Bad Traders

Bad Trader Reports on Zilnor

Zilnor BTRs23-Jun-2010
Status: active
Reporter: Gelert

Dear Rahn. It really really pains me to do this, but I have been advised to do so by the GameTZ moderators and, to be honest, I feel I have exhausted all alternatives. Please understand that, if this can be resolved very soon I am prepared to ask for this BTR against you to be removed.
On 10th April I approached you regarding a proposed trade.
On 14th April you replied and asked if I would wait until May 4th as you were moving from Tennessee to Minnesota. We agreed on this and agreed that neither of us would mail out our games until a date between May 4th and May 7th. At the same time you proposed the addition of other games to the trade.
On 15th April we agreed on a trade in which you were to send me three games and I was to send you two. We pended the trade on this date.
In 1st May you contacted me saying you had arrived in Minnesota and would be able to send the games the following week. I said that would be good and asked you for your new, not registered with GameTZ, address.
I wrote to you on the 7th asking if you were ready, as you had stipulated on 14th April that the games would be sent no later than 7th May. You didn't reply until 11th May.
11th may - you wrote back apologising for the delay and said you would send the games on 13th May. I wrote back immediately and asked again for your new address. You replied giving your Minnesota address.
On 13th May I wrote to you telling you that I had sent games to you on 12th May, and also that I had included another game that was on your 'Wanted' list, and which I had purchased for you as I felt the trade should be three games for three. You replied saying that you had sent games to me on 13th May. You said that you regretted not keeping good contact with me and that this would be bettered from then on.
I waited until 3rd June and didn't hear from you. I had not received the games you said you sent me. I wrote to you on this day asking "Have you received the games I sent you, because yours have not arrived here yet?"
You did not reply.
I, then, wrote to you by Email (all previous correspondence had been via GameTZ), asking if you had read the GameTZ message I'd sent you.
No reply.
On 11th June I, again, wrote to you via Email.
No reply.
On 20th June I wrote the following to you, and copied in Bill Marrs the owner of GameTZ:
"Also sent to Bill Marrs, owner of GameTZ.
You came over as a really honest person Rahn. Have I been fooled? I, honestly, hope not.
Written to you many times in the last month, but no reply regarding the three games I've sent you. No games received from you.
Bad trader report pending I'm afraid, inless you explain what's happened. I won't let this rest I'm afraid, Rahn.
Please respond.
No reply.
On 21st June Bill Marrs replied to me:
"OK. Yeah, it's worrisome. He hasn't signed on in a long time. It's hard to know what's going on with him."
I replied to Bill explaining that the last thing I wanted to do was file a BTR against you as you had appeared to be such a very nice fellow, and I was concerned that something serious must have gone wrong for you. However, I expressed my concern that not only were you not responding to my messages, but that your side of the deal had, aslo, not arrived here.
Bill has replied to me with the following: "You can definitely file a BTR at this point and you probably should. He hasn't followed-through on the agreement and you haven't been able to get in contact with him for weeks, so a BTR is warranted."
I am concerned for you Rahn. I hope everything is okay and this can all be explained.
I am filing this BTR against you today in the hope that it will spur you on to make contact and make good our trade agreement as promised.
If you do this immediately I will certainly request that the BTR is removed from your profile. Until then, however, I cannot help feeling that I may be the victim of a dishonest trader.
Please, Rahn, prove my suspicions to be incorrect.