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Bad Trader Reports on sdc459

sdc459 BTRs5-Dec-2002
Status: active
Aliases: sdc, sdc459
Reporter: Ido

We made a deal almost a month ago to agree on me purchasing Parasite Eve and a PS2 controller from him. He was tight in cash, being the nice guy i was, i sent the money first via paypal directly into his account. afterwards, i never saw my stuff or ever heard from him again. i tried to contact him with email but was not successful. I will remove this when i recieve my share of the deal.

i have chat logs of when we made the deal and also email reciepts from paypal when i made the payments.

(This message is being sent automatically by the TZ Trade Reporting System.)

A trade report which you were part of was just deleted by
John Moore (sdc458).

The trade report was in the "pending" state.

It consisted of John Moore (sdc458) giving:
ps2 controller

and C.J. Ying (Ido) giving:
15 dollars paypal

The trade had been created on 14-Nov-2002.


TZ Trade Reporting System

for those of you come supon this btr, and the guy is lying to you about this btr invalid, well, it's still valid, and i still have not yet recieved my items, this is updated on september 1st 2003 at 8:00pm est

If he made this right, i would've taken this down. nothing was resolved, and if it was indeed corrected, the trade would've went through, not deleted by him!

this is BS ... i made this right a year ago when it was posted ...