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Bad Trader Reports on shadowolf

shadowolf Has Written 1 Review BTRs10-Nov-2013
Status: active
Aliases: DarcStar, Auzrial, forgotten_damage
Address: Fred Thomas Mashburn (or Miles) 135 Cumberlin Dr Apt 101 Toccoa Ga. 30577; Thomas Mashburn 7857 Macedonia Church Rd. Vale N.C. 28168
Reporter: bill

I'm filing this BTR mainly to warn/notify the pending trades of shadowolf. I have good evidence that connects shadowolf to a couple previous accounts that have multiple Bad Trader Reports. (4 BTRs from 2009) (5 more BTRs)

Some off-site info about him that correlates well with what we have here:

(in case he deletes that here are some screenshots: )

He has bounced around a lot between GA and NC, but roughly in the same general area (~3 hour apart). He has used various aliases and variations on his name. Many of the things he has said to me and other members I've talked to has not been truthful.

The connection to Auzrial is mainly based on the Fred Thomas Mashburn name (which he's still using, but had asked me to change recently to Miles, which matched an account he used earlier this year - so many accounts, it's hard to be sure, but at least 3 and maybe up to 7). The location of Auzrial matches NC and some of what he's posted elsewhere and info I got from other traders.

The forgotten_damage connection came from a PM I got from another member (no longer active) right before I'd suspended forgotten_damage (and eclipze, another account that was made after the BTRs got filed). The PM was from someone who knew him in real life as "Tommy Mashburn" and connected him to the NC location as well as the GA locations via wife and family.

Anyway, it's all too much and I need to ban this guy. It looks like most of you have pendings where neither side has sent. So, hopefully, not much damage has been done. PM me (bill) if you'd like me to cancel the trade in his name. If stuff has been sent in your pending, contact me and we can figure something out. Or, if you still want to do the trade you made with this guy, I can try to assist that via email with him or something. -bill