Bad Traders

Bad Trader Reports on DJClue

DJClue BTRs8-Jul-2002
Status: active
Aliases: Lionel Hutz
Address: 4268 brookside blvd Cleveland, OH 44135-1606
Reporter: Sifu_Doja

we agreed on a trade, i sent my side of the deal,
he never sent his, and now doesn`t reply to my emails.
its been about 2 months now.
i want my game, i dont want to have to file a mail fraud suit.
but ya do what ya gotta do.

DJClue BTRs17-Apr-2001
Status: active
Aliases: DJClue
Address: Savuth Min 4268 Brookside BLVD Cleveland, OH 44135
Reporter: PuNkRoXeRwItATtItUdE

HE flat out ripped me off.

MIN i want my game