Bad Traders

Bad Trader Reports on OneEyeGhostRida

OneEyeGhostRida BTRs28-Oct-2008
Status: active
Aliases: Tim Stacy
Address: P.O. Box 88 Lucasville, OH 45648
Reporter: keepingitreal

We agreed on a trade and since I am a new member I had to send first which I did. I have a tracking number to prove he recieved my items. He ignores my messages and now refuses to send his part of the trade or give me back my stuff. This person is just a terrible scammer.

This fool is a joke! I never threatened him I just let him know that I now know he is using TWO different mailing addresses which is a little suspicious. Especially when he seems to be ripping off more than one person at a time.
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (29-Oct-2008)
sorry for the mix up veritech didnt finish the trade he sent bad xbox live codes and i told him when he sent the codes ill ship the games and he know s his self cause he said he would ship out new codes and fix the problem which it looks like he is not going through with AS FOR THE THREAT YOU SENT IN PM ABOUT WHERE I LIVE TAKE THE DRIVE COME TO MY HOUSE I WORK FROM 7AM TO 4 PM ILL BE HOME AROUND 4:30 PM

OneEyeGhostRida BTRs27-Oct-2008
Status: active
Aliases: Tim Stacy
Reporter: RamHawk

This BTR is because he didn't return all the items that were initially sent to him. He still owes me a sealed / brand new OEM wired headset (old style). He said he mailed all the items back but it was not included and it was not shipped back in the original box.

Our trade was for an Xbox 360 transfer cable + software + manual and a wired headset. He couldn't get the transfer software to work (application issue, not a bad disc) so he decided to send it back to me. There was nothing wrong with what I sent; it evidently didn't fit his application / drives. In regards to this part of the trade, I feel he should have done his homework a little better and asked more questions upfront to me or to Microsoft. In our conversations, I included links to Microsoft showing that is should have worked. That is not my fault that it wouldn't work and I feel the trade should have continued. He even stated that Microsoft would offer him the correct software confirming that there is nothing wrong with the cable.

Look at his recent trades and history of cancellations. In my opinion, it seems that he cancels trades to keep from getting a bad rating.

10-29-08 UPDATE: His recent response to this BTR is that I'm upset about the transfer cable and that I "file a BTR on [him] cause we didnt make the trade thats just wrong be a man". I'm not sure how much clearer I can make this BTR.... It wasn't for the transfer cable, it was because you didn't send me back the headset. I agree that you did indeed send back the cable + cd + manual... BUT YOU DIDN'T SEND ME THE HEADSET. Please read the BTR more carefully next time, and respond to the correct one too. Your response was attached to someone else's BTR. If I wanted to complain about the trade and make it specifically about the transfer cable then I would have stated that and I would have argued with you sending me back the items in our trade conversation. Maybe you need to look at the whole trade conversation again. I was more than willing to keep the trade open and to help you figure out what the problem was.

10-30-08 UPDATE: Well, OneEyeGhostRida has submitted a retaliation BTR in response to this one I sent. It is my word against his but my record is much cleaner than his; especially with his trade cancellations and other BTRs. We'll let the other users here decide. He thinks my BTR is for the problems he had with the transfer cable issue. Again, I specifically stated what my BTR was about.

I will remove the BTR when the headset is mailed to me in the original condition.

Everyone, please read the full trade history and conversation: