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matrix2001 BTRs28-Sep-2002
Status: active
Reporter: TahoeMax

On June 10th 2002 i pended a deal with Jason. My Xbox, 2 pads, and Halo for his Panzer Dragoon trilogy and $60 US. I left for a 3-week vacation on June 13th and shipped the Xbox package on the 12th, before i left. He was supposed to ship the games and the money on or around that date as well. I returned from my trip on July 3rd to find a package containing the 3 Panzer games, but no money. I questioned him about this for roughly a month, trying to give him time to get money together. I kept getting replies that he was owed money that wasn't arriving and that I'd get it as soon as it arrived (although the debtor in question said that he had paid the owed money to Jason weeks before) Finally, I put up a BTR. About 2 weeks after the BTR went up, he sent me $20 promising to have the rest to me by the end of the week. Another few weeks have gone by with no more money and the trade has since auto-deleted after 3 months... so now the BTR is going back up, and it's not coming down until I have ALL of my money