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JaigoFist BTRs5-Jul-2009
Status: active
Reporter: ReportFast

Me and jaron pended up a trade on May 2nd for my NBA Street Vol. 2 (PlayStation 2) for 5 dollars from him. At the time he had more trades than me so i agreed to send first. It did take me too long to send because i was having troubles getting to the post office. so i sent on may 19=/..i know thats pretty sad. But still i have been waiting since may 19 for my money and still nothing. Randomly on may 30th Jaron sends me a message saying "did you get the money?", i was confused because he never even had pressed i have sent. i told him no i didnt receive anything. So a couple days later on June 3rd i told Jaron that if i dont get anything soon i will file a BTR. the day after that he pressed that he had sent..i was really confused by now. I made MANY attempts asking if he sent ect. T old him i dont even care if he sent yet or not i just want him to be honest and tell me. He failed to respond to my multiple attempts to work this out with him. I dont know if he ever really did send it or not i mean i guess it could have been lost but i dont feel that should be on me..hes the one sending. So Jaron i guess it comes down to the fact that ill take the BTR down if i get the money or i guess if i get my game back it the same exact condition it left in.