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willmac BTRs7-Jun-2009
Status: active
Aliases: william macCullen
Address: 4931 28th ave.south, minneapolis minnesota usa 55417
Reporter: Yoshimitsu

Well, we pended a trade on 2nd April where I receive $4 and willmac receives a digmon game for WonderSwan. Initially the agreement was for paypal payment however he had paypal problems so 5 weeks later an agreement was reached from him to send concealed cash. Nearly 3 weeks have passed since then and he still has not sent nor responded to my messages. I've been chasing the money for more than 2 months now and have had enough so this BTR goes up.

I will remove the BTR only after receiving the money or willmac returns the game.

on 20-Jun-2009 at 6:47am willmac
the way i see it if i ain't got the money how am i supposed to pay you telll me that ok

on 20-Jun-2009 at 2:04pm Yoshimitsu
So why did you agree to buy something you cant pay for?. Return the game.

on 20-Jun-2009 at 2:10pm willmac
well the reason i did was cuz when i made it i had the money then i lost my job and had to use it to pay the bills so there ya go

on 20-Jun-2009 at 2:13pm Yoshimitsu
And thats my problem why? Why can you return the game?

on 20-Jun-2009 at 2:16pm willmac
well dude the way i see it it is kinda your prob cuz im not the one waiting you are but tell ya what i'll see what i can do ok so goodnight

on 20-Jun-2009 at 2:22pm Yoshimitsu
Its simple. Make an agreement to pay or return, dont make lame offers to "see what i can do"? Just put the game in an envelope and post it.

on 20-Jun-2009 at 2:29pm willmac
yeah well i got the game and u got nothing so there ya go

UPDATE: william macCullen sent this PM on 26-Sep-2012 at 2:51am
"hey man im so sorry about what happend a few years ago...let me explain my cousin whos 25 now wanted a game for his game boy (i dont know why he orderd a wonder swan game) but he didnt want to pay for it so he used my name and address to get it from you (since i was a minor i couldnt get arrested) and he only recently told me about it and id like to make good on it cause i feel bad that my name was used for his crime (plus it doesnt look good on college applications) so id like to send the money to you over mail (i cant afford air mail) ill send 10 dollors (6 for interest) of american money (because i have no paypal or credit card) and i just hope you can convert it to yen over there and again im real sorry for all the hassel"

Despite william macCullen and his "35 year old cousin" having exactly the same spelling and grammar deficiencies, I gave him a chance, but 3 months later, still no money or contact.

Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (20-Jun-2009)
wel i thought i already sent it but apperantly not so what ever i'll just waste anougher 4 dollors