Completed Trades

Recent Completed Trades

2:38pmKing_link gets: Mario and Luigi: Dream Team and Zelda: Majora's Mask
Captain_Skaggs gets: $35

1:46pmthenadz gets: Deus ex PS4
px316xk gets: $28 PayPal

1:17pmSnatcher gets: Super Smash Bros. Melee Disc Only + $60 PayPal gift
KingofGames gets: Shining Force CD (Sega CD) CIB in Good Condition

1:15pmKingofGames gets: Turbografx-16 CD package with system card
Snatcher gets: Skies of Arcadia CIB, PayPal, game TBD (approx. $20 value).

11:59amLunar gets: PS Vita Bundle
cliffsteele gets: $$

11:07amyouataknow2 gets: Wow early release HD uv
mad99 gets: 5 pp ff

10:39amJeremey gets: $8.50 + shipping
Dustin gets: 30 Days of Night (Blu-ray), I Am Legend (Blu-ray), Life (Blu-ray (widescreen)), No Country for Old Men (Blu-ray (widescreen)), We Own the Night (Blu-ray (fullscreen))

9:40amjgrant78 gets: $10 Amazon GC
SSJGohan3972 gets: Next pick in console virtual box

8:40amPathlesscookies gets: 5 amz
rrrooobb gets: 4.5

1:15amKillkernal gets: Overwatch -- Origins Edition (PlayStation 4)
Lazybum37 gets: Yoshi's Woolly World (Nintendo Wii U), $10 PayPal/Cash

25-Sepwhitefire gets: $2.50 + shipping ($5.10 total)
emerica2jh gets: Auction Winnings

25-SepJeremey gets: $1 + shipping
emerica2jh gets: Untraceable (Blu-ray)

25-SepRonin gets: Warcraft iTunes
mad99 gets: 3.50

25-SepLunar gets: Turbo Duo Bundle
Shadow_StarLust gets: NES Bundle, Crash Bandicoot, Shadow Hearts, GTA IV, Amazon Item

25-Septiffmo gets: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor (Xbox One), Plants vs. Zombies (Nintendo DS), Injustice: Gods Among Us -- Ultimate Edition (PlayStation 4), Sleeping Dogs -- Definitive Edition (Xbox One)
livingonwheels gets: Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing (Nintendo Wii), Alien Hominid (GameCube), Rune: Viking Warlord (PlayStation 2), Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles (PlayStation Portable), From Russia With Love (GameCube)

25-SepInfiniteJest gets: $25 Paypal Sept 20th
Tad gets: $20 Paypal

25-Sepdodekain gets: HD UV codes: x-men days of future past rogue cut, The Exorcist (Extended Director's Cut) original movie
BasiliskFang gets: $6 PP

25-Sepnibbler1 gets: 2010 Club Nintendo Platinum Award statue - mint condition
Boyward gets: $22 US shipped via friends/family

25-SepRULost119 gets: Zootopia DMA code
Mr_Bing gets: $5 PayPal

25-SepDustin gets: $17.60 gifted pp
SideSwipe gets: Doom xb1

25-SepErickRPG gets: $$ (prelim)
Lunar gets: Luminous Arc 2 (Nintendo DS), Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes (Nintendo DS), Endless Ocean: Blue World -- Wii Speak Bundle (Nintendo Wii), Fairy Fencer F -- Limited Edition (PlayStation 3), Alundra -- Working Designs Strategy Guide (guide), Lunar SSSC and Lunar EBC Guides

25-SepLunar gets: Game Boy Advance Boktai, PayPal $80
SBWildBill2004 gets: Sega Saturn Dragon Force

25-SepXplict91 gets: $12pp
volt1up gets: Bustedtees coupon $90 Value

25-Sepbungholio gets: Amazon Giftcard or Gifted PP
BleedingViolet gets: Auction Winnings

24-SepTad gets: 27 plus shipping
BleedingViolet gets: auction winnings