstate gets: Ghost Roaster, Time Twister, Healing Elixir

28-AugDirtyMarco gets: Divergent UV
lunar4lyfe gets: 3.50 gifted

28-Augchriiiiiiis gets: The Devil's Rejects, Event Horizon, Shaun of the Dead, and Zombieland Blurays
epyon396 gets: $15.50 Paypal

28-AugDemgrangos gets: Kirby Air Ride (GameCube)
ztiF gets: The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth II (Xbox 360)

28-AugSeahawksFan gets: Pokémon Pearl Version (Nintendo DS)
deNNis55555 gets: Mortal Kombat Trilogy (PlayStation), what do u want for this

28-AugWildWolf21 gets: Wave Race: Blue Storm (GameCube)
deNNis55555 gets: Blasto (PlayStation)

28-AugMir_wan gets: goldeneye and crusin usa n64
bonham2 gets: $17 paypal