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Bad Trader Reports on xFalseReality

xFalseReality BTRs10-Oct-2013
Status: active
Reporter: ShishioMakoto

I sold some games to Urian a while ago. These were two brand new 3DS games. He payed via paypal, and everything went fine. A week or so later, the payment was reversed and disputed by the credit card company. They removed the money from my account. At this point I emailed xFalseReality and said hey, what's the issue. He said wait a few days and he would fix it.

Long story short, he had to end up sending the games back. Of course, the two new and sealed games were now open and used games. He agreed to return the now used games and an additional 20.00 back to me.(20.00 for the lost value of opening the two titles and making them used as opposed to new). He came through on this, and I appreciate that.

Right after, paypal charged me 20.00 for the reversal of the payment, which of course I had nothing to do with. I sent xFalseReality a message saying, hey Haus, what is the deal. He said he would take care of it, but not now because of, well, who knows. Some weeks goes by, and I hear nothing. I then send him a message saying hey, it's been another month, when are you going to send the 20.00 - He responds by saying he sent it "about two weeks ago". Of course, I received nothing. I asked him if he used DC, he said no, just money and an envelope. So, I waited another week, and still nothing shows up.

He can resolve this by getting me the 20.00 he owes me due to the paypal reversal someone on his end initiated. I've been very patient with the other trader. BTR is up until 20.00 is fluttering in my pockets.