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Bad Trader Reports on nmain

nmain BTRs10-Mar-2012
Status: active
Reporter: skygunnerblue

My two 1600 point XBLA cards for his one 5000 point PSN card. Digital delivery on both sides. I sent immediately. 5 days has gone by and nmain has not sent, even though he's been online every day since I sent.

A quick look at his recent activity and it's obvious he is ripping off as many people as he can on his way off GTZ. I thought with 55 feedback this wasn't a risk, but I was wrong.

nmain BTRs10-Mar-2012
Status: active
Reporter: bill

I'm filing this BTR to alert the pending trades of nmain.

nmain's behavior has become highly suspicious. He has pending a large number of trades in a short time where other traders are sending first to him. In a few cases he has said he sent but not provided a DC# as agreed. He has not responded to messages from his pendings and from me about this.

Today, he changed his email address to something bogus ( along with changing his mailing address as well.

In the process of investigating this case, I found an old account "mainsinep" that had an old BTR on it as well. The old account had the same mailing address but the name Josh Main was used instead of Nick Main or Josh Zain. I've now merged that old account into this nmain account (thus 2 BTRs)

If you have a pending trade with nmain, I highly recommend you not send your side before you get anything from him.

nmain - it's not too late to make this right.

nmain BTRs24-Jul-2011
Status: active
Reporter: ObiDougKen0bi

I agreed to a trade with mainsinep on 6/24 which involved me sending Dragon Age: Origins for the 360 to him in exchange for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion -- Game of the Year Edition, also for the 360. I knew when I offered the deal that I was taking a risk bc he did not have a star, but after considering both the value of the games involved and the reviews he had gotten in his previous trades (which looked to be good) I decided to take tthe risk.

After the trade was agreed to, that very day I went to the post office and mailed the game. USPS delivered the game 3 days later, 6/27. He acknowledged that he received the game on 6/28, and everything seemed to be in order. He then messaged me a day later (6/29) with this to say

"Hey I'm so sorry for the delay in shipping your game. I PROMISE you I will get it out tomorrow during my lunch break! IT'S been ONE of those weeks at work where I haven't been able to get away but I will for SURE send it tomorrow. Once again I'm sorry for the delay in getting it shipped."

I responded less than an hour later that it was understandable and I thanked him for the heads up. The next day (6/30) I sent him a message asking for the tracking number. He then logged on for the last time (Last login: on 30-Jun-2011 at 11:40pm) and did not leave a response. I contacted bill and asked for some way to get ahold of him, and bill sent him an email, which looks to have gotten no response.

I feel I have been more than fair in this matter, I just want some type of resolution. Josh if you read this please contact me, I am willing to work something out with you. If nothing gets done I wont hesitate to contact the authorities.