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Whitecronik Global Trader - willing to trade internationally BTRs25-Jun-2013
Status: active
Reporter: garretski

Back in the beginning of April, we agreed to trade my Bioshock(360) for his Halo2(xbox). I sent my game out April 9th. He claimed to have sent on April 18th. I waited a few weeks and asked him about it, and he blames it on his brother not sending it for him. So the last thing he says to me is that he wants to make the trade right by buying me a new Halo 2 to send to me. The last time he responded to any of my questions was May 13th. It is now almost July and he logs in but never responds even when I told him I would make this BTR and contact the police in his town. All I want is my game back, or the Halo 2 I was promised, then I would have no problem taking this down.