Pending Trades

Recent Pending Trades

12:11amTad gets: 4.50 shipped
dinosaurdaniel gets: Jak and Daxter $1.50

12:08amTad gets: gta 3 pc
Dashey gets: a dollar pr a puppy

12:03amTad gets: 14.50 shipped
xxslingbladexx gets: auction winnings

11:53pmDasgessabel gets: $48 PayPal + PSN Card
Killkernal gets: Destiny 2 Digital Deluxe Edition (Sealed) w/ Season Pass (PS4)

11:49pmcae15 gets: Xbox one charge cable
DuskMurdock gets: 6.50 paypal

10:38pmFrictionPin gets: Akumajo Dracula X Gekka no Yasoukyoku (Saturn), Assault Suit Leynos 2 (Saturn), DoDonPachi (Saturn)
zoothsayer gets: PayPal

10:34pmpankakemarine236 gets: Halo 5 (sealed)
Dashey gets: Next Virtual Box Pick

10:14pmKiltedGunstar gets: 33 PP
Wheels617 gets: Snatcher (Saturn import), fighting vipers (Saturn import)

8:39pmGuacninja gets: Yakuza Kiwami (PlayStation 4)
Slim_Trigger gets: Virtual box pick

6:41pmFrictionPin gets: Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ - Complete and Mint
DDCecil gets: $40 PayPal

3:17pmjboschke gets: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (PlayStation 4)
longhornsk57 gets: $15

3:05pmWithinTemptation gets: Freedom Wars PS Vita
loztdogs gets: Shipping

2:58pmWithinTemptation gets: Pokemon Sun VG CIB
pankakemarine236 gets: Next Virtual Box Pick

2:05pmHeavyd814life gets: $7 Gifted PayPal
Pathlesscookies gets: $10 PSN Card

1:51pmGarbageJuicer123 gets: Gravity Rush -- Remastered (PlayStation 4)
starseed1981 gets: Destiny 2 (PlayStation 4)

1:30pmgameremporium gets: Growlanser: Heritage of War (PlayStation 2)
dre627 gets: Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2 (PlayStation 3), Soul Sacrifice (PlayStation Vita)

1:19pmYoya gets: Persona 4: Golden (PlayStation Vita)
dre627 gets: The Sims 3 (PlayStation 3)

1:00pmsix gets: Call of duty Iw legacy edtion , Cod Aw
Codester gets: $23 + plus shipping

21-SepPathlesscookies gets: 10 psn
RBK gets: 7

21-SepDamian254 gets: Light Gun Controller -- Konami Justifier (Super Nintendo), Nightmare Creatures (Nintendo 64)
Butters gets: Super Mario Sunshine (GameCube), Yoshi's Story (Nintendo 64)

21-SepKamenRiderNecrom gets: Skyward Sword and Majora's Mask Guide
armymedic gets: 45 paypal

21-Sepgameremporium gets: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 (PlayStation 2)
pupeye gets: Final Fantasy Tactics (PlayStation)

21-Sepmariodog gets: $12.70 PayPal Gifted
SirConnery gets: Big Trouble in Little China, The A-Team, Full Metal Jacket, & From Dusk Till Dawn (Sealed)

20-Sepwhitefire gets: Mario + Rabbids
Drico gets: $43 paypal

20-SepLunar gets: Games + PayPal
BleedingViolet gets: Lots of Stuff